Shreem Brzee Wealth Mala With Coral Beads and Lakshmi Pendant

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Elevate your connection to Shreem Brzee's energy with the exquisite Shreem Brzee Mala with Coral beads featuring a captivating five-metal Lakshmi pendant. Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth, can enhance your alignment with Shreem Brzee's wealth consciousness, facilitating the attraction of abundance in every facet of your life. The versatile Mala is an accessory and a dedicated rosary for Mantra recitations. Discontinued - 5 left

Crafted from a harmonious blend of Crystal, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Garnet, Coral, and Green Jade beads, this Mala has a five-metal Lakshmi Pendant, combining aesthetic appeal and metaphysical significance. Each gemstone contributes unique properties:

Rose Quartz: Renowned in healing and jewelry, Rose Quartz attracts and preserves love while healing emotional wounds. The energy of pink embodies universal love, aiding in attracting love and recovering from painful experiences. Manganese content in Rose Quartz is supposed to calm and heal the heart.

Crystal: Resembling a diamond, Crystal historically symbolizes good luck and invokes Divine energies for success and prosperity. Known for its positive energy absorption, Crystal nurtures the body's electrochemical balance, fostering calmness and focus. Wearing Crystal can energize and strengthen blocked areas, improve sleep cycles, and ensure smooth energy and blood flow.

Citrine: Dubbed the "Success Stone" and the "Merchant's Stone," Citrine manifests success and abundance in business or career pursuits. It supports generosity and safeguards wealth, drawing positivity and success into one's personal and professional life. Citrine's energy is associated with attracting wealth.

Garnet: Facilitating mental preparedness, Garnet ensures a robust mindset for critical decisions impacting career, business, or professional relationships. Its energies boost confidence, motivation, and inspiration, increasing the likelihood of success in business endeavors and attracting abundance.

Coral: It protects and strengthens your emotional foundation. It enables self-acceptance and can give virtues such as courage, perseverance, and the capability to face and solve circumstances and problems.

Green Jade: Fostering creativity and inspiring innovation, Green Jade aids in clarifying dreams and recovering from setbacks. It guides decision-making in a career or business, motivating the continued pursuit of goals. Additionally, it helps acknowledge innate gifts and talents essential for achieving dreams.

Directions For Using Shreem Brzee Mala with Coral Beads

  • Wear the Mala or keep it in a clean or sacred space such as an altar or prayer room.
  • It is advisable to remove the Mala before showering or bedtime.

Please Note: Handle this delicate Mala with care due to its intricacy.

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