The Moon and Mars will share the sign Aries, ruled by Mars, who is the Bhoomiputra (son of the mother Earth). The planetary association makes the day ideal to worship Lord Vishnu in the form of Bhu Varaha to accumulate wealth and assets (landed properties). This day is also an optimal day to make a positive move in property related litigations.

Maha Shivaratri: One Night Vigil Equivalent to Million Years of Meditation – February 24, 2017 (IST)

You have a once-a-year opportunity during this Maha Shivaratri night to call upon Archetype Shiva during his descent to the earthplane for prosperity, fulfillment of wishes, removal of sins, disease and debts.

Emergency Karma Clinic

Just as modern doctors have created different medications to heal different kinds of sickness, the Ancient Seers have created different remedies to nullify different kinds of karma. Immediate relief from karmic suffering can be achieved by using the “emergency clinic” of spiritual technology.

PC Licensing Program

The Pillai Center Licensing Program (PCLP) is an instructor-training, entrepreneur-empowering program that trains you to guide others through Dr. Baskaran Pillai’s revolutionary online courses, and how to earn an income from doing so.

Birthday Ritual Packages

Get ready to remove negative Karma on your Birthday with some great divine techniques. You are special for us and we would like to honor and empower you on your Birthday.The birthday rituals package will invoke these blessings for your success to negotiate the world, both on a spiritual and a material level.

Miracle School

Unless there is a miracle, it is impossible to change your life. And miracles are not in the domain of Gods. It is in your own domain. It is how you are going to connect your brain to the stars.