Ara Kara - Sounds for Manifesting

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Ara Kara - Sounds for Manifesting

Ara Kara is the sacred sound that busts the ‘impossibility’ concept in our mind. It is the ultimate manifesting sound, cognized by Siddha Master Thirumoolar in deep meditation. ‘Aa’ is the primordial energy, ‘Ra’ is the energy of fire, ‘Ka’ is the first principle of matter, and ‘Ra’ again is the energy of fire. This audio pack contains 3 tracks in Dr. Pillai’s voice – Lecture, Chant and Meditation on Ara Kara. 


On-Demand Hanuman Webcast

Join the replay of Hanuman’s webcast and receive the blessings to do the impossible. Knowing the right techniques to contact Hanuman can bring tremendous blessings into your life that extends far beyond his birthday. Dr. Pillai has never done a webcast on Hanuman. This year is the first time he's making these teachings available outside private seminars.

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Radha-Krishna Meditation - For a Life of Perfection

Radha-Krishna Meditation – For a Life of Perfection Invoke the energies of the archetypes of the Golden Age Radha-Krishna. Together, Radha & Krishna bring a 200% life of spiritual growth and material comforts. This special video contains 2 tracks – Track 1, a special teaching by Dr. Pillai on the archetypes Radha-Krishna & Track 2 contains a guided meditation by Dr. Pillai on the powerful chant 'Hari Bol, Radhe Bol' for 31 mins.

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