"Whatever I thought about happened"

"Dr. Pillai is one of the most Enlightened beings on the planet...It was pretty clear to me that this sublime being [Dr. Pillai] was sent to me so that I might get on with the next stage of my own personal dharma...Things started showing up that I would put my attention on. I would do the daily meditation using these sounds of creation, and whatever I thought about, happened."

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Bestselling Author

"What was most exciting was to know that these sounds, these certain sounds for specific issues literally change people's brains - changed mine, changed the people I work with, I see it around him with all of the students all of the time."

Dr. Guldal Caba Ph.D., NMD, NAC, Psychologist/Naturopath, New York USA


"Knowledge You Can’t Find Anyplace"

"The information one gets from Dr. Pillai is not something you can learn anywhere, it’s not written in textbooks, you can’t go and study it. He’s imparting this knowledge to you that you can’t find anyplace. Even though you may not remember it, it resonates somewhere in your consciousness. To everyone, you’ve waited long enough, the time is here."

Dr. Lionel Bissoon, M.D.

Chairman, Bissoon Institute of Mesotherapy, New York USA

"I had a practical experience of Einstein's equation E = Mc2 while witnessing Dr. Pillai's physical body transforming into light. I became standstill and my eyes didn't blink for the next 40-45 minutes."

Dr. Anbarasu Gowthaman Annamalai, M.D. Sydney, Australia


"100% Spiritual and 100% Material Growth"

"In terms of materialistic benefits, things have been looking upwards on a more and more positive note ever since I had the opportunity to study with Dr. Pillai, but it’s much more than that. To me, the single most important thing is that Dr. Pillai takes us through this whole process in such a pleasurable manner. What more can you ask for? You get 100% spiritual growth and 100% material growth...what more can you ask for?"

Dr. Vish Iyer, MD, PC, Family Physician

Director of Medicine, St Barnabas NH, USA

"I became very prescient! Dr. Pillai is absolutely right, you do become more masterful and more powerful in controlling the material side of things...I think about something and it happens."

Josephine Magnani Business Professional, UK


"Really Made a Difference in My Practice of Medicine"

"I’ve always been a spiritual seeker of some time, but it started perhaps around 11 to 12 years ago. I had seen Dr. Pillai’s material; I believe they’ve really made a difference in my practice of medicine. It’s increase my intuition, my ability to be empathetic with my patients, my ability to see where they are going, what to do for them, and how best to take care of them."

Dr. Becky Prostko, M.D.



"Transformed in One Year More Than I Could Have Imagined"

"Working with Dr. Pillai my life has transformed in one year more than I could have ever imagined. Everything in my life from my businesses, my relationships and my spirituality have evolved and are continuing to evolve at light speed. I am amazed at how powerful this technology is."

Saj P.

Internet Entrepreneur, UK


"Nothing Has Been the Same Since"

"Dr. Pillai’s course was amazing! This was my "first introduction" to Dr. Pillai's teachings. I had no prior experience or knowledge with meditation, mantras or Guru's. I listened to the initiation for pineal gland activation and three weeks later took a trip to Egypt. The activation took place while I was in the temple in Aswan, Egypt. This was last March, and nothing has been the same since. My finances have changed for the better and special blessings have been coming my way. I thank God for Dr. Pillai every day."

Lori Searles Grasing

Delaware, USA


"So Rare...So Powerful"

"As a member of Dr. Pillai's year-long program, I had been given spiritual techniques that allowed me to heal 18 key relationships in my life that were previously so painful and conflicting. Being in the program gave me the greatest education on my path to evolution. I am so thankful to Dr. Pillai for all the amazing transformative initiations. So rare...so powerful. Thank you. I owe it to him and the entire support team."

Sunny Dasgupta

Life Coach and Entrepreneur, India


"Cannot Be Put into Words"

"Dr. Pillai’s year-long program has enriched and enlivened my life in every way. As the program progressed, I was able to access deeper and deeper states of consciousness, and bring that awareness with me into my material life. I have experienced a higher state of connectedness to my higher self, and a clarity in life that I have never felt before. My heart has opened up to intense feelings of love and compassion, and I feel more devoted and grateful for life and all its blessings. To me, this program is the most important thing I have ever done in my life, and my gratitude to Dr. Pillai for bringing me on this journey with him cannot be put into words."

Ryan Irving

Creative Writer and Marketing Specialist Mt. Shasta, California


"I Witnessed Dr. Pillai Turn into Light Right Before My Eyes"

"I was at Dr. Pillai's private center in India and he was giving a discourse to a small group of us about nostril breathing, the light body and his true form. I was observing my breathe and keeping my mind quiet. He was speaking about the many nadi revelations that have been told about him as an Avatar and whether or not his personal experiences confirmed what was told about him.
He at one point paused then said "I am Adi Shiva" (I cannot remember the exact words but something quite similar to this). The moment he said this though, his entire body and face disappeared into Light. It was almost as if some "inter-dimensional" shift happened and the Light that came from his body filled the whole room. He remained in full Light for about 10 seconds until my logical mind kicked in and thought "oh wow".
I understand most people could explain this away with logic. But I saw Dr. Pillai turn into Divine Light and it felt very natural, not at all strange."

Sonja Benkovich

AstroVed Managing Director, USA


"Miraculously All Expenses Came"

"When I signed up for the year-long program, I really never knew If I was going to be able to afford it, but went ahead. Miraculously all expenses came to me thru some means.it was unbelievable. Last year my bank balance was 20k USD. Today my bank balance is 100k USD."

Venkateswara Shagapuram


"What I Found For Myself was Self-Mastery"

"If someone told you there was something that could improve your health, could improve your relationships, and could even improve your finances, and that a certain practice would be able to bring all these elements we have in our material world together, would it pique your interest? What I found for myself was self-mastery. Dr. Pillai taught me to not be a victim to the circumstances around me. He taught me to have a self-mastery in all aspects of my life. I found a much deeper, more profound connection into who I am, my latent abilities, and who I can be."

Pedro Jose

Lawyer, Entrepreneur, and Founder of Zen Gardens Consulting


"Transformation in Many Areas"

"I have followed Dr. Pillai’s work for a few months now and I have experienced transformation in many areas of my life, emotionally, in my work and my relationships. I feel like I am constantly in the ‘flow’ and I can more easily attract what is aligned with me now. I am looking forward to experience more positive transformation as I go through Dr. Pillai’s teachings and keep practicing the mantras and meditations."

Pavlina Papalouka

Coach, Speaker, and Founder at AwakenSpace, USA


"Miracles Showing Up"

"Because of Dr. Pillai's meditations, my faith has been restored, and I have found miracles showing up in all aspects of my life which medical, financial, and legal experts have referred to as remarkable beyond words."

Michael Michaud

Management Counseling, California USA


"Always at the Right Place at the Right Time"

"I'm beginning to feel like I'm always at the right place at the right time, doing the right things. My health has improved. I can feel my light body healing my physical body. I feel relaxed, I breathe deeply and fully, and I can feel the wonderful, warm tingling sensation that my light body imparts to my physical body."

Nanuchka Zoranovich


"Wonderful Things Happening"

"Thank you to Dr. Pillai and the team! I have seen many wonderful things happening and my attitude about life and the future is transformed. So much peace."

Susan van Lier

Los Angeles, California


"The Biggest Miracle I Have Experienced"

"Dr. Pillai helped me in gaining my life back and not being stuck in pain and depression. Dr. Pillai is the biggest and the best blessing I have ever had in my life and my heart is filled with love for him. If anyone ask me what is the biggest miracle I've experienced, Dr. Pillai will always be my answer!"

Rani Rich



"The Results Are Immediate"

"They're very subtle, they're very easy to do, and they have profound effects. I encourage everyone to do these practices. They will change you from the inside out and the results are immediate."

Michael Mulloy

Astrologer and Entrepreneur, USA