10,008 Muruga Proxy Written Sounds: Om Saravanabava Dattatriya Siva Baba

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                                        Secrets of Saravanabava – Muruga’s Quantum Sound Frequency

Saravanabava - a combination of 6 syllables - constitutes the highest quantum sound frequency power. The Sage Agastiya, who mastered this sound and as a result had direct encounters with the 6-Headed Archetypal Being Muruga, has revealed the secrets of the 6 syllables.

SA - Attracts all people to your door
RA - Brings Wealth
VA - (Va is also said as "Ah") - Kills competition, diseases and debts
NA - Dissuades enemies, supresses problems before they even arise
BA - Attraction through charming
VA - Stops negativity and influence from bad planets

Each of the 6 syllables is associated with one of the 6 faces of Muruga. During Skanda Shasti Festival in India, each night of the 6 Days of Muruga is  dedicated to invoking the power and energy of one of these syllables.

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