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This is a re-broadcast of an important message given by Dr. Pillai during the 2014 3rd Eye Activation Trip seminar.

The first few days of the Vedic New Year arguably mark the most valuable time for starting new projects of all kinds, clearing out emotional and physical clutter, and approaching spiritual and personal growth with a fresh, clear perspective.

In the Vedic tradition, the New Year is calculated by the Sun’s movement into the zodiac sign of Aries. During this time, the vibrance of the Sun can shed light on our path for the upcoming months.

Time to Connect with The Beneficial Energies of The Sun

The Sun moves into Aries on April 14 (EDT) and will remain in this Zodiac sign until May 15 (EDT). This is the sign where the Sun has the most power and strength. The sun can enhance our responsibility, purpose, and leadership so that we can bloom to full potential.


Celebrate The Life Force of the Solar System

The Sun is our source of Light and Life Force Energy. Without the Sun, we would not have life as we know it on Earth. It has great impact on our environment, our food, our pastimes, and our emotions. The Sun also gives us a sense of time, creating a schedule of day and night.


Realise the Light Within You

Just as the Sun is the central light of our solar system, it is also the source of our Inner Light. The Sun signifies vitality, ambitions, and personal power. The planet of Royalty Consciousness, our inner Sun knows it is our divine birthright to live a fully empowered life.


'How To' Harness The Beneficial Energies and Sounds of The Sun

With so much power and strength in the Sun during this month, how do we access this energy and transform our life?

Dr. Pillai will deliver a LIVE empowerment webcast to fully bring you into the significance of this Vedic New Year.

2014 Vedic New Year Webcast with Dr. Pillai

An Alternative to Meditation: Talk To God

What You Are Going To Learn:

  • Stop your mind from thinking random, self-defeating thoughts.
  • Learn Tools & techniques which you can use to talk to god.
  • Start Vedic New Year with a higher level of consciousness.
  • Strengthen your relationship with God.
  • Stop old patterns & start fresh with a greater state of thought.

Take Home:

  • Exclusive 30 Day Replay Access
  • Full Transcript of Webcast
  • Full Webcast Audio

Join The Webcast

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