5 Symbol Shreem Brzee Yantra

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"The machine is not a new concept. It is a concept that was known to the Vedic and tantric seers, and the Yogis. What is that machine? It is called a yantra. The yantra stores the energy of a mantra and keeps it within itself.” Dr. Pillai

A yantra is a two-dimensional representation of a mantra, and the Archetype who corresponds to it. They have the ability to receive, store, and transmit the subtle energy of the mantra into the environment, and also to whom they are programmed for.

Once the programming, or activation process is complete, the yantra can do this continuously to various degrees, depending on how they are cared for. The simplest ways to care for a yantra is to pour water over it and hold and meditate with it regularly.

This new Shreem Brzee Yantra was a recent revelation Dr. Pillai received during a Nadi reading from the Saint Brighu. There are 5 symbols, each carrying many layers of significance and corresponding to different powers.

Below is a general overview of the qualities they represent and help create:

  • Top left: Deepam Deepam is a Sanskrit word meaning oil lamp. The light of the lamp is connected to the light of consciousness and is a symbol for enlightenment.
  • Top right: Shreem in Sanskrit Shreem is the sound of life, of prana, and gold. It is a sound of creation, and also sustenance. It is personified as the Archetype Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth. Shreem can create a flawless life, spiritually and materially.
  • Bottom left: Swastika The swastika symbol and Shreem Brzee are one and the same, according to Dr. Pillai. It is a symbol of power that can create auspiciousness, prosperity, and good fortune.
  • Bottom right: Pot with Coconut The pot symbolizes Earth. Water in the pot symbolizes the source of life, and the leaves and coconut represent creation. This symbol helps create and sustain abundance.
  • Middle: Sun The Sun is the source of life. Just as it is the central light for our solar system, it is also the source of our inner light. The Sun is also known as the King. This symbol helps create spiritual and material power as well as royalty consciousness.
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