Audio Seminar Spiritual Tools for Abundance and Bliss

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 “This new paradigm of life requires your commitment to create everything – whether it is your health, or your relationship, or your money – from the inside out, not from outside, and to put an end to believing in what lies outside.” – Dr. Pillai

The nature of life itself is bliss. 

You can experience this bliss through the Divine Model that is represented by the Archetypes Radha and Krishna – the Divine Couple eternally in bliss.

The art of blissful living, according to Dr. Pillai, involves not only spiritual bliss, but material bliss as well.

In this on-demand audio seminar, Dr. Pillai shares how you can use Krishna's sacred technology, and the Divine relationship between Radha and Krishna to create for yourself a life of both spiritual AND material bliss. 

When you purchase this on-demand Krishna audio seminar, you will receive:

Downloadable audio teachings and meditations – 7 tracks, about 10 hours in total – including:
  • • String Theory of Sound Vibrations
  • • Commitment to a New Paradigm of Life
  • • How Logic can be a Problem for Humans
  • • Tools for Transformation
  • • Who is Radha?
  • • Participate in the Consciousness of Radha
  • • A Model for the Golden Age
  • • The Purpose of Life
  • • Blue Light Meditation
  • • Essence of Radha Meditation
  • • The Symbols of Radha's Footprints
  • • Symbols to Attain Radha's Consciousness
  • • Vrindavana Mahimamrutha Prayer Meditation
  • • Annointment of Radha Meditation
  • • Shreem Brzee Chanting & Technique
  • • Chanting Radha's Name for Material Abundance

Call on Radha and Krishna to make complete bliss YOUR way of life!

Seminar Meditation Audios

Seminar Meditation Audios

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