New Moon Ritual: Prayers for Your Deceased Dog (One Time Ritual)

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New Moon Ritual – Prayers for Your Deceased Dog (One Time Ritual)

New Moon is the Power Time to connect with souls of departed beings. A special ritual will be performed on the next New Moon to pray for peace to the soul of your deceased dog and help the dog cross over. Performing this ritual is an act of great compassion, and a way to express your love and gratitude to this being who was an important part of your life.


8th Waning Moon Rituals for Kala Bhairava - Well-being of Your Dog (8 Rituals)

8th Moon is the Power Time for the Archetype of Time Kala Bhairava, whose divine vehicle is a dog. Special rituals will be performed for Kala Bhairava on 8 consecutive 8th Moon phases to bring his blessings for health and well-being of your dog. Note: Shipping and Handling charges are applicable.

US $ 44.00

Smash 27 Coconuts to Ganesha & Smash Your Obstacles

This divine technology involving smashing 27 coconuts on the 4th Waning Moon, a Power Time for the elephant-faced archetype Ganesha, who can eliminate any obstacle in your life. This technology disseminates the energy that holds back your progress and makes you move to a higher plane of achievement. Note: It will be done at the Viruthagiriswarar vortex in Tamil Nadu, India on the next 4th Waning Moon. To read further, click on ‘More…’

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Spiritual Weight Loss (One Month of Daily Feedings)

Register for the Daily Feedings Program to gain the blessings of the Archetype of Karuppasamy. It's a win-win Situation! You feed the most needy- they are satisfied and you are blessed. Daily feedings: Feed the needy and poor everyday per month and get the blessings of Karuppasamy. To read further, click on ‘More…’

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Vibhuti Energized Ash (five large packets)

Vibhuti-Energized Ash (five large packets) Vibhuti-Energized Ash is used to dispel negativity, infuse the body with inner energy, and increase positivity. Dr. Pillai recommends a daily practive of brushing vibhuti across the entire forehead to remove negative, karmic thoughts and promote positive manifesting thoughts. Five packets in a set. Limit: one set per customer (to avoid problems sending powder through customs).

US $ 5.00

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