Sharaba Quantum Sound Frequencies Tracks

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Oftentimes when we are aiming to make changes in our lives, dark forces will try to interfere with our desire to grow, acquire more light and create a better life.

You may be experiencing such interference if you feel like:

  • Something or someone is holding you back.
  • You give in to internal doubts, fears, or lethargy instead of taking positive action.
  • You feel like there is a "dark cloud" over everything you do.

What you are experiencing is real. It's good to acknowledge it and then fight back. The mantra in this link will destroy dark energies, both internal and external.


Play this mantra as much as possible. You can also memorize it and chant it often. Especially chant it when you are feeling like there is negativity creeping into your mind and/or environment.

Play it around the house on low if you feel like there is negativity in a particular place. Chant it when you feel like you need to break through a negative barrier. Play it anytime for a quick "clearing out" of dark energy.


Jupiter Transit Audio Package

This package contains 5 sound tracks to invoke the power of archetype Jupiter or Guru, the Supreme Teacher. Track 1 & 2 contain audio loops of destiny changing sounds. Track 3 contains audio loop of Moola Mantra of Dr. Pillai. Track 4 contains Dr. Pillai’s guided meditation during Jupiter Transit. Track 5 contains Dr. Pillai’s teachings on Jupiter. As you listen to the sounds, experience your body & mind being filled with Jupiter’s transforming energy.

US $ 23.00

Sounds for Protection and Miracles - 2 Tracks

Sounds for Protection and Miracles – 2 Tracks Dr. Pillai reveals the powerful chant for ‘Kalki Karuppasamy’ and explains the archetype’s significance in the Golden Age. Track 1 explains the meaning of each sound in this chant in the context of the archetype’s role. Track 2 consists of 54 repetitions of the chant in Dr. Pillai’s voice.

US $ 5.00

Sounds of Ganesha - Audio Empowerment Package

Sounds of Ganesha - Audio Empowerment Package This package contains 2 sound tracks to enhance within you the consciousness of effortless success. Track 1 contains repetitions of powerful obstacle-removing sounds for Ganesha and Track 2 contains a guided meditation on Ganesha in Dr. Pillai’s voice. As you listen to the sounds, experience your body and mind being filled with the energy of the elephant-headed archetype.

US $ 10.00
Control the Nine Planets

Sounds to Control the Nine Planets (30 Minutes)

Sounds to Control the Nine Planets (30 Minutes) Sounds to Control the 9 Planets as recorded by Dr. Pillai. It took 10 years to release these sounds. Dr. Pillai's voice gives explanation and recites the sounds while music plays in the background. Listening to these sounds by Jnanasamundar is one of the most important remedies for balancing the 9 Planets.

US $ 6.00 US $ 5.00

Understanding and Transcending Karma

This package contains 3 audio lectures by Dr. Pillai, where he explains Karma in details.

US $ 6.00 US $ 5.00

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