One Wednesday Group Fire Lab for Horus-Vishnu for Royal Well-Being

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This will be performed by qualified specialists at our MindScience / Fire Lab center in Chennai.

Quantum Sound Frequency: Om Rum Hum Horus Vishuvai Swaha

Dr. Pillai Explains the Fire Lab:

These are scheduled on optimal Wednesdays (which may or may not be across consecutive Wednesdays). Dr. Pillai Explains the Fire Lab: Fire rituals needs to be done in more profound way than they are being done now.  We use fire to access various archetypal energies.  A new understanding is understanding fire in its most powerful form- gamma light.  God needs to be understood as a gamma ray.  God is only seen as Light.  Gamma Light is associated with negative qualities because they are only used to kill cancer cells.  From now on, we will invoke gamma rays in fire labs.  We create gamma rays by thinking about them.

The Fire Lab is an innovative approach and technology that seeks to improve the old and antiquated Vedic fire ritual.  The Vedas, which are the oldest scriptures of humanity, primarily deal with methods to enhance the quality of human life through invoking gods and goddesses.

Light frequencies have intelligence within them.  The shorter the wavelength of the light, the higher is the intelligence contained within them.  Gamma rays are one of the shortest rays we currently have knowledge about.  Although they’re found to be destructive to bodily cells, they are what the archetypes are made of.   In Fire Labs, we communicate with the archetypal energies by invoking them through gamma rays.  We raise fire with specific herbs that produce specific electromagnetic fields that support wealth, health, relationship and higher intelligence.

Since my visit to Egypt, my own consciousness changed and my teaching changed as well.  I’ve been formulating my ideas to come up with new models to understand archetypes - angels and gods belonging to human unconscious - can be contacted through the higher mind.  In Fire labs, we invoke the archetypes made of Gamma Rays which are the most potent light waves/rays.  The archetypes respond to the call made from our unconscious and come to bless us with the things we ask for.

When I was in Egypt, I was able to contact the Egyptian archetypes through my consciousness.  They are hungry for attention, so we can really benefit from them.  Already some of my centers have been performing fire labs to Egyptian archetypes and remarkable results have been happening.  We will also combine them with the Vedic archetypes in the Fire Labs.

AnchorScholars have written about the concept of “archetypes”, acknowledging that higher intelligence resides within the archetypes, that are not just dream figures, but actual energies or entities that reside in the invisible, subtle realms.  Ancient civilizations attributed the super-conscious to gods and goddesses.  The messiahs and prophets of all religions encountered these energies in their solitary meditations.  Higher intelligence resides with the archetypes whether you think of them as gods and goddesses, energies from other realms, or the power of the super-conscious intelligence beyond the conscious mind.

About the Archetype Horus:  Egyptian; falcon-faced, promotes royal well-being and success.

About the Archetype Vishnu:  Indian; represents royalty consciousness and good health.

Angels and gods belonging to human unconscious - can be contacted through the higher mind.  In Fire Labs, we invoke the archetypes made of Gamma Rays which are the most potent light waves/rays.  The archetypes respond to the call made from our unconscious and come to bestow on us things we ask for.  Dr. Pillai has designed Fire Labs to communicate and access the Egyptian power vortexes and archetypal energies we have so long heard about as well as archetypal energies from the Vedic tradition which has withstood the tests of time. This Fire Lab will be done with intention for attracting and increasing gracious and loving relationship.

Ashtalakshmi Pooja

Ashtalakshmi Pooja

Ashtalakshmi refers to the 8 divine forms of the Lakshmi, the supreme Goddess of wealth, fertility and fortune. Lakshmi is the divine consort of the supreme God of protection, Vishnu and the compassionate universal mother. She remains as an embodiment of prosperity and auspiciousness, while her name Lakshmi itself is said to symbolize the understanding of the real purpose of our existence.

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Kukuta Fire Lab

Kukuta Fire Lab (Homa For Success And Removing Negativity)

Kukuta Fire Lab- Muruga's divine rooster has the ability to destroy negativity and the ability to ward off evil. It is not a very well-known Fire Lab in India, but extremely powerful in nature, and should only be performed by sanctified and qualified priests to ensure the authenticity and correctness of the ritual's performance.

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Lakshmi Fire Lab

Lakshmi Fire Lab (Homa For Material Wealth and Abundance)

Lakshmi Fire Lab- This Fire Lab helps you invoke blessings for material wealth and abundance. Goddess Lakshmi is the consort of Lord Vishnu, who also bestows his devotees with wealth and prosperity. To overcome debts and financial difficulties and build prosperity, call upon this Goddess of riches and assets.

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Om Aim Shreem Kleem Namaha: 10008 Proxy Sounds Writing for Wish Fulfillment

On your behalf, we will get a proxy person to write the sound 'Om Aim Shreem Kleem Namaha' 10,008 times. Om’ is the primordial sound of the Divine, ‘Aim’ for Saraswati, ‘Shreem’ for Lakshmi and ‘Kleem’ for Parvati (Durga). Together, these sounds represent the powerful sound frequency of the Trinity Goddesses for fulfillment of desires. Sound Writing is a simple, yet very effective technique to ground the energy of this sound into the writing. To read further, click on ‘More…’

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Saraswathi Fire Lab(Homa)

Saraswathi Fire Lab (Homa To Improve Intellect Memory Power And Communication Skills)

Saraswathi Fire Lab- This Fire Lab is targeted to enhance intelligence, memory power, logic and reasoning skills. It can help remove impediments that block successful accomplishments in academics.

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To fix my Finance with OM SHREEM BRZEE written 10008 times

On your behalf, we will get a proxy person to write the sound 'Om Shreem Brzee' 10,008 times. While ‘Shreem’ is the seed sound for accessing the energies of Goddess of Wealth Lakshmi, ‘Brzee’ is the new name for Lakshmi as revealed by Dr. Pillai. Together, these two sounds represent the ultimate sound frequency for accumulating wealth. To read further, click on ‘More…’

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