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Firelabs And Remedy Testimonial

I and my family deeply believe in the rituals performed by Pillai Center team.I appreciate the effort done by you all for performing rituals for my financial karma.

~ Sonia Kaushik

I love that I can receive the benefits of these fire labs in so many ways. Even when I don’t have the availability to interact as the firelab is being performed, I can put the fire lab on my pc to play in the background. The sound of the mantras and the prayers being said by the priests is so powerful. I imagine all my karma burning away in the fire. Thank you for making this very special ancient technology available. I’ve never experienced anything else quite like it! Chantel R., California

~ Chantel R – California

The fire lab 14th moon for Lord Ganesha was fantastic. It lasted for 2hrs with 1008 Ganesha mantra chants and offering of the Ganesh grass. Just at 5 mins to closing I had a call from home about an issue that I had with my building project and it was sorted in 5 minutes. This has been dragging for over six months now and I was planning to go to African to sort it out. Lord Ganesha obstacle buildozer levelled that mountain in 5 minutes. Thank you Babaji and thak the gods for the revelation just at the right time for me.

~ Constance Vega

I have found the Pillai Center’s Interactive Fire Labs and Dr. Pillai’s teachings to be truly inspirational — the labs help me pay tribute to spirit while the teachings keep me focused intently on my goals. The combined results have been great. Many thanks to the Pillai Center and Dr. Pillai.

~ Don, Maryland

Dr. Pillai has blessed my life in so m any ways. in 2013, after getting out of the military early, I was wondering where I was going. I was living at home, with a family member. I kept using Shreem Brzee and the AH, among many other teachings such writing as Sada Shivom for career, cutting a lime or rolling a flower after the shower, tarpanam each day, and ara kara. Right under my nose the wonderful developments flourished..I was a substitute at a school. This kid kept coming up to me, knowing I coached wrestling, and kept asking me to train everyday. It turns out he would be a state champion for us in 2015 (one year ago to the day as I write this) I soon had more and more involvement with that school’s wrestling team. I also had a reconcililation of an estranged partner, who in 2010 and I split which left me hurt and very sad. We are still together now.I thought in 2010 there was no chance of us ever getting back together. he is such a humble person, very kind and respectful. Not cocky at all. The school I was substituting for 3 years ago— my wrestling coach when I was a student in high school was now a principal there. And as I was subbing there, it turned out the school would need two NEW wrestling coaches, as the coaches of 40 years were finally retiring! This is a miracle too, as that coach was a legend. I was honored to take over for him, as I had competed against some of his wrestlers when I was a student athlete. I also was accepted into a local teacher certification program, which I was initially told I had no chance of getting in, that they only took retiring professionals, and I was 27 at the time. That was a miracle, as was the miracle of my grandmother allowing me to put the $4400 fee on her credit card! Miracles are always right under our noses!! Thank you Dr. Pillai! That’s 5 major miracles right there! My two seasons with that wrestling team Oscar Smith WrestlingClubbefore I resigned and moved here to Fort Worth Texas were beautiful, healing, and successful. My grandfather passed away at the start of my first season there (2013-2014), and his inheritance paid off the car I had to suddenly buy because my other one went the way of the do do bird while doing the teacher certification class in Virginia. The team was just what I was looking for–all tough, ready to work and successful. I even got a Nadi reading and remedies that summer, as well as a few individual fire labs that started to turn the tide for me. Om Dattatreya Siva Baba!

~ Sammy Zolet

I have participated in two different fire labs and I have felt a shift in consciousness. My life has improved and my relationships are amazing. I recommend this to everyone that really wants to live their best life.

~ Lalma Dickens

‹Maria›Happy Navrati to All. Thank you Babaji. Thank you Premaraja and the priests who have the knowledge and warmest kindness to perform the these poojas on our behalf. Also for their generosity to guide us for those who want to perform them at home. S HUKRA and Blessings. ‹Support›It is the privilege of the entire team to serve our members with Interactive Fire Lab. ‹M›TY all. This was an amazing event. The Wisdom course, Fire Labs, Archanas, Seed sounds and initiations. The support team was amazing in their clarification and explanantions. ‹M›I feel better already just by participating. Namaste. ‹Livia›Thank you Premaraja and the whole team for the amazing experience! May Goddess bless You and All. Eternal Gratitude to Babaji. Namaste!

~ chatroll comments for Navaratri

“I’m excited. I really enjoyed the Mrtunjayan Homa and decided to sign up for all of the [next month’s Interactive Fire Lab] bundle. it’s such a blessing to have the resources to do it.” ~ “Thankyou so much! It is so helpful to read the support messages!” ~B. “Thanks to Priest Premaraja for his energy tonight: ~ M.

~ S.G., USA

Thank you for this night of Shiva fire lab. I really liked it and the chants kept me awake while meditating. Take care and thanks

~ Terry Avenarius

Just wanted to let you know that the fire labs are so much better than last year. There are no more breaks in the transmission and no more excessive car noises and no more microphone feedback and the picture is so clear. I really thank you for this. I really appreciate it a lot. I can also hear the priest so much better and can tune into what he says more. I really like it when the priest says things like “let the sound vibrations surround you as that is how they create an aura of prosperity around you” It is little things like this that make it more intense, the experience of the ritual. I come from the catholic background. I stopped going to church because I have a brain and NOTHING was explained. I got bored because it was the same as having a shower – going to church. Yes the “emotional” stuff via the singing is there but I am not going to a rock concert.I am going to get things done. I want a connection and my brain won’t allow me a connection unless it knows things. NOTHING was explained in church. I learned more from shopping aimlessly on a sunday in the shopping center. The priest in the fire ritual, explains things. I get to use my brains. Its there, it wants to know it needs to be used. I can’t do much without my brains. The priest make things easy to understand. I do not have to know what he is saying in Tamil or Sanskrit but can “tune into” those holy words for the simple reason that he explains the little things that make all the difference to a novice like me.

~ Neil

I signed up for the Muruga’s birthday fire lab and on Tuesday, May 27, I woke up feeling extremely dizzy. The dizziness was so bad I could not get out of bed. Since I’d never felt dizziness like this before I didn’t know what to do. For the next 5 days I continued to feel dizzy and had trouble standing for more than a few minutes at a time. Through a number of Google searches I found that this can happen when the pineal gland is being activated and that the pineal gland was Muruga’s domain. Through Dr. Pillai’s webcast I learned that Muruga’s day is Tuesday, the day I started feeling dizzy! After the fire lab I went to bed and woke up the next morning feeling normal again. The only thing I can guess is that I was connecting in with Muruga’s energy before the fire lab and finally acclimated to it after the fire lab. In addition to this there was another change. My husband’s business has been dreadfully slow for over a year and I have been unemployed for the past two years with no success in finding a job to help with the bills. Last Thursday my husband’s business actually had a profitable day. This past week he had 4 profitable days and we were able to catch up on a number of bills that were behind payment. I can only assume a good job is on it’s way to me now, too!

~ Diana Barr

Thanks so much for making this available. The fire lab was brilliant and the webcast with Dr. Pillai over the moon. I really connected with Muruga during the Fire Lab. I could feel the Presence and the Grace. When Dr. Pillai shared in the webcast and did the chanting and meditation – I could actually feel Muruga’s feet in both of my brains. This sensation lasted till the next day. I also began to notice some things differently. Seeing how I was perceiving things prior to this event and then noticing after the event the same things seemed different to me. What seemed like a problem before didn’t seem like a problem anymore but more like an opportunity. With this is the sense of connection. The sense of inclusion. The sense that there is little to protect from and much to engage in and that there is no lack – of anything. I am most grateful for ALL of the webcasts, Fire Labs, Meditations, Workshops, everything Dr. Pillai offers. It is helping me grow in so many ways!!! I am most grateful! All the Best of Love and Grace!

~ Barbara Rice

It was indeed accelerated my journey of evolution. I am a light worker, Clinical hypnotherapist and counselor. I came into the life of healing in the year 2012 when I was seeking the answer ‘why me’ in my life situations at that time and I met my dream man whom I was searching since I became aware of the fact that I am a girl! I healed myself, got the realization of ‘there is nothing right or nothing wrong in this life’. We are all performing our life games for our own journey of evolution! Eventually I became non judgmental and started appreciating and accepting myself being sensitive because I realized that sensitivity is humanity being detached to all attachments! The next challenge of my life was to accept my ignorance the way I accept my awareness! Then I became aware of the fact that now it is time for me to bursts the past life karma’s is the time when I got connect to pillaicenter. Here I came to know about sound and its potency! My journey of Navakari Essential Package was great! It has helped me to: become aware that my next work now is to detach all my past lives’ programmings which were blocking my dream life! As I do so on each day I am releasing all sufferings (mine and others which are stuck in my space) from my space. It has helped me to get connected to mother GODDESS very closely!on daily basis gaining more experience of sounds and its potency in physical life! my journey as a spiritual healer has just begun through this Navakari Celebrations! People used to say me that I have the power to heal people because I am connected to GODDESS of HEALING! And I used to wonder HOW to TAP THAT PART OF ME! HOW TO INVOKE THAT POWER IN ME! Finally I got the way by getting the opportunity through Nambunayaki Spiritual Healing Initiation! As if my FINAL JOURNEY HAS JUST BEGUN!Thanks to Dr. Pillai for sharing this secrets to the humanity and allowing humanity to experience Nambunayaki Initiation by the GODDESS Nambunayaki! I am a believer of fire labs and I truly enjoyed! Thanks to Pandit Premaraja for explaining the steps, showing the mudras and assisting us in rituals. It will be nice if the name and birthstar of the participants can be chanted little slow so that every one feels good when they hear their names and birthstir! It increases connectivity with the firelab! Looking forward to have a fire lab on upcoming Diwali!

~ Supriya Roy Chaudhuey

some lucky people. I will give you the latest and not witnessed by one person like him but many. yes true. when you are alone the impact will be more and you just cry out of joy. i have experienced before. I know Muruga is powerful.. here is the latest and happened in front of lot of people. IT happened near nagapattinam yes.day during the Surasamharam ,Muruga got down from his Chariot to get the vel from annai nedungkanni to samkar surah, went fiercely inside came back and sat in the chair,the whole body of the statue and the wall inside the temple was sweating. even the wall could not bear the fierce heat of Muruga. and they put the murugas sweating picture in the Tamil paper, dinamalar.how do we explain that. it happened really. its all there waiting to help as Dr. pillai said. its just you have to be lucky. that’s all I went to the Murugas thiru kalyanam near by, to day is the final day. BUT the fire lab YOU have sent by mail touched me. its also same live. it depends every thing. i cant tell it but its true. the video fire lab is so real and i am really content watching it. thanks ans Regards. savithri.p.

~ Savithri

Namaste, I just want to say thank you so much for the powerful experience of Skanda Shasti 2014. The Divine energy flowing through the Webcasts and Fire Labs was palpable and incredible. Thank you to Dr. Pillai (Baba’s grace) and Premaraja, and the whole Pillai Center team for making the auspicious Skanda Shasti such a great experience for so many. I could certainly feel the sacredness of Muruga’s grace all around during these 6 days. I am sure the impact and changes will continue unfolding. With Love and Gratitude, Livia Suver

~ Livia Suver

I loved the format of nine nights of webcasts with Baba, the fire labs, and the three group calls with Jai Radha – it felt like I was wrapped in goddess energy for the entire time. Baba’s lectures on each of the goddesses, the nine mantras and their purpose, and the meditation practices for each were astonishing, deep, clear, concise, and revelatory. It is hard to do justice in describing the power of the teachings. I just felt my eyebrows going up and up and up and up, in awe and gratitude.

~ Jan Bocskay

I’m just listening to Kanaka Dhara as I came across this. A while back I had the fire labs done and not only did my prosperity increase quite a bit, for some reason my house and car started filling up with coins… Rain of coins, indeed.

~ Juho Tunkelo

Thank you for the beautiful 9 days of the goddess program, I took time off work that week just so that I could participate live in Babas teachings as well as the fire labs. My sincere gratitude. One of the experiences I had during this time, was to be able to let go of a particularly challenging situation I was experiencing at the time with a particularly challenging individual and filling that space with love for the goddess which helped me heal, and another was the birth of an idea to launch a joint business venture with a friend which came about quite unexpectedly, which I would like to think as being the work of the goddess.

~ Anjalika