Nadi Essential Package - Chapters 1, 13 and 14

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Nadi Essential Package includes the most important and necessary chapters in your life with the help of your thumb print. It includes readings from the chapters 1, 13 and 14.

Chapter 1 – General Kandam, helps to identify your leaf and match it with the basic and personal details such as your name, your parents’ names, your spouse’s name and provide general predictions for your future.

Chapter 13 – Shanti Kandam, reveals the sins (bad karma) you have committed in your previous or significant births and their impact on your present life. Those bad karma may hinder your marriage or slow down your business in your current life. Remedies to negate your past bad karma include visiting sacred vortexes and performing specific rituals are prescribed to reroute your life in the right path.

Chapter 14 – Diksha Kandam – Unfavorable planetary positions and negative energies like evil eye are the two main reasons for obstacles faced in one’s life. Chapter 14 highlights the negative impact caused by them in your current life and proposes long-term remedial measures. Usually a ‘Copper Raksha Plate’ (Protection Talisman) is prescribed to rectify your present life’s problems.

Experience the ancient science of Astrology to ascertain your past karma, relate it to the occurrences of your present life and rectify them with the prescribed remedies. You can entrust and embark upon the journey of your life, through this Nadi general package. Just your thumb print says it all!

Nadi Astrology Chapter 1

Nadi Astrology Chapter 1

The most important Nadi Josiyam chapter which helps to identify your personal details like your name, your parents' names & your spouse's name. This chapter also comprises of general predictions for the rest of your life. Reading of this chapter is considered to be mandatory.

Nadi Astrology Chapter 13

Nadi Astrology Chapter 13

A remedial Nadi Jothidam Chapter which guides you on the sins you had committed in your previous or significant births, and its impact on your current life.

Nadi Astrology chapter 14

Nadi Astrology chapter 14

Another important remedial Nadi Jothidam which identifies the current negative influences due to unfavorable planetary positions, and casting of evil eye by jealous persons, which are the prime reasons for the crisis or obstacles in your life.

Durga Pooja

Durga Pooja

Durga is the universal mother Goddess. She is the aggressive form of the divine Shakti and remains as a very widely worshipped divinity. The Sanskrit term ‘Durga’ means ‘the one who is incomprehensible or difficult to reach,’ and she is believed to a homogenous combine of both the gracious and terrifying aspects. Being the divine mother of all beings, she represents the infinite power of the universe and held as the symbol of the female dynamism.

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Nadi Astrology Chapter 7

Nadi Astrology Chapter 7: Marriage

Find out the right time for your wedding bells (1st Marriage)by reading Chapter 7 Nadi Astrology. This chapter explains the reasons for delay in your marriage and proposes remedial measures. It also reveals when you will be married and for how long will you be married.

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Obstacle Removing Coconut Smashing at Special Vortex (4 Coconuts)

Remove obstacles Ganesha vortex smashing coconuts

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Swayamvara Parvathi Fire Lab(Homa)

Swayamvara Parvathi Homa

Lord Shiva himself gave the Swayamvara Parvati Mantra to Goddess Parvati Devi. This enabled her to reunite with her divine consort. By performing the Swayamvara Parvati Homa, various obstacles that delay marriage are removed. The eligible bride or groom is blessed with a suitable spouse.

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