Sounds of Ganesha - Audio Empowerment Package

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Sounds of Ganesha - Audio Empowerment Package
This package contains 2 sound tracks to enhance within you the consciousness of effortless success. Track 1 contains repetitions of powerful obstacle-removing sounds for Ganesha and Track 2 contains a guided meditation on Ganesha in Dr. Pillai’s voice. As you listen to the sounds, experience your body and mind being filled with the energy of the elephant-headed archetype.

Dancing with Siva (Get 2 Tracks Free )

This collection contains a set of 12 timeless sounds from the Tamil Siddha tradition. Set to contemporary music, each extraordinary sound invokes the energy of an important archetype from Vedic mythology. Dr. Pillai introduces each sound, explains its meaning, and guides how to use the sound to attract blessings of health, wealth and enlightenment.

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Ganesha Pooja

Ganesha Pooja

Lord Ganesha is the chief deity of this powerful Pooja. He is considered the ‘God of Luck’ and he blesses his devotees with smooth success in all their endeavors! Shri Ganesha is remembered by all his devotees at every moment of their lives. Ganesha is the remover of all obstacles in your life. Shri Ganesha is the symbol of auspiciousness, a miraculous combination of an elephant and a human, with four hands to bless his devotees.

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Navagraha Yantra

Nine Planet Yantra

Navagraha represents the nine celestial influencers in Vedic Astrology. The seven days of the week are named after the seven visible celestial bodies. The “Navagraha Yantra” – Mystical Diagram of the Nine Planets – is a talisman of unique importance. A yantra can both amplify and improve the beneficial effects of your planets. The Navagraha Yantra is even more special because it works on all nine planets at once and in a mutually harmonious fashion!

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Sounds for Protection and Miracles - 2 Tracks

Sounds for Protection and Miracles – 2 Tracks Dr. Pillai reveals the powerful chant for ‘Kalki Karuppasamy’ and explains the archetype’s significance in the Golden Age. Track 1 explains the meaning of each sound in this chant in the context of the archetype’s role. Track 2 consists of 54 repetitions of the chant in Dr. Pillai’s voice.

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Control the Nine Planets

Sounds to Control the Nine Planets (30 Minutes)

Sounds to Control the Nine Planets (30 Minutes) Sounds to Control the 9 Planets as recorded by Dr. Pillai. It took 10 years to release these sounds. Dr. Pillai's voice gives explanation and recites the sounds while music plays in the background. Listening to these sounds by Jnanasamundar is one of the most important remedies for balancing the 9 Planets.

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Uma Maheshwara Pooja

Uma Maheshwara Pooja

Uma Maheshwara Pooja - A Vedic Stimulant to Enhance your Marital Bliss! Why Uma Maheshwara Pooja This special Pooja is dedicated to Lord Shiva (Maheshwara) and his counterpart Shakti (Uma) to resolve problems between married couples. It is strongly believed that Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti are the epitomes of mercy and compassion. The marital harmony between the celestial beings is considered the most inseparable and exceptional.

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