On Demand Video: The Story of Lila

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On Demand Video - The Story of Lila

This is the only exclusive workshop by Dr. Pillai on the ''Story of Queen Lila'' from the ancient text Yoga Vasistha.

Dr. Pillai gives a close reading and detailed explanation of a multi-incarnation story about Queen Lila, her husband King Padma, and the Goddess of Knowledge Saraswati.

This is a story about how we dream of the various levels of existence.

The ''Story of Queen Lila'' reveals a nearly unfathomable reality in a format digestible to human consciousness. It gives an in-depth insight into:

  • Consciousness
  • Creation of the world
  • Multiple universes within this world
  • Our perception of world
  • Dissolution of the world
  • Liberation of the soul

You can view the entire workshop as a 5-part video series; each part is approximately 1 hour in duration. Please see this introductory video on ''Story of Queen Lila'':

Dr. Pillai reveals these higher truths in a comprehensible, relaxed manner.

He wakes us up to the Big Picture by sharing a story about our true reality - a fluid reality that exists in spite of our perceptions of a (seemingly) fixed reality.

As Dr. Pillai explains, "You are not stuck". This is a literal truth.

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