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About Dr. Pillai and Pillai Center


What is the website about?

Ans – The Pillai Center website offers Dr. Pillai’s teachings and techniques to the world. Dr. Pillai is a spiritual scientist, a scholar, a spiritual teacher from the Tamil Siddha lineage. Dr. Pillai offers teachings and techniques to develop the brain to help transform any aspect of life from wealth, health, relationship and spirituality.

What is the essence of Dr. Pillai’s teachings?

Ans – Dr. Pillai’s primary goal is to alleviate pain and suffering from the earth plane and help humanity to develop a consciousness that helps them manifest a 200% life i.e 100% material and 100% spiritual.

I want to know if you have a center in my City or a city close to me where I can learn the teachings?

Ans – All Dr. Pillai’s teachings and techniques are available online and can be accessed from anywhere across the globe. We do not have a physical center you can visit to learn Dr. Pillai’s teachings or techniques.

I have started watching Dr. Pillai’s teachings on youtube and I feel like practicing them but I already have a spiritual teacher, can I still practice Dr. Pillai’s teachings?

Ans – Yes, you can still practice Dr. Pillai’s teachings. Dr. Pillai always says there are no hard or fast rules to follow spirituality. If you have a spiritual teacher but feel connected to Dr. Pillai and his teachings, please feel free to practice them.

Dr. Pillai’s Teachings


Do I have to be vegetarian to practice Dr. Pillai’s teachings ?

Ans – No, Dr. Pillai does not recommend any dietary restrictions or lifestyle changes to practice his teachings.

There are so many teachings I find it difficult to understand which one is for me?

Ans – You can look at this situation in a few ways – (i) You can first decide the aspect of life you wish to work on i.e Health, Wealth, Relationship, Spirituality once you know the aspect you can search for Dr. Pillai’s teachings on the same. (ii) Dr. Pillai has introduced teachings like AH, Ara Kara, Sun Moon meditation; these teachings are not restricted to a particular aspect of life, so if you feel your thought is outside the aspects of life mentioned above you can practice these(iii) If you have decided on the aspect of life you wish to work on and if there are more than one teaching you can then practice the teaching you feel more connected to or drawn to. For e.g the sounds Shreem Brzee or Hari Bol Radha Bol are sounds for wealth but if you feel more connected and drawn to chant Haribol Radha Bol then please feel free to do so.

Do we have to practice the teachings at certain times of the day?

Ans – You can practice the teachings at any convenient time, there are recommended power times of the day that you can follow but practices are not restricted to the power times.

Can a lady practice the teachings during menstruation?

Ans – Yes, you can chant and meditate on the mantra, you can practice the guided meditation, you can perform the karma removal technique and the Tarpanam technique but it is advised to avoid touching an archetype’s picture/statue/yantra and to participate in rituals and poojas.

How can chanting a sound help me change my reality ?

Ans – Dr. Pillai has shared a teaching “Yad Bhavan Tad Bhavati” this means we become as we think, when we keep repeating a power sound/mantra we tap into the energy of the sound and it helps us change the energy of lacking our goal to manifesting it.

I find it difficult to believe that I can lead a better life?

Ans – If you find it difficult to conceive a better life you can practice Dr. Pillai’s AH meditation, this is the sound Dr. Pillai gave to Dr. Wayne Dyer. AH is the sound that will help you conceive a better life.

I was watching Dr. Pillai’s video on youtube and noticed a lot of people have manifested their thoughts, I have been practicing the mantra for a few days but I am not seeing the result I want?

Ans – We all walk our karma and the time in which we receive results of our efforts vary from individual to individual, the results of our efforts are in the domain of the divine.

Can I chant a mantra or practice a guided meditation to help a family member or friend to manifest their thought ?

Ans – It is advised that you do not chant or meditate on someone else’s behalf as you may take on their karma, you can pray for your friend or family. You can also sponsor a ritual to be performed by vedic priests on your friend/family’s behalf.

Dr. Pillai suggests performing the karma removal technique and the tarpanam technique but I come from a background where rituals were not practiced, what should I do?

Ans – If you are not comfortable performing the rituals you can practice the mantra chanting or the guided meditation and gradually if you feel comfortable with the rituals you can accommodate them in your daily practice.

Do I have to spend long hours practicing the techniques on a daily basis?

Ans – No, you can set aside 20 – 30 minutes on a daily basis for the teachings and if time allows you can practice the teachings twice a day. If time is a challenge Dr. Pillai has also shared a 1 minute meditation that you can practice.

How can I practice the sounds? Do I have to chant it aloud or in mind?

Ans – Initially, you can start by chanting the mantra aloud and once your focus on the sound strengthens you can chant it silently in your mind.

Dr. Pillai says we can chant the mantra, write the mantra or listen to the sound, should I do all?

Ans – The goal is to connect with the sound and the energy at the deeper subtle levels, you can either stick to one form of practice or combine one or more techniques to practice the sound i.e you can chant/sing the sound along with writing the mantra. You can create a practice that best suits you.

I find it difficult to sit in one place and chant. I get distracted. What should I do?

Ans – You can either practice a guided meditation by Dr. Pillai if you find difficulty in focusing. You can then chant the mantra in your mind throughout the day.

I have too many thoughts during my meditation. Do we have a solution?

Ans – Yes, you can stop the mind using a sound. Dr. Pillai describes it as stopping the mind the yogic way, you can chant the sound “Yogas Chitta Vritti Nirodha” for a few times before your meditation and it will help you stop your thoughts during your meditation.

Order Process and Payments


How do I order from the Pillai Center website?

Ans – You can place an order from your Pillai Center account, if you do not have an account, please visit www.pillaicenter.com and click on Register on the top right corner to create an account.

Where can I check if you ship products to my country

Ans – We do not have shipping restrictions. We ship internationally.

Do you accept online payments through debit cards?

Ans – Yes, if you are based in a different country than the US then the debit cards with international transactions will work on our website.

Can I pay for the product at the time of delivery?

Ans – We do not have the payment on delivery or cash on delivery option.

Do you accept payments through Western Union?

Ans – Unfortunately, we do not accept payments through Western Union. You can reach out to our team for alternate payment methods.



If I order a statue or a yantra would it be immediately shipped to me?

Ans – After you place an order for a statue/yantra/mala it will be energized with positive blessings and then it will be shipped to you.

Can we have a single yantra for all family members?

Ans – Yantras are personal objects each individual should have a yantra of their own and you should not allow anyone to touch your yantra.

Where are the products shipped from and when can I receive them?

Ans – Our products are shipped from Chennai, India. — Not updating the shipment timeline due to the pandemic.

I ordered a remedy pack. How would I know if the remedies are performed for me?

Ans – You will receive an email with the schedule of the remedies and once the remedies are performed you will receive a confirmation email letting you know the remedies have been completed.

I saw on the website about the audio packs are they sent through post?

Ans – The audio downloads and webcasts will be added to your Pillai Center account as soon as you place an order online. You will receive an email with the instructions to access your order.

The meditation pack I purchased from the website do I have access for a limited time?

Ans – You will have lifetime access to the audio downloads, the product will not be removed or deleted from your account.

I placed an order for a remedy pack/fire ritual. How will it be performed for me?

Ans – The fire ritual/remedy will be performed on your behalf using your Name and your Birth Star, after you create your Pillai Center account you can add yourself as a sub-user. To add yourself as a sub-user you will have to enter your Birth Details and based upon the details you enter our system will calculate your Birth Star. If you are unaware of your Birth Details you can select the option Birth Details Unknown while adding yourself as a sub-user in your account.

Can I order products for a family/friend who is based in a different country than mine?

Ans – Yes, you can place an order for a product from your account for a family/friend based in a different country, you will have to update their address on the order. If you need assistance our team can assist you with the same.

If I order a bracelet or mala will I receive instructions on how to use them?

Ans – Yes, you will receive a note that will share instructions along with Do’s and Don’t you can follow for your product.

Aspects of life – Karma


What is Karma?

Ans – Dr. Pillai describes Karma as our thought process. If we change our thoughts our karma will change, to transform the changes in the outer world we have to change the inner. Karma is not a metaphysical law. You do something and as a result of it you have an effect – cause and effect are really what we mean by karma.

Is it necessary to remove karma ?

Ans – Yes, karma blocks manifestation. Hence, it is important to overcome the negative karma to change our reality.

What are the sounds I can use to overcome Karma?

Ans – Dr. Pillai has introduced sounds like Thiru Neela Kantam, Makaral Shivaya Namaha, Hara Hara and recently Dr. Pillai also mentioned that the sound Brzee can also help to overcome negative karma.

Should I practice the Karma removal on a daily basis?

Ans – It is recommended that Karma removal should be done on a daily basis but if you are unable to do it daily then you can practice in your schedule as time permits. 13th is the power time to practice Karma removal.

Aspects of life – Wealth


Can we overcome scarcity of material resources and manifest wealth?

Ans – Yes, Dr. Pillai has said that Poverty is the disease of the mind and we can overcome the scarcity to abundance by changing our consciousness and manifest using our miracle brain.

I have heard of the sound Shreem Brzee but have not read about this in the scriptures?

Ans – The sound Brzee was revealed to Dr. Pillai by Saint Vishvamitra through a Nadi reading and Dr. Pillai then added the sound Shreem the seed sound of Goddess Lakshmi to Brzee to make it Shreem Brzee.

The sound Shreem Brzee can be used for wealth manifestation alone or for different goals.

Ans – Dr. Pillai describes the sound Shreem Brzee as the ultimate wealth mantra to manifest 100% material and 100% spiritual wealth. You can use the sound to manifest an abundance consciousness.

How do I chant the sound Shreem Brzee and how many times do I chant it?

Ans – You can chant the sound aloud or in your mind, you can chant the sound for 108 times, 1008 times or any number of times you like. There are no rules.

Aspects of life – Health


Do we have spiritual teachings from Dr. Pillai that I can practice to improve my health?

Ans – Yes, you can practice the Karma removal technique to overcome your negative health karma and you can pray and chant to Lord Dhanvantari, Goddess Nambu Nayaki or Lord Muruga to manifest good health. You can pray to the archetype you feel connected to.

Any practical tips I can follow to manifest healing and good health?

Ans – Yes, you can focus on the thought of healing and good health. You can repeat a positive, concise affirmation for your health for 108 times or more. The focus on healing instead of the disease may help you improve your health.