Grand Sarpa Suktam Chanting and Ashu Garuda Homam

Grand Sarpa Suktam Chanting and Ashu Garuda Homam

Naga Dosha or snake curse can have dire effects on fertility, horoscope match for marriage and bring a general state of misfortune leading to sadness in a family. By singing the sacred hymn, Sarpa Suktam in praise of the serpent gods, followed by fire prayer to the eagle god Garuda can reduce the adverse effects of Naga Dosha and help enjoy prosperity and comfort.
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Grand Sarpa Suktam Chanting (Serpent Gods’ Hymn of Praise) Followed by Ashu Garuda Homa

(Fear of Poison and Enemies Neutralizer Fire Lab)


Grand Sarpa Suktam Chanting

Naga Dosha, also known as the snake curse or affliction is said to have been caused by the presence of the snake planets Rahu and Ketu in 2nd, 5th, 7th or 8th house in the birth chart. Another belief is that this curse may have been acquired by misdeeds or sins committed to snakes in the past life. In either case, the presence of this Dosha is said to be the cause of much dire misfortune to befall a person, especially with childbirth. People with this Dosha also find it very difficult to find a marriage alliance.

Unique Traits

According to mythology, the eagle god Garuda possesses the power to reduce the adverse effects caused by the snake curse. Garuda is also considered to be the king of the birds and is a natural enemy of snakes. By chanting the Garuda mantra and performing a fire prayer in his honor can negate all black magic surrounding a person and the family and help enjoy a happy and long life.


Grand Sarpa Suktam Chanting (Serpent Gods’ Hymn of Praise) followed by Ashu Garuda Homa is performed by fully trained and qualified priests. Sarpa Suktam is a sacred hymn from the Krishna Yajur Veda, composed in praise for the nine prominent serpent Gods - Ananta, Vasuki, Shesha, Padmanabha, Kambala, Drutharashtra, Shankhapala, Takshaka, and Kaaliya. Chanting Sarpa Suktam can reduce the impact of Naga or Sarpa Dosha (Snake Afflictions) in the birth chart.

According to the epic Ramayana, Garuda, the king of birds and the divine vehicle of Vishnu rescued the entire army of Rama from the poisonous effects of the Naga weapon launched by Indrajit, son of Ravana. Chanting the Ashu Garuda mantra during the sacred fire prayer can remove the fear of poison, ward off evil forces, boost power, enjoy all-round blessing, and help become victorious in your actions.

The homa is performed by trained priests with an inclination towards forming a divine connection with the deity, at the best possible time scheduled. The ritual can be performed based on considerations arising from your birth star. Our astrologers ensure the ceremony is scheduled on auspicious occasions and timings depending on the needs and requirements of the individual.

What will I receive?

You will receive the sacred grey ash powder from the Homa, and Kum-Kum (red vermillion powder), blessed in the ritual. You can keep it in the meditation altar and duly apply it on the forehead as and when required to invoke the divine blessings of the deity.

Prasad will be shipped from Chennai, Tamil Nadu within a week after the entire set of rituals is performed. Please allow 2–4 weeks for international delivery.


Benefits of the Grand Sarpa Suktam Chanting (Serpent Gods’ Hymn of Praise) Followed by Ashu Garuda Homa

As per scriptures, performing the Grand Sarpa Suktam Chanting (Serpent Gods’ Hymn of Praise) followed by Ashu Garuda Homa according to the procedures prescribed in sacred texts can bestow the following blessings:

  • Get rid of the fear of snakes and other poisonous creatures

  • Solve issues related to fertility and childbirth

  • Relief from evil forces and negative energy

  • Get cured of incurable diseases caused by the ill effects of Naga Dosha

  • Get all the righteous wishes fulfilled gradually

  • Gain fame, name, and wealth

  • Increase in self-confidence and courage

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