Power of Super Thinking

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                                                                      Power of Super Thinking

Dr. Pillai teaches how to activate your ability to manifest instantaneously by bypassing logic, cause and effect, and time. Track 1 (17 mins) introduces the concept of Super Thinking. Track 2 (23 mins) contains a powerful technique to empower your mid brain. Track 3 (32 mins) contains another powerful technique to activate your heart intelligence. This package contains a PDF to help you with your practice. 
Swami Ramalingham

Chants for Grace Light (Swami Ramalingam)

Miracle Mantra by Dr.Pillai from his previous lifetime as Swami Ramalingam. Dr. Pillai says that these sounds are so powerful that just by listening to it, one will experience Miracles. Even if one does not understand the meaning of the sounds, just keep listening to the sounds to experience miracles. These sounds were given by Archetype Siva to Swami Ramalingam. These sounds were composed by Swami Ramalingam during his last few hours before attaining Light Body. There are total 9 audio tracks.

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I Command You Karma Removal Audio

“I Command You” Karma Removal Audio Dr. Pillai delivers a direct command to your soul to give up miserable thought patterns, repetitive behavior and negative Karma. Listen to this intense audio of Dr. Pillai invoking the presence of Lord Siva, helping you diffuse all negative, repetitive thought patterns or Karma. 45 minutes.

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Meditation and Affirmations with a Master: 3 Tracks

Meditation & Affirmations with a Master - 3 Tracks Dr. Pillai's Meditation and Affirmations includes the following tracks: 1) Morning Process: Chaotic breathing used to release your tensions, anxieties and negative thoughts. The ‘Ah’ Meditation manifests your desires and guides your emotional energy. 2) Evening Process: Yogic Sleep is a concentrated technique that Dr. Pillai developed over twenty years

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Thiru Neela Kantam / Makaral Sivayanama Meditation

Thiru Neela Kantam - Makaral Sivayanama is one of the most powerful Meditation techniques for removing karma. On this audio track, Dr. Pillai guides you through a 9-minute meditation to cleanse and release your most stubborn karmic patterns. These sounds can be used on a daily basis to clear away negativity and old patterns. This recording was taken from a live seminar with Dr. Pillai.

US $ 3.00

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