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Shreem Brzee Specials

With consistent use, this mantra can destroy all forms of scarcity from your consciousness. Chanting the Shreem Brzee mantra regularly can shift your vibration to that of wealth, beauty, and complete inner and outer abundance.

Remove Negativity & Dark Forces

Your participation and sincere prayers during the Chandi Fire Lab can create a divine invincible protective shield against negative energies in your life. Open your heart, mind, and soul to receive the negativity-clearing energy of Goddess Chandi.

Guru Purnima

The Moon generally speaking infuses your mind. The Full Moon rays especially bring down occult powers. The gurus descend down into the plane carrying supernatural powers. The Full Moon of the Guru happens once a year.

Moon Phase Rituals

Each month, there are powerful moon phase days that can help you manifest your monthly goals.Become aligned with the energies of the day to receive the blessings and benefits of each deity of the day.

Shreem Brzee Initiation

This is your opportunity to receive a rare and powerful one-on-one initiation into Shreem Brzee, the mantra for wealth, prosperity, abundance, beauty, joy, and material bliss, from an empowered Pillai Center teacher.

Interactive Fire Labs

The Most Evolved Spiritual Technique Found in Ancient Traditions All Over the World. Your intentions and prayers will be magnified by the participation and prayer of fellow group fire lab members.

Emergency Karma Clinic

Just as modern doctors have created different medications to heal different kinds of sickness, the Ancient Seers have created different remedies to nullify different kinds of karma. Immediate relief from karmic suffering can be achieved by using the “emergency clinic” of spiritual technology.


Love is life and creation. Love sustains life. With love, you can create beautiful and fulfilling relationships. You have come into the earthplane to experience relationships. You manifest your relationship karma in this lifetime. The most challenging karma can be romantic relationships. These relationships are the most fulfilling, but most of the times they are also the source of the greatest pain

Premium Karuppaswamy Saturn Solution Package

The Siddhas have revealed that there are specific days in a year when Saturn himself visits Karuppaswamy temples and offers worship. In addition to this, Karuppaswamy is the guardian archetype to Lord Ayyappa who was born out of the spiritual union of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu (as Mohini avatar).

Saturn Remedy Rituals

The impact of Saturn in your life depends on your personal encounter with him. The slow-moving Saturn, also known as the Karmic planet, will give you life experiences based on your past life karma. He puts you through hardships to educate you, mold you, and transform your life.

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