Muruga Empowerment Audio Package

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                                        Muruga Empowerment Audio Package

This package contains 5 sound tracks and companion PDF for initiation into the power of archetype Muruga.

As you listen to the sounds, experience your body & mind being filled with Pleiadian energy of bliss and success.

Track 1: Teachings on Muruga by Dr. Pillai

Track 2: Audio Loop - Mind Stopping Sound

Track 3: Audio Loop - Secret Sound for Muruga

Track 4: Quantum Intelligence Meditation by Dr. Pillai

Track 5: Secret Sound Meditation by Dr. Pillai

Companion PDF

BirthStar Pooja

Birth Star Pooja

The star constellation that the Moon is transiting or staying in, at the time of birth of a person, is known as his or her birth star. This is also known as the individual’s Nakshatra or Janma Nakshatra. This phenomenon will get repeated in every star cycle and will generally happen once a month and 12 times a year. When the Moon travels in the birth star of a person during his or her month of birth, that day will be known as the person’s star birthday.

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