Dr. Pillai's Birthday Call

Why Dr. Pillai’s Birthday Call was Special

Dr. Pillai confided during his recent Birthday
Empowerment Call:

“I am born again in the truest sense of the words, born again in God. If you cooperate with me, then you will be born again too.

You can choose to be different. We don’t understand the strength that is within us. Jesus said:

‘The Kingdom is within you, not without.’ It is all inside, you are the King. The Kingdom is there inside, and you have to discover that.

Our body consciousness, or mind consciousness, are the biggest problems for us. And we have freedom, but we don’t want to exercise the freedom.

We want to live like a slave to the body, slave to the mind, slave to the relationships.

I am going to interfere with that.”

– Dr. Pillai

The Birthday Call Breakdown

Dr. Pillai’s birthday call was approximately 2 hours long and included special blessings, teachings, and meditation to pass his ‘rebirth’ on to you. Below is a summary of the main highlights and benefits of both the lecture and meditation.

Dr. Pillai

Dr. Pillai’s Lecture:

  • Dr. Pillai’s blessings to be reborn into God
  • Dr. Pillai’s blessings to interfere in your karma
  • The ‘language’ of the Golden Age
  • The ancient science of the future
  • The secret trough in the Pyramid of Giza that can make you disappear
  • The plant of eternal life
  • How to think without words
  • The sound that will give you everything: infinite power and intelligence
  • The ‘divine/alien’ technology of the Light Body
  • How to make every moment a meditation and keep out of your bad karma
  • The relationship between thinking and physical matter
Dr. Pillai

Meditation: How to:

  • Erase your bad karma
  • Empower your midbrain
  • Cut power to the neocortex
  • Change your DNA and genetic structure
  • Disconnect all sensory inputs and nostril breathing
  • The miracle prayer to remove all your problems and limitations
  • Communicate with the primordial Boson Archetype
  • Enter into the quantum state to access infinite possibility
  • Attain the primordial consciousness of omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence
  • Understand the origin of everything and how you have created your bad karma
  • Gain the power of accomplishment: All your tasks will be miraculously accomplished
  • Gain the power of attraction: Whoever you look at will be attracted to you. You will be a powerful magnet and attract all opportunities and people


As a member of Miracle School you also receive

  • Miracle School Core Teachings – extracted from Dr. Pillai’s private 2016 Full Moon of the Guru Retreat
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  • Weekly Email Reminders – with daily powertime information and time-relevant activities to perform
  • Access to Private Facebook Group – to connect with other members in the program from all over the world and to receive daily tips and reminders
  • Customized monthly meditation practice extracted from seminars
  • Prescribed techniques to practice throughout the day
  • The option to benefit from miraculous proxy-ceremonies for body, mind and soul transformation

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