10008 Life Changing Proxy Sounds: Om Vayanamasi Dattatriya Siva Baba

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"Om Vayanamasi Dattatriya Siva Baba" - The quantum sound frequency to access benefits, attract life-changing experiences, higher intelligence and happiness.

DR. PILLAI:  Everything started with Om.  The sound after Om is NaMaSiVaYa.  It’s not just the name of Siva.  If you go to the One Minute Mind Process I explain NaMaSiVaYa.

Na = earth element

Ma = water

Si = fire

Va = air

Ya = sky or ether

The body is made up of elements – the world is made up of elements.  These sounds have the power of the Universe.

VaYaNaMaSi – this is the quantum sound frequency for the Age of Higher Intelligence

Picture a  flame in your pineal gland (between your two eyes, above the eyebrows) and recite VaYaNaMaSi

An Age of Higher Intelligence is at the door.  Humanity will finally be relieved.

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