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Ganesha Birthday

Ganesha Chaturthi, September 13, 2018 (IST) marks the birthday of Lord Ganesha. It is one of the most important power times in the year to welcome Ganesha, the Lord of fortune and wisdom, into your life and receive his blessings for the fulfillment of your desires and to enjoy peace and prosperity. According to scriptures, the birth of Ganesha is described as Goddess Parvati making a child figure out of turmeric powder, breathing life into him, and naming him as Ganesha.

Western Fire Lab

According to Dr. Pillai, the Full Moon amplifies the results of your spiritual efforts, especially for manifesting material benefits. This makes it the ideal time to practice the Wealth Mantra of the Goddess Lakshmi, SHREEM BRZEE, for creating a shift in your prosperity consciousness.

Saturn Enters Sagittarius

As per Powerspot almanac, Saturn the karmic planet will be entering Sagittarius on December 19, 2017 (IST) and will be there until March 28, 2020. During this transit, he can make you more organized, goal-oriented and focused on materializing your desires. Your focus shall naturally shift towards bringing in fortune through perseverance and hard work. This is the time period to set a strong intention to redefine your financial goals and work towards them. So, make use of this 831 days of Saturn’s stay in Sagittarius to harvest the benefits of your hard work.

Guru Hydration (Guru Pradosham)

Guru Pradosham is a fantastic opportunity to reset your life. Spiritual practices on this day can clear previous negative karma that has been blocking the blessings or grace of your Guru reaching you. This Pradosham window is your chance to open yourself to fresh teachings or lessons from teachers, educators, mentors, or wise persons who can counsel you.

Wealth & Protection Ceremony (Varalakshmi Vratham)

Aug. 24th and Aug. 25th is a rare 48-hour power time to receive the combined blessings of Vishnu, the Preserver and Sustainer of Prosperity and Lakshmi, Goddess of Wealth and Material Riches. The blessings of this Prosperity couple is available in plenty on Aug. 24th, Varalakshmi Vratham (Boon-Bestowing Day of Goddess Lakshmi) and on Aug. 25th, Onam (Day of Wealth & Abundance). AstroVed has created a special package combining Varalakshmi Vratham and Onam services to receive multifold wealth, boons and abundance blessings from Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi.

Guru Purnima Replay

The Full Moon of the Guru is for you if you desire to experience more prosperity, enlightenment and abundance in your life from being in the presence of Dr. Pillai. During Full Moon of the Guru, you can receive this divine energy in abundance as Dr. Pillai channels the power of the Gods, Goddesses, and Enlightened Masters whose blessings will flood the earth plane during this time.

Onam Festival

NEW! AstroVed is sponsoring one-of-a-kind elaborate ceremonies for Vishnu’s Vamana Avatar, following a century-old Kerala tradition. It is believed that these ceremonies can help you overcome financial challenges and receive the gift of 8 types of wealth blessings. The special day of Onam celebrates the 5th incarnation of Lord Vishnu as Vamana (Dwarf), who incarnated on this earthplane to destroy the demon King Mahabali’s arrogance. Mahabali represents ego, maya and over-indulgence in material desires. After crushing Mahabali’s pride, Vamana forgave and blessed him. It is believed that as a result of the boon, Mahabali visits his country every year and the grand welcoming day is celebrated as Onam.

Powerful Ancestral Ceremonies

Tarpanam is the essential ritual to resolve every kind of problem, and it is the greatest act you can do to help liberate your ancestors and help free your children from problems created by negative ancestral influences. AstroVed has upgraded its 1-Year Tarpanam Program with 4 great Powerspots decreed by scriptures as most powerful for offering ancestral rituals. This one of its kind 1-Year comprehensive program with 44 Tarpanam offerings and 36 ..

Rare Karma Cleansing

Dr. Pillai recommends worship of Muruga at Thiruchendur to remove these negative karmas from Svadhisthana chakra. Under his guidance, for the first time, AstroVed will be offering a unique program of ongoing Vedic rituals for Spiritual Warrior Muruga to deeply cleanse your worst karma and remove all kinds of negativity. This newly designed program of yearlong rituals helps you to connect with Muruga on a weekly basis during his power times to access his warrior energy to defeat negative and unhealthy karmas and receive his protective blessings.

Emergency Karma Clinic

Just as modern doctors have created different medications to heal different kinds of sickness, the Ancient Seers have created different remedies to nullify different kinds of karma. Immediate relief from karmic suffering can be achieved by using the “emergency clinic” of spiritual technology.

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