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A. Our team of experts can analyze the astrological and spiritual reasons, after such significant happenings have occurred.

A. Yes. However, we would require the correct birth details of that person in order to provide a comprehensive picture.

A. Yes. However, no guarantee will be given regarding the accuracy of the prediction for legal reasons.

A. We do not comment on politics, as a company policy.

A. People approach us to find solutions to every kind of life situation that a human being can face.

We can provide interesting trends related to different life areas, as per gender, age group, marital status, country, popularity, and so on.

A. Yes. However, we would not share the real name and whereabouts of the person concerned due to confidential reasons.

A. Yes. However, you would need to write an email to us mentioning what publication is it for, and how will it help your story.

We can facilitate a complimentary service, once approved by the management.