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Powertime Practice

Each Saturday at 8 am PDT | 11 am EDT | 8:30 pm IST

Powertime Practice Call is a Free Live Call Series with long time student and teacher of Pillai Center, Sucharita. Sucharita has a unique gift to guide people to exactly what they need, and is an expert in giving practical advice and tips on how to incorporate all the material given by Dr. Pillai and Pillai Center.

Free Updates

Receive Updates About Free Upcoming Pillai Center Events. Be Notified About Virtual Learning Opportunities on How to Implement Dr. Pillai’s Teachings & Create a 200% Life – 100% Spiritual, 100% Material.

Shreem Brzee Challenge

The Shreem Brzee Challenge!

The sound “Brzee” was transmitted to Dr. Pillai by a great Rishi named Vishwamitra. Vishwamitra, once an emperor, wanted to make everyone in his kingdom wealthy, and turned to spirituality and meditation to find a solution. After 1,200 years of intense meditation, the divine answered his prayers by revealing to him the sound Brzee.

Millionaire Yoga Meditation

Becoming a millionaire is a matter of creating positive money karma. No matter how long you have had this belief system, your brain can be positively re-programmed via these miracle brain changing techniques of the Yogis.

Activate Your Midbrain

The midbrain is vitally important to maintaining and regulating the state of consciousness, alertness and attention. The midbrain contains the physical pineal gland, which has similar features to the retina in our eyes and is also a replica of what Siddhas call the third eye.

Karma Removal

Karma Removal Mantra From Dr. Pillai. Remove Deep-Seated Negativity, Habits, and Unfavorable Circumstances in Your Life

Free Interactive Firelab

Need help with health, love, money or spiritual evolution? We have a Fire Lab that can create a shortcut to your success. Click the button below to choose a Fire Lab that matches your needs. Join our Fire Lab Specialist LIVE from India via Webcast, FREE.

Become A Pillai Center Affiliate

The PCLP is a unique opportunity for you to contribute to Dr. Pillai’s ambitious mission by empowering yourself, empowering others, and positively impacting humanity, while making an income from doing so.

Saturn webinar

Saturn is the most dreaded of all planets. He puts people who are under his influence through trials and tribulations. Register below to watch the special webinar about how to reduce the suffering caused by Saturn.

FREE Mini Mystery School

Join Live Mystery School Events, Learn About Dr. Pillai’s New Mystery School Teachings & Technology. so Sign up to receive access details along with new Mystery Teachings meditations & videos from Dr. Pillai

The Sound for Success program

Discover the powerful combination of ancient wisdom and modern science contained in this FREE introductory course, which includes five mantras (sounds) – one for each major area of your life – Dr. Pillai’s teachings and insights, as well as daily meditation practice guidelines. From your health and wealth to your relationships and spiritual evolution, you’ll find everything you need to create your 200% life in the Sounds for Success program

Millionaire Yoga Lite

Introducing Millionaire Yoga Lite, a unique, one-of-a-kind brain empowerment program that will lead you step by step to activate the Millionaire’s Brain.You’ll receive from this program the tools, techniques, and strategies you need
to go from a life of limitation to a life of freedom.

Manifesting Miracles

In Manifesting Miracles, Dr. Pillai reveals powerful sounds for thought-manifestation given to the world by the Tamil Siddha Thirumoolar. In addition to manifestation, regular use of these sounds will purify the mind of all negativity.

Siddhi Powers

Siddhi Powers represent extrasensory perception and the ability to think and manifest information, matter, and results at various degrees, depending on the level of development.

Evolved Living Videos

Each Sunday at 9 am PDT | Noon EDT | 9:30 pm IST

Join our weekly Wisdom Series Each Sunday at 9 am PDT / Noon EDT / 9:30 pm IST. Know more about our Upcoming Weekly Wisdom Series.

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