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Recreate Your Karma 2019

UPGRADED AND PERSONALIZED: RECREATE 12 ASPECTS OF YOUR LIFE IN 1 YEAR New Personalized “Manifest Your 2019 Goals Astrology Report” + Fix Your Planet and Bad Days Poojas 9380 Targeted Vedic Remedies to Clear Karma in 12 Key Areas of Life in 1 Year Register Before Dec. 31, 2018 (IST): Receive 500 Special Karma Removal […]

Shiva’s Birthday LIVE on December 23, 2018 (IST)

Arudra Darshan, the ecstatic dance of Lord Shiva as Nataraja, occurs on Dec. 23rd when a deeply mystical and powerful Full Moon aligns with Arudra star in the Tamil month of Margazhi (December-January). This day is also known as Shiva’s birthday. Connecting with Lord Shiva on His birthday and day of ecstatic dance can invoke his blessings to fulfill your desires, de-clutter your mind of negativity, eradicate sins and lead a life with all-around prosperity and happiness.

Sun Joins Saturn In Sagittarius: LIVE on December 16, 2018 (IST)

On the special transit day, connect with the Sun joining Saturn to gain patience and protection blessings for long and healthy life.

Hanuman’s Birthday LIVE on January 5, 2019 (IST)

The unwavering devotion of archetype Hanuman, an avatar of Lord Shiva, is legendary.  His pure-hearted devotion is the source of his super-powers and has elevated him to such heights that he controls the 9 planets.

Shreem Brzee Immersion

The Shreem Brzee Immersion Extension program is an intensive 4-month online course from Dr. Pillai created with the intention to help you manifest wealth consciousness with the Shreem Brzee mantra. The program will begin on December 9, 2018 and conclude on March 31, 2019 .

Wish-Fulfilling New Destiny 2019

Access and harness the powerful prosperity energy descending upon the world with the exchange of Mars and Jupiter creating Parivartana Yoga through Pillaicenter exclusive 2-Day Grand New Year Ceremonies (New Destiny for 2019) designed to invoke key wealth archetypes such as Ganesha, the obstacle-remover, Kubera, the banker of Heaven and Kamadhenu, the wish-fulfilling divine cow and the sum total of all celestial beings.

Gates of Heaven: LIVE on Dec. 19, 2018 (IST)

Out of 24 Ekadasis in a year, Vaikunta Ekadasi is special as Vishnu, the Supreme Archetype of Wealth, opens the vault of heaven allowing you to access a powerful energy that can help you change your financial mindset. According to scriptures, Vaikunta Ekadasi is the only day of the year when Vishnu gives you access to his celestial abode Vaikunta, where Goddess Lakshmi resides with Vishnu in abundance and prosperity.

9 Forms Of Narasimha – LIVE on Dec. 30, 2018 at 8:00 pm PST / 11:00 pm EST | Dec. 31, 2018 at 9:30 am IST

Narasimha, the lion-man archetype, is the fiercest energy of Vishnu who can fight your enemies and misfortunes and create new opportunities for abundance, health, and prosperity. Pillai Center will be conducting 9 months of Fire Prayers and Poojas dedicated to each of the 9 forms of Narasimha to invoke their unique blessings into your life.

Rahu-Ketu Transit 2019 – March 6, 2019 (IST)

Rahu and Ketu are about to change signs and create significant changes in your life. They are indicators of your past life karma and its role in shaping your present life situations. On March 23 2019, planet Rahu, capable of generating interest in worldly comforts, wealth and luxuries enters the sign of Gemini and planet Ketu, capable of creating strong interest in spiritual enlightenment enters Sagittarius on March 6, 2019 and will continue to remain in these signs until September 19, 2020 (IST). Overall, this transit of Rahu and Ketu helps you to remain focused, conquer and progress.

Access Divine Blessings

‘Gho Dhaanam’ means donation of cow. Although there are several forms of donation, donating a cow is considered the most supreme and sacred form of donation that one can do in a lifetime. According to ancient texts, donating a cow can liberate you and your ancestors from sins committed knowingly or unknowingly during one’s lifetime.


With Dr. Pillai’s guidance and our member support, we have successfully installed 4 statues of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba on his 100th MahaSamadhi day and Vijayadasami (Day of Victory). We invite you to donate as a sponsor for the maintenance of our Shirdi Sai Baba statues to have your name and birth star included in ongoing Poojas and Abishekams (Hydration Pooja) on Mondays and Thursdays to invoke the continual blessings and protection of our 4 special Shirdi Sai Babas.

Interactive Fire Labs

The Most Evolved Spiritual Technique Found in Ancient Traditions All Over the World. Your intentions and prayers will be magnified by the participation and prayer of fellow group fire lab members.

Rare Karma Cleansing

Dr. Pillai recommends worship of Muruga at Thiruchendur to remove these negative karmas from Svadhisthana chakra. Under his guidance, for the first time, AstroVed will be offering a unique program of ongoing Vedic rituals for Spiritual Warrior Muruga to deeply cleanse your worst karma and remove all kinds of negativity. This newly designed program of yearlong rituals helps you to connect with Muruga on a weekly basis during his power times to access his warrior energy to defeat negative and unhealthy karmas and receive his protective blessings.

Financial Karma Solutions

Wealth and fortune depend on luck. Most people struggle financially. Only a fortunate few achieve their full financial potential. Astrologically, all financial potential can be traced back to planetary combinations at birth, as well as the present. Planetary combinations spell success or failure. Financial Astrology, a specialized application of Vedic astrology deals with financial issues over an individual’s lifetime. It can help you gain insights into your finances, clear away obstacles to income and attract more opportunities to fulfill your financial potential for yourself and your family.

Ultimate Saturn Solutions Program

The impact of Saturn in your life depends on your personal encounter with him. The slow-moving Saturn, also known as the Karmic planet, will give you life experiences based on your past life karma. He puts you through hardships to educate you, mold you, and transform your life.