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Shreem Brzee

Success Stories

“When you practice Shreem Brzee, it’s not only going to give you material wealth, but the greater wealth of consciousness. Material wealth will be only a by-product. You will get what I call a 200% Life—100% Material and 100% Spiritual.” — Dr. Pillai

Shreem Brzee is the ultimate wealth mantra. It was revealed to Dr. Pillai by the Tamil Siddha Vishwamitra.

Due to centuries of anti-wealth philosophy found in most of the world’s major religious traditions, too many spiritual people still carry negative attitudes about money in this lifetime, making it difficult to manifest the wealth necessary to live a complete and fulfilling life on earth. According to Dr. Pillai, the world needs a Divine solution to money problems.

Since receiving Shreem Brzee, Dr. Pillai has freely shared it with students and people around the world as the Divine solution for bad money karma.

Shreem Brzee Success Stories

Most importantly it has given me inner peace.

“I had a troubled mindset before I started chanting this mantra. I was always worried about something. Now as soon as something bothersome comes into my mind I start chanting the mantra and I feel peace once again. I thank Dr. Pillai every day.”

— Sharavdorj Enkhjargal

I could not have done anything without Her help.

“I accidentally came across this mantra from my news feed on[Facebook]. I basically do not have much knowledge on this. I won’t say am a religious person either. But something attracted me to this.

I am a retired person and survive on my pension. I have gone all out to rescue stray animals starving for food without shelter. I just can’t close my eyes when I come across them. I save them and treat them if they have any diseases. All these have depleted my savings. Was wondering how to proceed with my mission to help them. That’s when I started to chant this mantra.

I am just a beginner. I can’t remember how many days I started chanting. Maybe about 2 weeks. I did not have any intention to count the number of days or to stop chanting too. I just went to get her picture n set up an altar. In my prayers, I just asked Mahalakshmi Ma to forgive me if I am wrong and help me in any way to help the poor animals. I would just turn on Guruji’s voice and go along with it whenever I can and follow the 2-minute meditation too.

To my surprise today, I have received help from a few people to get a shelter done and rental for the place taken care of. Amount of more than RM10k involved. What a [relief], I am overjoyed. I could not have done anything without Her help. My prayers to continue. Thank you, Ma.”

— Devakie Nair

She helped me manifest a dream career…

“I wanted to share that in one month. I have found the perfect place to build my business as a Reiki and Goddess Warrior Life Coach.

I have been searching for a small studio in a particular location for 2 years. 2 weeks into Shreem Brzee I was able to rent this studio for 250.00 a month with no deposit or issues. This is such a blessing from Lakshmi. No I did not win the lottery yet, but she helped me manifest a dream career, location, and the ability to share her gifts and mine to create unlimited abundance.

Shreem Brzee works. Manifest everything you want but start small. Have fun watching your dreams come true. In love and light.”

— Kimberlee Meader

Shreem Brzee is life energy

Shreem Brzee is life energy. I found on the ground some bank notes, and the next day there were again some bank notes on the ground in the street I walked down. It really works.

— Stefan Fischer

I feel more at peace

I’ve seen huge changes in the way I think about money, treating others, also feel more at peace with everything the deeper I go

— Roger Orcutt

Got $400 unexpectedly

I just want to share my story after continuously chanting. My husband likes to play scratchers and in January- 2018, he got a total of $400 and still counting. A miracle happened, my computer was not working for almost a year and we couldn’t afford to bring it to the repair shop. One day, I had the urge to turn on the computer and then after a while works (I did it myself) and the computer is working again

— Arya Hutama

I landed a dream job

I started chanting about 2 + years Shreem Brzee and my life has shifted 100%. I was unemployed and going through rough times financially.

Today I have an amazing job and more than enough to pay bills. My abundance has grown in all aspects of my life health, joy, relationships and daily signs that Lakshmi is with me supporting me every day.

I talk to her daily and ask her simple things like “ Lakshmi please find a good parking space for me” and boom there it is!! She gives me signs every day of her presence. She is just amazing.

— Beatriz Ramos

This mantra manifests what I want

Every time I chant, some financial gain happens within a week. Could be as small as a job offer to a few thousand dollars. It all depends on what I need to manifest.

It is truly the quickest mantra to manifest prosperity for me.

— Cindy Griffin McCoy

I Feel grateful and abundant

My thought pattern changed from visualization/manifesting wealth to gratefulness with what I’ve already been given. This grateful heart is the even higher treasure than additional wealth. Thank You.!

— Joe Kollar

I received more clients for my services

Since I have been listening to this Lakshmi mantra, my business grew up, I received more orders for my services, more money and my services are received better and better. Om Shanti!

— DJ Retro

Results are much better than before

Thank you for enlightening me with this mantra I hear it only for 5 minutes in morning but found I’m getting much more success in my work. Results are much better than before.

— Riddhi Gadhvi

I manifested new clients

So, I practice driving a lot- I carry a leather Mala with me to keep count. Red lights or long drives are great for this. Of course other times such as early morning or before I lay down for sleep. Times of quiet.

After just a few days I received 2 new clients (my Reiki practice) people buying my lunches and other acts of kindness.

And $200 found in an old purse!!

— Cindy Griffin McCoy

I received money in my mail.

Went to the mail today and had a $5,000 check !!!!

I’m self employed and operate a live performance theatre. We were down to $9.79 today, if they don’t have money, I don’t get to draw a paycheck, this was huge check for us, and me So humbled and thankful.

Shreem Brzee

Shreem Brzee

Shreem Brzee

Said with joy and gratitude

Give thanks

Give thanks

Give thanks

Cindy Griffin McCoy

I won money in the lottery

I have been chanting Shreem Brzee for days now and today I won a money from a lottery ticket. Thank you Maa Lakshmi and Shreem Brzee.

— Hemalatha Jayan T

Won another $100

Helloo… just want to let you guys know that we win another $100 yesterday. Shreem Brzee

— Arya Hutama

I found money as I walked down the street

Shreem Brzee is life energy. I found on the ground some bank notes, and the next day there were again some bank notes on the ground in the street I walked down. It really works.

— Stefan Fischer

Shreem Brzee not only helped to manifest wealth breakthrough but also helped me to clear my emotions in the solar plexus

An hour and a half. Brought in many synchronicities rest of the day. But also brought emotions and pain in the solar plexus to surface making it a tough day. Either ways Shreem Brzee is miraculous

— Bhaavin Shah

Shreem Brzee has changed my thoughts and my outlook on life.

I do it on average 8-10 hours throughout the day at work/driving /home. I’ve seen huge changes in the way I think about money, treating others, also feel more at peace with everything the deeper I go

— Roger Orcutt

Stick to Shreem Brzee

Please stick to Shreem Brzee. It brings me surprising wealth breakthroughs.

— Bhaavin Shah

I manifested a new job

My heartiest thanks and gratitude to Goddess Shreem Brzee.Recently, I got a new job with good salary.

— Ratan S

My Diwali gift from Shreem Brzee

Ok, this is wild. I just a minute ago checked my bank balance and there is an extra deposit of $135.00. No idea what it is for, so I will give the company a little jingle to find out what it’s for Wow and wow. Thank you, Goddess Lakshmi. And I know exactly what I’m going to use it for — Hope Centers and Diwali. I’m so excited.

— Miriam Sheller

My job and money miracles.

I have some good news to report! I have been offered a trial next week for a new job. It was exactly what I was looking for. Whatever happens I feel entirely supported by the Shreem Brzee and Lakshmi is in my heart.

Last time I used Shreem Brzee years ago I asked for 50k. Then realised I couldn’t conceive that so reduced it to £500.That week I got a £500 tax rebate. I also asked to be debt free and despite my Shreem Brzee practice dwindling. I received £8k that covered it and only realised in retrospect that Shreem Brzee had answered my prayer. I see it is much more than financial wealth. Much of the world’s problems are due to lack.

Sara Bailey

I manifested an overseas client.

I am truly amazed! I was just blessed with a new client! An overseas one at that! No advertisements, just a word of mouth referral. Thank you Dr, Pillai, Lords Ganesha and Shiva, and of course, Shreem Brzee/Maha Lakshmi! Keep chanting! Keep believing! Do the techniques! Sending love to all! Shreem Brzee!

— Naki Alaiyo

I received money double what I expected.

So, here’s something interesting that happened. I was expecting a check for a decent amount of money from family. And when I received the check it was double what I was told it was going to be.

— Shakti D.

Shreem Brzee reduced my negative money thoughts.

I have been practicing Shreem Brzee for a week and have seen that negative thoughts have reduced in my mind.

— Manisha Rawat

I found money in my old clothes

I have been chanting the mantra, at my shop throughout the day, but I started to also chant Shreem Brzee at 4 AM. This morning I was taking some clothes to Goodwill, and I know that I already looked in the pockets, but for some reason I looked this morning and I found a 5 dollar bill, and I shall continue to get up at 4 am and chant Shreem Brzee and every night.

— Avatar Store

I manifested my dream holiday without spending a penny.

Thank you very much Dr Pillai. I accidentally found the Shreem Brzee chant. I started chanting causally, saying at least there is no harm in chanting. But I can’t believe within one month I got unbelievable results. All my dreams come true in one shot. 3nights 4days in a five-star hotel near the beach, travel by air was sponsored without spending a penny and the free holiday started with a free pickup from our home. I still can’t believe. Thanks, Dr Pillai.

— Anjali Patil

I received a gift from my God Father

Thank you so much Dr. Pillai for making this mantra available to us. I chant it every night before I go to bed and I have already felt a positive shift within my thinking and feelings towards wealth. My God Father even randomly gave me 100 bucks just because. He has NEVER done that before and I like to think it happened because of the mantra.

— Ahjee Naga Princess

Shreem Brzee manifests miracles

“And one easily spends 8 hours chit chatting or thinking about ‘garbage’ thoughts. But if you, even on one single day, focus on Shreem Brzee you will have many revelations. Whether you have revelations or not you will have miracles and that’s what matters. ~ Dr. Pillai.

— Tia Dobi

I manifested financial independence.

This mantra really worked for me to have financial independence. Enjoying chanting …Thanks to beloved Baba

— Surya Narayan?

I manifested the amount I needed for my husband’s surgery

Hi Everyone, I’m sharing my experience of chanting Shreem Brzee. My husband had to go through surgery and its cost was huge .His tumour?had?to be operated within 4 weeks and it was difficult for me to arrange the money .I started chanting and got the sum of money we needed for the surgery. The operation is now done he is still in hospital. Thank you?Shreem?Brzee.

— Devi Artee Cheekoory

My Shreem Brzee manifestations

A year ago, I remember looking at the coins in my hands and wondering if I should buy something to eat or just go surf the internet. For some reasons, I went to surf the internet with the aim of finding some sorts of special teachings that would help me manifest very fast. That’s how I was guided to Dr. Pillai’s Youtube video talking about Shreem Brzee. I decided to spend 8 hours chanting nonstop. You won’t believe it! The very next day, I got several proposals from people for fully funded trips that brought in money and connections that have pushed me up to the material (and spiritual) comfort I’m enjoying now.

– Gahizi Siddha Sankalpa

Shreem Brzee opened many doors in my life

Shreem Brzee is a miracle-working mantra. Too many doors are opening up in my life that I barely have any time to be ideal anymore. This of course means a hectic pay slip. But the greatest miracle is that I feel even more vibrant, energetic and jovial. I am not tired or stressed and I sleep peacefully. There have not been any more near misses and almost there for the past 3 weeks. I should say my body and brain has made a 180-degree turn towards rejuvenating and I feel very very alive. It is Wow! experience for me now. Thank you x108 Babaji. You are a life saver.

– Constance Vega

Shreem Brzee answered my prayer on the 5th day of chanting the mantra

I started waking up at 5 am to chant Shreem Brzee 108 x 10 times as Dr. Pillai instructed. On the 5th day itself my prayer was answered. Something I have been waiting for long time. It’s a miracle. Thank you Shreem Brzee. I am still waking up at 5 am and will continue to do so.

– Pria Sharma

If you chant without fear, anger, stress and complete faith—She will show up.

“I recently joined a sales job and sales was never my cup of tea, but this job I got after 8 months of being jobless. I was feeling very demotivated at work and started listening to Shreem Breeze by Dr. Pillai’s audio on SoundCloud. I felt better and I bump into this beautiful picture and the first thought was how graceful is Maa Lakshimi.

I dont know if She brings you all the wealth you ask, but if you chant without fear, anger, stress and complete faith—She will show up. That alone is enough to bring positivity and boost to face your challenges.”

— Sem Sembuganathan

Offered a dream job…

“…offered a dream job, all expenses paid house and car and travel.”

— Sarah Jayne Scott

I had asked Lakshmi to open doors for me to help me get a job fast, and Friday I start!

“Just wanting to say that I spent last night applying to jobs, and first thing [in] the morning I got a call from a job wanting to interview, and to my surprise i got hired on the spot!

I slept with Shreem Brzee playing on my phone and on my way to my interview kept chanting along while playing the mantra while driving. Shreem Brzee miracles!!!!! I had asked Lakshmi to open doors for me to help me get a job fast and Friday I start!!”

— Aurora Sanchez Ruiz

Shreem Brzee empowered me to take control of my life

I wish to share an achievement today! I could do it just because of Shreem Brzee and Babaji’s Blessings! I took the Shreem Brzee Challenge one month back and had some unique and powerful spiritual experiences in the process. Hence, I continued the practice.

Shreem Brzee empowered me and led me through the thought that I should take control of my life. I should write a book on all achievements that I had in life. This was on 21st July 2017 when I decided to write book. Today on 8th August 2017 I am extremely delighted to share that Shreem Brzee Challenge has manifested in my life in the form of completing my first book related to Psychotherapy. The almost 140 pages book is completed with first written draft from first page to last page with 15 chapters in it, each dealing with all different techniques and tools related to conventional psychology and modern-day psychology. Within 18 days!!!! This is too fast! Because to write a book of 15 chapters normally takes more than 45 days!!! Because I have [seen]people doing it. But my speed was almost like I was writing one chapter a day! Now that is a miracle! Even all writing was consistent as if it was given to me by higher beings and beloved Dr. Pillai!!! I am glad to share this with all you Shreem Brzeers’!!!

Please keep on chanting the mantra as it going to certainly help you a lot. This will change your life

— Arjun Mahajan

I received multiple miracles in my life

For anyone who doubts that this mantra works, take it from me. This mantra 100% works! The past 30 days have been nothing less than life-changing. I started December 1st, chanting 108+ times every day and writing Shreem Brzee 108+ times in my notepad, every day and without missing a day. I would also listen to this exact, same audio while driving, going for my hour morning or night walks, and occasionally, I would fall asleep with it playing in my ear buds.

The first thing that happened was my neighbour offered me some work paying me at $10/hour doing stuff around the house, painting, cleaning gutters, etc. I would average $30-50 about 5 days out of the week. And on some occasions, he’s even treated me to dinner, and given me extra money for a job well done – that I was not expecting at all.

Another, amazing thing that happened was this. I went to re-open a bank account that I closed a few years back. On a Saturday night, I called the 24/7 support line of this bank and they told me that a negative balance of $47 needed to be paid before my account got opened back up. (I was expecting this, because I attempted to re-open the account back in March and they told me the same thing) So, on the following Monday, I called again with my card in hand ready to pay over the phone, but the rep told me that there was no negative balance and that all I needed to do was go into the branch and open an account. 2-minute drive up the street, I was in and out of the bank in 30 minutes with new checking and savings accounts – unbelievable!

The only explanation that supernatural forces were in play. One day, I got an inner hunch that told me to look on craigslist to find a quick way to make some money and I came across this “gig” where a guy was paying $75 via PayPal to run fb ads on accounts for his clients. I contacted the guy and he set up fb ads for one of his clients’ automotive shops on my account. I shared my screen, he did the work and in 15 minutes, I received $75 via PayPal – awesome! On top of my mom sending me money, my brother sent me $100 which NEVER happens. I also received 2, anonymous checks in the mail from Clickbank – again, awesome!!!

It’s been a great month and things are doing nothing but picking up. I will keep you guys posted. Please chant this mantra and stay consistent! That is the key! Thank you, Dr.Pillai, for giving this mantra, freely, to the world.

— Nazir Yahshua

I attract money whenever I chant

I started chanting and listening to Shreem Brzee two weeks ago I won on a scratch lotto $30 I stop because I had distraction .I started two days ago and a friend text me and say pick up $300 from MoneyGram. Thank You Dr. Pillai, I am grateful.

– Denise Thierens

Not only is my business improving but Shreem Brzee manifested money I need for my surgery

I started chanting Shreem Brzee at the end of November. The first week out of the blue a client gave me an extra $100 in a very thoughtful card. Then my mother and father sent me $588 that they receive each year from a small pension which they never told me about before. Today my mother called and a friend of hers wrote me a check for $1000. My mom was just as surprised as I was. I am preparing for surgery in about 6 months from now which may have prompted receiving some of the funds but I’ve not asked anyone to give me money except the Goddess -and Kuber But I honestly do not think any of these would have happened if I wasn’t chanting Shreem Brzee. Also, my business has picked up too.

– Sarah J Burns

Goddess Lakshmi’s Blessings Top of Form

Lakshmi has given me $20 twice in the past two weeks. I have 30,000 + Shreem Brzee chants so far and 103,000+ of another Lakshmi mantra that I started almost a year ago. At work a customer forgot his wallet and I ran out to give it to him, he handed me $20. Then today I went to an ATM to get cash to buy a lottery ticket and there was $20 in it, I thought about turning the $20 in but then I wondered but isn’t this a blessing for me from Lakshmi? I decided it was.

– Christopher Good

Manifestations through unexpected sources.

I have manifested several things through unexpected sources. I strongly believe that this is because of chanting/writing ‘Shreem Brzee’ and practicing Gratitude.

– Hari Kondaparthy

Not only I have manifested wealth but I also manifested a feeling of peace and calm.

“I started to meditate with Shreem Brzee every Friday, After chanting it my boss phoned me and proposed me to make extra hours, so more hours manifested more money. It happened every time I meditated on it. Now I am dedicating many days to meditate with Shreem Brzee and feel such a peace and a calm in my life!

— Mariamne Mara

Shreem Brzee manifested a new car for me.

Shreem Brzee! I finally got approved for a new car. No co-signer, with messed up credit from divorce. This is all happening from Shreem Brzee. Thank you Goddess Shreem Brzee.

— Kimberlee Meader

Shreem Brzee miracles at work

I began chanting and silently meditating on Shreem Brzee in June. I feel a strong connection with many archetypes and this lead me to add some more mantras to my spiritual practice but Shreem Brzee remains a constant (even when I am tired of chanting or have a sore throat). I am more of an observer of things but I have to admit that something magical is at work in my life.

— Atalante L

Shreem Brzee meal miracle

I just want to say that Shreem Brzee also has a sense of humour. On the way to pick up dinner from a favourite restaurant last night, I was chanting Shreem Brzee and when I got home and opened up the containers there was an overabundance of food within the order! Thank you Shreem Brzee ~ dinner for 2 nights instead of one!

— Jeni S

I manifested $1800 out of no where

Just want to say just manifested $1800 this week out of nowhere. Thank you, Shreem Brzee, I’m still in shock.

– Anonymous

Shreem Brzee works

I already forgot how it helped me earlier! Don’t push it Just feel inner peace, of course not to mention that I got really good passive income IT WORKS! Namaste.

– Anonymous

Shreem Brzee manifested Financial Independence

Time for economic and financial independence. So thankful for this mantra Blessings.

– Nina Peters Love

I manifested money by only chanting the mantra for few times

I said this mantra only few times and my mom gave me money without me asking

– Anonymous

I received unexpected gifts by chanting Shreem Brzee

I’ve received more clothes and more groceries, after dedicating myself to this mantra. I have even received unexpected gifts from my loved ones, This mantra works and never stops surprising me.

– Rodrigue Balenda

Shreem Brzee blessings

So happy & blessed to find this mantra. Have received many blessings in the past 2 weeks, very grateful to Dr Pillai, His voice & mantra resonates a healing vibration.

– Jules Otis

Shreem Brzee helped us in our family business

So far Shreem Brzee has helped me in our family business, and for that I thank Shreem Brzee. Hopefully Shreem Brzee would also help me win the lottery.

– Nino Amozon

I received a check after writing Shreem Brzee for 2 days.

Wrote the mantra 108 times two days in a row. Received a $300.00 check (from some unknown lawsuit). It works!

– Lisa Lisa

Coming back to Shreem Brzee and miracles!

Kesha Marie – I RE-started shreem brzee after many years and literally the next morning I received money and every day since I’ve been receiving. I’m grateful and I know it’s real

Money Surprises

Hello People!

Wanted to share 3 manifestations which happened this month

Started chanting Shreem Brzee casually but continuously in the beginning of December.

1. Just a few days later my cousin gave me 1000₹ out of the blue.

2. A relative of mine wanted to pay 60,000₹ to someone through me. He transferred 1000 dollars which is 63,600₹. He gave the additional 3600₹ to me.

3. There is an online wallet called PayTM. I logged into it with my new number and it says I have 3000₹ in it! I never remember putting money into this account!

The only thing I am doing is chanting Shreem Brzee as much as I can and a few visualizations of money coming to me!

This cannot be co-incidence at all!

It’s all Shreem Brzee

Another manifestation through Shreem Brzee!! I forgot the password of my credit card netbanking! So was just sorting it out. Once I got into my account, I got an option to redeem points! I never knew that we get points in hdfc too! As I went into the redeem points option, there was another option called convert to cash! And I converted all my cash and got 1500₹ Everything happened out of the blue

Shreem Brzee not only doubled my income but I also received a money blessing and a raise at work.

Shreem Brzee has blessed me so well in the last few months. First in the 45 day challenge my income doubled with a new job. Received a promotion at work for $1.10 more per hour. A $1600 check showed up about 3 weeks ago. Was handed $500 cash last weekend. Now I’m told I’m moving up again at work for another raise of $1.50 per hour. I’m so happy to have Shreem Brzee in my life.

— Jesse Roop

Shreem Brzee protected me

I have chanted consistently for over six months now and inconsistently for six months before that. I had two main miracles. First in July the Goddess chanted with me. The second was protection (Shreem Brzee protects as well). I won’t go into detail because it is a long story, but definitely miraculous. These two things give me enough to continue chanting to break stubborn financial karma. I pray for all of you to succeed because I heard the Goddess is pleased when her children pray for each other. I feel peace although I am going through a financially disturbing upheaval that has continued for nearly 14 months so bad I can’t afford essential medication. I think I would be homeless and mentally broken if it were not for Dr Pillai and this mantra as there have been little miracles such as food arriving without me asking.

– Healingalternative

Shreem Brzee changed my money thoughts

Everything has changed thank you so much, gifts are coming from everywhere and my whole attitude towards life has gone from negative and always worrying what might go wrong to a knowing life is only going to get better and there is nothing to be scared off. Thank you thank you thank you I am so grateful thank you so much. Always put God first and God will always look after you. May God bless everyone with health, Wealth, and happiness. Shreem is real don’t give up and just watch Thank you.

– J MR

My Son got a better Job

After I started chanting SHREEM BRZEE mantra within 30 days, my son got a better job offer with more salary and a higher position than his present job. I am very happy. It is a miracle! Anybody can chant, the result is 100 percent. I also started writing SHREEM BRZEE mantra.

– Asha G

I manifested my thought within 4 days of chanting Shreem Brzee

I am extremely grateful with all of my heart. This mantra works. I’ve been trying to move up as the captain of my vessel, I’ve tried every law of attraction exercise here is, and I was losing hope. Within FOUR days of doing this mantra every night before I go to sleep, I just got that phone call. I now went from making $40,000 to $135,000 a year. Thank you so much Doctor Pillai. Love & God bless.

– Charlie Rourke

I received money last minute when I needed it.

This does work. It worked for me when I needed money last minute.

– Velvit Monroe

My Success journal is filling faster after chanting Shreem Brzee

I found that since I chant SHREEM BRZEE my goals manifest much faster. That is a great gift from Dr. Pillai. I love my success journal because it shows me, how I evolve. So, If you feel inspired, just start now. You will love it.

– Agata Janik

Literally 1 SECOND after I finished my mala / last repetition of Shreem Brzee, I receive a call…

Okay, this is a pretty incredible Shreem Brzee testimony. Thought I’d share!

So, during the month of August, I got set back financially due to unforeseen obstacles in my business. Last night I chanted and prayed to Lakshmi for assistance to help me fulfill my financial obligations to my partners/employees which were all due next week, so that I can continue to have a good business relationship with them, and to keep my business moving in a positive direction.

Well, as you might know today is Friday which is an auspicious day to worship/chant to Lakshmi, and during Venus Hora times, Lakshmi’s energy is doubly as abundant. So just a moment ago, I was chanting Shreem Brzee during Venus Hora… and right after I was done chanting, like LITERALLY 1 SECOND after I finished my mala / last repetition of Shreem Brzee, I receive a call from a wedding planner, and the first thing out of her mouth is, “Hi, is this David? This is Lacey. I want to make a credit card payment for my client. I’d like to pay in full if that’s possible.”

My response: “Sure! That would be fantastic! I never say no to clients that want to pay in full.”

I just wanted to share this testimony to shine a light on the power of Shreem Brzee, especially for those who need a little encouragement. This actually happens to me often, especially after chanting for a long time and praying to Lakshmi for assistance. So, stay positive, and keep chanting everyone!”

— David Wang

Ever since I have started this challenge, many things changed in my life…

“Yesterday (Tuesday) I have got again money without any expectation. I do Shreem Brzee and my husband gets extra jobs that pays well. This is the magic of Shreem Brzee…. Ever since I have started this challenge, many things changed in my life: both my fulltime and part time jobs are doing fantastic, and now money [is] coming through unexpected ways.

Thank you, Ma Lakshmi—having invited you in my life is indeed the best thing I have ever [done].”

— Sabrina Dhookit

I bought a car for my daughter without money!

“I want to share with you that I bought a car for my daughter without money!!!! Thanks Dr. Pillai and the Shreem Breeze company for [strengthening] me.”

— Marion Patra

I went from being broke to buying 4 houses in no time

Shreem Brzee mantra works. I was broke with no job borrowing money from people sleeping from house to house. Now in only ten months I’ve bought land and built 4 houses – quantum leap prosperity – and I won lotto on Christmas day for $24,000

— Kevin Brown

Received unexpected gifts

I’m only 4 days in chanting Shreem Brzee and people are surprising me with gifts.

— Kevan Fitzgerald

Received random money

Something amazing happened for me again my brother randomly called me and gave me $100! Wow, believe me this is powerful

— Tammy Bolden

I received $2,500 bonus within 15 hours

Shreem Brzee works, within 15 hrs my boss gave me a$ 2,500 bonus and more work hours

— Tony

I could pay off my credit card debt

After doing this chant for 2 weeks suddenly I was informed that next week there will be money coming ..More than enough to pay off my credit card !!! GRATITUDE.

— Sumida Ryogoku

Unexpected money miracles

This mantra works magic! My dad gave me $400 for no reason! I won $50K in a contest after 3 months of chanting this mantra every day on Venus horas!

— Raphie Elle

Received bonus and gift card out of the blue

Did it 5 days ago and I got good tip money from clients this weekend, but today on my payday with my other job I got a nice bonus for the month, over $200. All I can do is laugh, because I used it before and it worked in people giving me a job and gift card out of the blue but forgot how effective it is. I give thanks!!

— Miss Lady

I received blessings all around

I’ve been doing this mantras for two weeks, 6 am and 6:30 pm daily. I have blessings coming from everywhere. I picked up an extra hour with a client that I see twice a week. I took my daughter to see a counselor and she didn’t charge me. That’s just to name a few. Dr. Pillai is truly a blessing from God. Namaste

— Missty Hoo

In one month I manifested a new vehicle

I have been chanting for one month. I have manifested a brand new $40k vehicle, I have not been working for over 6 years, and I had only $100 left in my bank account it was getting frustrating, cause every little money that came my way gets eaten up by expenses. I have now $2100 in just one month and it keeps growing. This mantra helped me realize all the blockage & karmic blockages, so now I am dealing with those to clear path for more abundance in my life.

– Sondra Persaud

Shreem Brzee manifested a new project and a new house.

Totally surrendered myself to Shreem Brzee, following the steps given by Jai Radha and Babaji’s word Commitment and Faith. Doing regular chanting in the morning and evening, things are changing positively, Experience 1: got a new big corporate client Thomson Reuters for regular Project Management Training workshops in UK, happened without asking them. Experience 2: Relocating my house in London by the end of this month finally (shifting my surroundings) Experience 3: My sister is suffering from Lupus and she is always in my prayers and meditations, seeing some positive improvements Experience 4: most importantly I am asking the mantra to link with the circle of Dr.Pillai students and its helping to connect with new people. Experience5: I used to be more Anxious?at times now its reduced. The list keeps piling up. My intention is to tell you guys humbly that never lose faith and keep practicing this will help. Thank you Babaji .

– Vijaya Avula

Shreem Brzee really works!

I have been practicing for about a week now and yesterday I received a tip at work for 20 swiss francs. Shreem Breeze really works!

– Oscar Theodros

Shreem Brzee manifested money and a job for me

Let me share what I have notice since chanting Shreem Brzee. I light a candle while chanting and I noticed the candle flame gets bigger after I chant?Shreem?Brzee. Also, after I started chanting I had someone to pay for my food for two days in a row and I also had someone to pay the remaining balance on some food I had ordered a few days ago. I got an offer for a month and a half job from a family member with pay. I start this job in two weeks. I am also received money from what someone owed me. Shreem Brzee works I am so thankful. I know the amounts are going to get bigger and bigger.

– Contessa Etheridge.

Shreem Brzee’s miracle for my daughter

Well, I was chanting Shreem Brzee in front of my altar and praying for my daughter to get into the sorority she wanted. It was really hard because there were more than a 1000 girls for 580 spots and she got dropped from 4 out of 8 already. Then, the malae beads broke and at that time I got a text from her, telling me she had been re-invited. Yesterday she got the house that she wanted to be in. It may be a small thing, but with she had gone through in her life, to me and to her it means the world. Babaji, at your feet as always. OM SHREEM BRZEE!

– Ruth Smith

I won a lotto Ticket

I won $20.00 on a 50 cent lotto?ticket!

– Christine Swift Blythe

Another Goddess Lakshmi Victory for me

I have been listening to the mantra Shreem Breeze for two months now. I need physical therapy due to an accident I was in. This month I got 3 sessions and then I was told by the therapist that I couldn’t come anymore because my insurance had yet to approve the sessions. Last week I got a letter from my insurance stating that some things on the paperwork were inaccurate and I needed to resubmit the request. Today I was going to call and try to clear this up, but before I would do this I got a call from the therapist saying that my request for the therapy sessions have been approved and we set a time for my next visit.

I received an offer for a dream job.

I received an offer for a dream job, all expenses paid to house, car, and travel Shreem Brzee.

Sarah Jayne Scott

Shreem Brzee mantra loop download miracle

I know this is a small victory but I literally just downloaded the Shreem Brzee mantra loop while was in my car and decided to test it out by playing it and going through the drive-thru at Starbucks to see if the person in front of me would pay for my order – and they did!

Candace Kirchner.

A win in my book for Shreem Brzee

I have been listening to the Shreem Brzee Mantra sound through ear plugs on my computer almost constantly for about the last 3 weeks. Even when I watch a movie on it I will still have the sound playing low in the background on another media player. I was in an auto accident some months ago and my van was totalled. I was moderately injured but I have mostly recovered now. The other motorist did not have insurance. My medical bills were covered thru workman’s compensation. I have underinsured motorist coverage on my auto insurance. From the beginning, I have been told that most of the underinsured motorist coverage amount would have to go to my workman’s compensation to reimburse them for some of my medical bills. Today I got a call saying none of the amounts has to go to workman’s compensation, so at least I get some money for my pain and suffering. A win in my book for Shreem Brzee! Cheryl


Shreem Brzee Christmas Gifts

I have gifted an Apple Watch for Christmas. At the time I didn’t even have an iPhone so SHREEM BRZEE granted me both a new iPhone and Apple Watch in lovely Rose Gold (aka Pink)! Now I get to be with Lakshmi all day and the watch reminds me of the planetary hora changes via AstroVed Hora Watch app.

Gina Guerrieri

We manifested a new car

We manifested a new Vehicle. Our cars are always used and old about 14 years old. We have never owned a new vehicle. We have always wanted new Toyota sienna, but too expensive over $40 thousand dollars, now my husband’s car is falling apart. We were in desperate need, with little money and only one person working. We checked many dealers, getting frustrated. I told my husband lets go back to the first dealer, saw the same salesman who helped us before. He told us to wait he will pass us on to the senior salesman, because he can help us get a better deal. Long story short, the senior salesman got us an amazing deal, he went to his manger and negotiated about 4 times, we were there for 4-5 hours. We were told there were no more of that vehicle in stock, that we had to order which will take about 3 months to get, after some time we were told there is one vehicle left, someone who wanted to purchase it, didn’t get approved. We got our brand new Toyota sienna 2017, costs over $40 thousand dollars, we got a discount. Affordable monthly payments, extremely low interest rate under 1% and to make it all better, my husband’s boss told him that he has some unused vacation money amounted to over $4 thousand dollars. I chant my mantra during my day and at night, before I went back to the first dealer, I chanted my mantra, even when we were at the dealer, I chanted in my mind and I said to myself, God will never let us down. Chant and have faith on the divine that is present within you.

Sondra Persaud

My car manifestation with Shreem Brzee

Well, it works. I have been chanting for a car, it’s been made to order and being delivered in April. Jean Salia Mwachilenga


Shreem Brzee manifested my dream house

By the grace of Maa Lakshmi ji and Dr Pillai, I manifested my dream house.

Deepty Chaturvedi

Shreem Brzee Gifts

I received many gifts from Lakshmi thank you! Shreem Brzee.

Lisa Clinton

I manifested $2 Million with Shreem Brzee

Hi I want to share my amazing story with you all. I have been chanting this mantra and visualizing money in my third eye for many years. About 3 months ago l was able to manifest 2 million dollars. So far 600,000 thousand dollars has been given to me in cash. The rest of the money is in a family company l get $1000.00 dollars a week that will increase over time for the rest of my life. I have bought a brand-new car, gone to India, travelled and bought things that l haven’t been able to get for 9 years. I am a single parent with a 9 year-old son and we were on the poverty line for all those years. I was living on $250 per fortnight for everything.

I also did a palm Vedic reading with Astroved. I get regular homas and l am now going to do the new wealth program. I have helped so many people with the money and shared my blessings. This does work l am proof that it does.

Ma Nithya Hridyananda

Shreem Brzee manifested profits and made me more energetic

Shreem Brzee is a magical mantra. Not only did I make good profit in the stock market but I’m also feeling very energetic throughout the day. This change in energy may be the reason for financial success.

Kamal Pardeshi

Today I received a huge Shreem Brzee money miracle! Let’s keep chanting.

Lalitha Devi

Shreem Brzee will make you a money magnet

Shreem Brzee is a Holy Mantra and it protects you from money loss because it is a money magnet. I have several good and positive experiences of using this mantra. I suggest that everyone in the world should chant this mantra to be a money magnet.

Shreem Brzee

I started saving money with Shreem Brzee’s help.

It’s been almost a year that I started chanting Shreem Brzee and I am ever so grateful to Babaji ( Dr. Pillai) for enlightening me about the benefits of this mantra. I could never save enough money but after chanting Shreem Brzee. I am actually saving my money. For past 4 years I never won prizes in games, but as I started chanting I started winning prizes for the first time.

And lastly, I got a job with with a good salary. Thank you Babaji. Thank you Almighty

Zinià Banerjee

Shreem Brzee helped me manifest success.

I have had some great success with the sounds “Shreem Brzee” for the last months.

– Sarah Jayne Scott

Shreem Brzee manifested my thoughts

Thanks guru ji Dr.Pillai for giving us such a great & super powerful mantra Shreem Brzee. It started creating miracles in my life, the miracles are small, but they are thoughts that I wanted to manifest. I am now expecting bigger goals and success to manifest easily. The mantra works

– Ravi Kumar Ledalla

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