10008 Shreem Proxy Sounds: Om Shreem Dattatriya Siva Baba

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Proxy Sound Writing – Lakshmi – 10,008 Times


 A Royal Approach to Problem Solving

Quantum sound frequencies are specific words of power and consciousness which when repeated enough times create a vibratory change and produce actual physical results.

These sound frequencies can be both spoken and written. They can help remove karma and help manifest a better reality. However, they must be repeated verbally or written many times to have the most dramatic effects.

In ancient times, royalty would sometimes use a secret teaching. They would "outsource" their karma removal or their manifestation efforts as their lives at court ruling a country were very busy and time-consuming. They would have other people write sounds on their behalf, and this would benefit both the sponsor, meaning the royal person the sounds were targeted for, as well as the person who did the writing.

Dr. Pillai has revived this ancient, secret custom of royalty and adapted it for modern times. He realizes that many successful people in the West and also in Asia are very busy with career responsibilities or family obligations. They may not be able to spend long periods of time writing sounds and reaping the benefit from that.

However, many people with modern lifestyles know they have problems that need deeper solutions. They may understand that sounds have the power to produce real results; however, their lifestyle has demands on their time which may prevent them from investing long periods of sound writing.

Dr. Pillai says there are multiple applications of proxy sound writing for different human problems. He says you can fix a challenging relationship with a planet through this sound writing. Or, you can attract a relationship or a job. Dr. Pillai is reviving the ancient teaching so that you can pretty much do anything you want through proxy sound writing, provided the sound is written enough times on your behalf.

He conceived of this writing practice for various reasons. It is basically a kind of transformational outsourcing, outsourcing your personal chore to India. You are benefited both inwardly and materially.

He has had staff in India identify deserving Indian people who are in need of money and are living in villages and have time to do long stretches of writing. Hiring such people to do sound writing gives them immediate money to help them support their families in a good work environment. In addition, the sound writing helps change their karma.

For the sponsor of the proxy sound writing, several things happen. The sponsor receives the desired result from the writing of the sound, and the sponsor also gets good merit for helping someone in India who needs to feed their family. This is truly a win-win-win approach to helping various sets of people both physically and spiritually.

The service is closely monitored by Dr. Pillai's Indian staff on a regular basis. Trusted staff regularly inspects the writing work to ensure it is carried out exactly according to Dr. Pillai's instructions and the correct number of repetitions for the particular sponsors.

The sounds in the phrase Dattatriya Siva Baba generate great power both spiritually and materially. So, in addition to the particular sound for the particular problem the sponsor wishes to solve, the sound writers include the full power of the sounds Dattatriya Siva Baba with each sound frequency they write. This further energizes the quantum sound frequency.

If you order this service, the sound writers will write the following sound for Lakshmi 10,008 times in your name:

Om Shreem Dattatriya Siva Baba

Lakshmi Narayana Fire Lab (Homa)

Lakshmi Narayana Fire Lab (Homa For Overall Wealth And Protection)

Lakshmi Narayana Fire Lab- Lakshmi Narayana Fire Lab helps you invoke material wealth and abundance. Goddess Lakshmi is the consort of Vishnu (Narayana), and both can bestow their devotees with wealth and prosperity. Perform this fire lab to seek help with overcoming debts, financial difficulties and relationship issues.

US $ 154.00

To fix my Finance with OM SHREEM BRZEE written 10008 times

On your behalf, we will get a proxy person to write the sound 'Om Shreem Brzee' 10,008 times. While ‘Shreem’ is the seed sound for accessing the energies of Goddess of Wealth Lakshmi, ‘Brzee’ is the new name for Lakshmi as revealed by Dr. Pillai. Together, these two sounds represent the ultimate sound frequency for accumulating wealth. To read further, click on ‘More…’

US $ 65.00

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