10,008 Amun-Siva Proxy Written Sounds: Om Um Amun NamaSivaya Namaha

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                    10,008  Amun-Siva Proxy Written Sounds: Om Um Amun NamaSivaya Namaha



Scholars have written about the concept of “archetypes”, acknowledging that higher intelligence resides with the archetypes, that are not just dream figures, but actual energies or entities that reside in the invisible, subtle realms.  Ancient civilizations attributed the super-conscious to gods and goddesses.  The messiahs and prophets of all religions encountered these energies in their solitary meditations.  Higher intelligence resides with the archetypes whether you think of them as gods and goddesses, energies from other realms, or the power of the super-conscious intelligence beyond the conscious mind.

About the Archetype Amun:  Egyptian; life energy of the sun and power of the king

About the Archetype Siva:  Indian; represents infinite intelligence and infinite compassion, promotes grace and power.

Proxy Writing of Quantum Sound Frequencies for Solving Life Issues

"I am thinking of multiple applications of this device for different human problems. You can fix a planet through this writing. You can attract a relationship or a job. You can pretty much do anything that you want through this proxy sound writing.  

I conceived of this sound writing for various reasons. It is basically a kind of outsourcing of a practice, outsourcing your personal chore to India. You both are benefited inwardly and materially.
We are going to hire Indian people who are in need of money and living in villages. This writing will get them immediate money and also change their karma. For the sponsor, it gets the desired result. The sponsor also gets the good merit of supporting someone in India who needs a job.
The service will be closely monitored by our Indian staff. They will daily inspect the writing work to ensure it is carried out exactly according to our instructions and the correct number of repetitions."
-- Dr. Pillai

NOTE: Regarding Hard Copies. Usually hard copies are not shipped for the proxy sound writings. Instead, to further amplify the benefits, the written sheets will be included in Fire Labs.

 Approximate Timeframe for Completion of Proxy Written Sounds - 10,008 repetitions - 10 days

Dr. Pillai recommends experimenting for yourself the power of proxy sound writing for various life issues.

If you order this service, proxy writers will write the following sound for attracting power, grace and vitality 10,008 times in your name:

Om Um Amun NamaSivaya Namaha

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