Ganesha Ritual: Smashing Sacrificial 27 Coconuts to Ganesha on 14th Moon for 3 Months

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The divine technology of smashing 27 coconuts on the 14th Waning Moon, a Power Time for the elephant-headed archetype Ganesha, can eliminate obstacles in your life. This technology disseminates the energy that holds back your progress and helps you achieve success in all areas of your life.  This ritual will be performed for a period of 3 months.

Ganesha:  The elephant-headed archetype Ganesha protects you from evils and obstacles. He is known as the Primordial Obstacle Remover. His grace and energy help you remove any obstacles in your path, create new beginnings and achieve success in your life and your career.

Coconut Smashing:  The coconut symbolizes the three elements of human character. The hard outer shell signifies the outer physical composition, the inner white fleshy part signifies the psychological entity and the transparent fluid signifies the inner energy.

Dr. Pillai refers to the coconut as an aspect of the divine. Coconuts have three distinct eyes, which signify the three eyes of archetype Shiva, representing the holy trinity of evolution: Creation, Preservation and Destruction, or the trinity of ego, maya and karma.

The smashing of coconuts symbolizes that only when you break your hard exterior (ego) can you realize the inner energy within. When it is done on the 14th Waning Moon and offered to the archetype Ganesha, it can eliminate all obstacles and puts you on a path to achievement.

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