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Pillai Center Specials

Pillai Center offers you Vedic Astrology Services that can provide answers related with any area of your life. Our tools will help you understand and evaluate your life. This will help to trouble shoot the areas that you need assistance with, by performing remedies and then maximizing the future potential. Connect to the success vibes with our special astrology services.

Thai Amavasya: First New Moon During The Dawn In Heaven – Tarpanam at Kasi

Thai Amavasya is the first New Moon after the Sun starts moving towards the Northern hemisphere. In the Vedic calendar, the northward movement of the Sun marks the Dawn in Heaven and fills the earth plane with the auspicious energy of renewal.

Grand Ceremonies To Invoke Dr. Pillai’s Birthday Blessings For Miracles

The Guru’s Birthday is the greatest day of the year to receive his blessings. The Guru’s blessings can help you resolve any problem or bring you miracles. Dr. Pillai’s Birthday on Feb.1 will be especially powerful this year as he embodies Dattatreya’s energy, which includes Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma. AstroVed will be performing 2-day Grand Ceremonies for you to connect deeply with Dr. Pillai on his Birthday and invoke special blessings for fortune, prosperity and wish fulfillment.

Ratha Saptami (Birthday of the Sun God): Revitalize Your Life

The Birthday of the Sun God, Surya, is a powerful day to revitalize your life force. In Vedic astrology, Sun is supreme as the King of all planets. Since the Sun represents your soul, he is known as Atmakaraka, the soul planet. On this day, the Sun God turns his Ratha (Chariot), drawn by seven horses, from the southeast to the northeast direction. This northward movement of the Sun fills the earth plane with life-replenishing energy that can give you good health, clear vision, authority, and boost intelligence and creativity.

365 Days Powerspot Poojas Program to Fortify 12 Key Areas of Your Life

To help you invoke Divine Blessings every day to strengthen 12 key areas of your life, Pillai Center has enhanced our 365 Days of Powerspot Poojas Program. In this program, each month is dedicated to a deity who is the embodiment of that month’s energy to fortify a key area of life.

Uplift Yourself With Dr. Pillai’s Mantra Music

To enhance your peace of mind and spiritual upliftment, we are sharing links to Dr. Pillai’s mantra music, a selection of almost 50 audios and videos connecting you with the blessings and presence of Divine Archetypes who are always available to help you. Powerful chants for Divine Archetypes invoke blessings of all kinds and soothe our heart and soul, fortifying and strengthening us in our daily lives.

Maha Shivaratri: One Night Vigil Equivalent to Million Years of Meditation

Maha Shivaratri, or the Great Night of Shiva, is a once-a-year opportunity to invoke Shiva’s Grace during his descent to the earth plane for prosperity, fulfillment of wishes, as well as the removal of sins, disease, and debts.

365 Days of Planetary Blessings Program – Monthly Participation

The nine planets carry out our karma. Based on the acts of our previous births, in this birth, the planets execute our daily karma, or our destiny, according to planetary placements in our birth chart. The most effective way to change your karma is to propitiate the planets every day and enhance the positive effects of your benefic planets and reduce the negative effects of your malefic planets.

Recurring Power Times Transform Your Life – Get Aligned With the Energies of the Day for Success

Dr. Pillai has commissioned a New Fire Lab Program to help you take advantage of several recurring power times that can change your life. Each month, there are powerful Moon phase days that can help you manifest your monthly goals. Get aligned with the energies of the day and receive the blessings and benefits of the deity of the day.

Mystery School 2021 Asia

Dr. Pillai’s Mystery School Lite is almost the same as Dr. Pillai’s 2021 Mystery School. The key difference is that it features select video excerpts of Dr. Pillai’s teachings and techniques from his 2021 Mystery School.

Ultimate Saturn Remedy Program – Extensive Remedies To Reduce Suffering Caused By Saturn

Pillai Center has created a unique way of handling the impact and negative influence of Saturn in your life by introducing a comprehensive Ultimate Saturn Remedy Program, which has a targeted set of remedies prescribed by Vedic experts. This Saturn Remedy program is based on the concept of remedying the influence of Saturn on a weekly and monthly basis using a tremendously powerful set of rituals done at 12 select ancient Powerspots, feeding the physically challenged every month and a powerful Fire Lab to the Karmic planet at Rameshwaram, home to the most potent karma-dissolving energies on earth, that can remedy the bad effects of Saturn as well as other Vedic rituals to propitiate Archetypes who are known to control Saturn and protect from the negative influences of Saturn.

45 Days Program – Goddess Vyasa Draupadi

Goddess Vyasa Draupadi is the most beautiful Goddess newly birthed by Dr. Pillai. Dr. Pillai explained the story of Draupadi. He says that she wanted incredible power.

48-Day Daily Shreem Brzee Fire Lab For Ultimate Wealth & Abundance

Invite the energy of Shreem Brzee into your life by participating in the 48-day daily Shreem Brzee Fire Lab and ask for the gift of a new destiny aligned with abundance and prosperity in all areas of your life. As revealed by Dr. Pillai, the sound Shreem is the sound of life, money, joy, and prana (life energy).

48 Day Goddess Varahi Program | Varahi Mantra

In this new program from Dr. Pillai, you will receive initiation into secrets of Varahi, the warrior Goddess who controls all material wealth. Varahi is the female counterpart of Varaha who represents Varaha’s power. She brings prosperity and gold. Everything on and underneath the earth is under her control. That is why she is the Goddess of Wealth as well.

Boost Your Wealth Program: 1 Year of Grand Fire Labs For Wealth Archetypes Kubera & Lakshmi Hayagriva

Dr. Pillai has declared 2020 as the year of miracles. He says that he wants miracles in the lives of people because unless there are miracles, life is going to be the same. This year of miracles, 2020, is filled with wealth-boosting energies. Dr. Pillai recently shared a secret that the Vishnu Avatar, Hayagriva, is the one who can give unlimited abundance. To help you harness the wealth-boosting energies of this miracle year, Pillai Center has created a yearlong wealth program of monthly Grand Fire Labs invoking wealth archetypes Kubera and Lakshmi Hayagriva for financial fortune, prosperity, and abundance blessings. These ceremonies will be performed on the most auspicious time- the Ekadasi (11th Waxing Moon), the 24-hour powertime filled with the energy to maximize material and spiritual gains.

Emergency Karma Clinic on 4th Waning Moon – January 21, 2022 (PST)

Just as modern doctors have created different medications to heal different kinds of sickness, the Ancient Seers have created different remedies to nullify different kinds of karma. Immediate relief from karmic suffering can be achieved by using the “emergency clinic” of spiritual technology.

Deepest Karma And Chakra Cleansing With Thiruchendur Muruga – January 18, 2022 (PST)

Dr. Pillai recommends worship of Muruga at Thiruchendur to remove these negative karmas from Svadhisthana chakra. Under his guidance, for the first time, Pillai Center will be offering a unique program of ongoing Vedic rituals for Spiritual Warrior Muruga to deeply cleanse your worst karma and remove all kinds of negativity. This newly designed program of yearlong rituals helps you to connect with Muruga on a weekly basis during his power times to access his warrior energy to defeat negative and unhealthy karmas and receive his protective blessings.

Cow Donation Program – January 31, 2022 (PT)

‘Gho Dhaanam’ means donation of cow. Although there are several forms of donation, donating a cow is considered the most supreme and sacred form of donation that one can do in a lifetime. According to ancient texts, donating a cow can liberate you and your ancestors from sins committed knowingly or unknowingly during one’s lifetime. The scriptures say this act of charity also benefits the preceding and succeeding 7 generations of the donor to be liberated from the cycle of birth and death.

Cow Feeding Program: Accessing Divine Blessings

Cows are considered the most sacred animals. According to Vedic texts, all celestial beings reside in a cow. Thus the holy act of feeding the cows is equivalent to feeding all the gods and goddesses. The scriptures say that it is very auspicious to feed a cow and it is one of the most sacred deeds to gain prosperity and happiness.

Birthday Ritual Packages

Get ready to remove negative Karma on your Birthday with some great divine techniques. You are special for us and we would like to honor and empower you on your Birthday.The birthday rituals package will invoke these blessings for your success to negotiate the world, both on a spiritual and a material level.

Archetypes To Support You During This Time

Dr. Pillai has spoken during recent live videos about specific archetypes that are best to call on for support during this time of global distress. Below, we highlight each of the archetypes and ways you can call on them for protection and support.

Shreem Brzee Specials

With consistent use, this mantra can destroy all forms of scarcity from your consciousness. Chanting the Shreem Brzee mantra regularly can shift your vibration to that of wealth, beauty, and complete inner and outer abundance.


Shirdi Sai Babas For Money and Health Blessings

With Dr. Pillai’s guidance and our member support, we have successfully installed 4 statues of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba on his 100th MahaSamadhi day and Vijayadasami (Day of Victory). We invite you to donate as a sponsor for the maintenance of our Shirdi Sai Baba statues to have your name and birth star included in ongoing Poojas and Abishekams (Hydration Pooja) on Mondays and Thursdays to invoke the continual blessings and protection of our 4 special Shirdi Sai Babas.

Access Divine Blessings

‘Gho Dhaanam’ means donation of cow. Although there are several forms of donation, donating a cow is considered the most supreme and sacred form of donation that one can do in a lifetime. According to ancient texts, donating a cow can liberate you and your ancestors from sins committed knowingly or unknowingly during one’s lifetime.

Powerful Ancestral Ceremonies

Tarpanam is the essential ritual to resolve every kind of problem, and it is the greatest act you can do to help liberate your ancestors and help free your children from problems created by negative ancestral influences. AstroVed has upgraded its 1-Year Tarpanam Program with 4 great Powerspots decreed by scriptures as most powerful for offering ancestral rituals. This one of its kind 1-Year comprehensive program with 44 Tarpanam offerings and 36 ..