Smash 108 Coconuts to Ganesha & Smash Your Obstacles

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                                                                    Smash 108 Coconuts to Ganesha & Smash Your Obstacles

4th Waning Moon

The Moon is associated with a person’s mental make-up, emotions, habits, memories and moods. The waning phase of the Moon is the time to introspect inwards.

The fourth waning Moon is the ideal time to smash through your obstacles. Sankatahara Chathurthi in Sanskrit means ‘Obstacle removing fourth waning Moon.’ These special days are dedicated to the elephant-faced archetype Ganesha.


The elephant-faced archetype Ganesha protects you from any evils and obstacles. You need to access the energy of this archetype before venturing out to achieve higher levels and to start anything new. He is known as the Primordial Obstacle Remover.

His grace and energy helps to remove any obstacles that you may come across and help you make new beginnings to achieve higher things in your life and your career.

Coconut Smashing

Coconut symbolizes the three elements of the human character. The hard outer shell signifies the outer physical composition, the inner white fleshy part signifies the psychological entity and the transparent fluid signifies the inner energy.

Dr. Pillai refers to the coconut as an aspect of the divine. Coconuts have three distinct eyes, which signify the three eyes of archetype Shiva, representing the three holy trinity of evolution: Creation, Preservation and Destruction, or the trinity of ego, maya and karma.

The smashing of coconuts emphasizes that only when you break your hard exteriors or ego can you realize the inner energy within. When it is done on the fourth waning Moon, Sankatahara Chathurthi, to the archetype Ganesha, it eliminates all obstacles and puts you on a path to achievement.

Divine Coconut Smashing Technology at Viruthagiriswarar Vortex

108 Coconuts will be smashed on your behalf at the Viruthagiriswarar vortex in Virudachalam, Tamil Nadu, India on the next 4th Waning Moon.

As per the Vedic time cycle, Virudachalam (literally the old mountain) is considered to be the geography that has survived many deluges spanning billions of years.

Viruthagiriswarar vortex is a powerspot for the archetype Siva. It has an unusual underground, where a special Ganesha statue is kept in a small shrine. This Ganesha form was said to be established by the Creator archetype Brahma himself to save the world from floods.

Important Note : No energized powders are shipped with this service.

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