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Dr. Pillai has blessed Meena to give these unique personal power soul readings. She has been giving readings privately; though she never made herself available to the Pillai Center Community until Dr. Pillai blessed her. His blessings give the readings a divinity and she is very happy to bring that in to your life.

Meena is highly intuitive and she accesses divine resources such as Ganesha Oracle, Vedic Astrology, Personal Designs, the Goddesses & Dr. Pillai’s divine knowledge to guide her. If you are searching for direction on how to bring more clarity to your purpose, strengths, and root out emotional patterns holding you back, Meena’s readings will give you the insights and understanding to move forward.

The readings are approximately one hour and prior to your appointment, she studies your chart, searches for patterns and seeks out divine guidance. The calls will take place via zoom and if needed, as a back up on skype.

The readings are intended to help you with the following:

1. Integration of your divinity with the world

2. Identify your gifts and how they support your life’s purpose

3. Develop strategies to minimize difficult periods

4. Align yourself with your strengths

5. Review your planetary periods

6. Uplift your spirit

Meena is a powerful manifestor and loves helping you manifest your dreams. She will help you decode the people, themes and issues in your life. The divine will guide her communication with you and thus every reading is unique. Meena’s communication is an integration of divination and practical steps and timings so you can create and live your dreams.

When you book an appointment, please write a brief description of three areas for which you are seeking clarity and empowerment. Also, ensure you have the correct birth time. If you recall specific important dates (good and bad), please write those down as it gives more dimension and understanding about you.

For a limited time, when you agree to give feedback after the reading, your price is $105 rather than $209.

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