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Learn the Dynamics of Channeling Angali, Karuppasamy, Siddhas, the Holy Spirit & Mother Mary

October 2 – 7

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Dr. Pillai has been divinely inspired to host this exclusive, first-of-its-kind retreat to initiate people into channeling Divine beings with the blessings of Goddess Angali. The retreat will be held in India from October 1 through October 8. We will be live streaming at least three hours of teachings from Dr. Pillai, and two sessions with Mohini for follow up teachings and guiding through special rituals (see below for details). We are going to try to livestream different locations, but we cannot guarantee due to unknown factors of internet availability.


Topics for Dr. Pillai’s teachings are unknown as he will be channeling them in the moment. However, the topics he will be teaching during the trip include the dynamics of channeling the Divine beings listed below. He may talk about one or several of them, including

  • Goddess Angali as revealed by Dr. Pillai
  • Karuppasamy, Siddhas, the Holy Spirit and Mother Mary
  • The Trip Temple Vortexes
  • And more

The two sessions with Mohini include:

Night 1 with Mohini

Communing with and Channeling Karuppaswamy, Holy Spirit, Jesus and Mother Mary

Mohini will share Dr. Pillai’s teachings and techniques on how to deeply commune with and channel Karuppasamy, Holy Spirit, Jesus and Mother Mary. You will have a guided experience so you have the opportunity to personally connect with these Divine archetypes and develop an ongoing relationship with them.

Night 2 with Mohini

Enacting Goddess Angali

Mohini will guide you through a technology to be absorbed by the personality of Goddess Angali. This technology uses costumes, dancing, chanting and offerings to enact Goddess Angali and enter a state of extraordinary consciousness where you can come into contact with her.

Participants joining by livestream should ensure they are in a private space. You will receive a list of simple items you can use to virtually participate in the rituals, and an image of a mask that can be printed and used for your Divine experience. You are encouraged to wear freshly washed, red clothes for enacting Goddess Angali on night two. White clothes are optimal for night one.

Receive Proxy Transmissions from Trip Temples

Dr. Pillai and trip guides will be taking in-person participants to several powerspots chosen by Dr. Pillai for special empowerments from the Goddess and other Divine beings.

Each of these powerspots carries special blessings transmitted by the Divine beings who reside there, which Dr. Pillai helps facilitate for maximum benefit for attendees.

When you register for the livestream, we will create a personalized surrogate yantra for you and take it with us to be energized at each location. The surrogate yantra is a siddha technology, revealed by Dr. Pillai, which functions as a transceiver device. It receives the Divine radiation from the powerspots and transmits it directly to you so you can receive and benefit from the special blessings as if you were physically there.

Dr. Pillai will also personally touch and energize your surrogate yantra. After the trip, we will send you your energized yantra.

You can learn more about the locations, including their significance, below.

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Who is Goddess Angali?

Goddess Angali is Mother Kali, the Mother Divine. She is associated with giving supernormal powers and the highest intelligence and wisdom. She belongs to the Satya Yuga, or the Golden Age. Her worship is a very, very powerful one, and I am bringing it back to society.

The Original Spiritual Tradition of Goddess Angali

There are two major traditions in India. One is the Brahmin or Brahmanic tradition which was not native to India; it is an Aryan tradition that was brought into India from somewhere in Central Asia. It merged with the local tradition, which is the Dravidian tradition, which is the tradition native to South India where I am from. The Angali tradition is native to this Dravidian tradition, the whole tradition. It was not embraced by the Aryan Brahmanic tradition, the tradition that came later on. It is not mainline Hinduism. Mainline Hinduism is more like the Protestant religion, more elite, but lacking substance. I personally side with the Angali tradition.

Goddess Angali Gives Easily

Goddess Angali is not sophisticated. She has no philosophy; she is pure consciousness. She can give you things without having to do any practice. You just pray to her, she is so full of compassion. All that you have to do is say, "Give me that," and she will give unlike other sophisticated, elite Goddesses. She likes simple people, she likes simple clothes, everything simple, because she is the Goddess of the poor people and also the Goddess of the highly enlightened Siddhas; they go to her for power.

What Happens When You Channel Goddess Angali

The idea behind it is you become the Goddess. You lose your consciousness, your human consciousness, and you become her consciousness – you become Angali.

What will happen is she will get into your body and activate your third eye to enable you to perform miracles like prophesizing, healing, and all kinds of miracles.

Your consciousness will change; your human aspect will be suppressed; the Divine aspect will be promoted.

This can happen to anyone.

Goddess Angali Wants to Get into Your Body

Unfortunately, what has happened over a period of time is the tradition of channeling Goddess Angali has been pushed aside. However, she is coming back into this world. She wants to help humanity by getting into their bodies, solving their problems, and enabling them to experience miracles. I want to personally invite you on behalf of the Goddess to come to India with me and be benefitted.

— Dr. Pillai


During the trip, with the blessings of Goddess Angali, Dr. Pillai will be initiating you into the dynamics of channeling different Divine beings, including Goddess Angali herself. Below you can read more details about the Divine beings in addition to the revelations given about Goddess Angali by Dr. Pillai in the previous section.

Lord Karuppasamy

Lord Karuppasamy has been revealed by Dr. Pillai as Kalki, the 10th avatar of Lord Vishnu. Dr. Pillai first discovered Karuppasamy while traveling in a village. He was guided to witness a channeling of this god by an ordinary villager. He watched as the villager performed miracle after miracle, including making the blind to see, the deaf to hear, and the dumb to speak. Since that time, Dr. Pillai has blessed others to channel Lord Karuppasamy

While he is typically considered a village god, Dr. Pillai has revealed he is actually a primordial god who is extremely powerful. He is believed to be a combination of the fierce gods Rudra, Narasimha, Kalabhairava, and Veerabhadra. Dr. Pillai calls him a "Performer" because he does not waste time in performing miracles when called upon.


Siddhas are considered as perfected beings who have attained a high degree of omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence. As Dr. Pillai has revealed, they get their power to perform miracles from the Goddess Angali. This power is a state of consciousness known as "Chit," or miracle-consciousness, hence the name they are referred to by "Siddhars," which comes from the word "Chittars." Siddhas are extremely compassionate, and said to act as intermediaries between God and humanity.

Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is considered to be the power of God. It was said that during the pentacostal event, the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles of Jesus, after which they were able to perform miracles.

Mother Mary

Mother Mary, also known as the Virgin Mary, is the Mother of Jesus Christ. She is associated with the Goddess Isis in the Egyptian pantheon, Parvati in the Vedic pantheon, and many miracles including the immaculate conception of Jesus. Some Orthodox Christians believe that after she passed, her body was resurrected and ascended into heaven just like Jesus. Even today, thousands of people are reporting miracles through her intervention.

See Livestream Schedule

Date Place Event Details
October 2 Chennai 7:00 -9:00 am PT / 7:45 pm IST
Seminar with Dr. Pillai - GRT Hotel
October 3 Vijayapati *Livestream Homa from Vishvamitra temple
October 5 Kumbakonam 7:45 pm PT (October 4) / *8:15 am IST
Keela Suriya Moola Temple homa

4:30 am PT / 5 pm IST
Sessions with Mohini

7:30 am PT / 8 pm IST
Angali temple
October 6 Thiruvannamalai 6:30 am PT / 7:00 pm IST - 8:30 am PT / 9:00 pm IST
Seminar with Dr. Pillai


Livestream 2019

  • At least 3 hours of teachings with Dr. Pillai
  • At least 2 sessions of teachings and rituals with Mohini
  • Personalized surrogate yantra energized at trip temples


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"I have seen healing and financial miracles happen to me and through me."

If you had told me 10 years ago I would have been able to directly encounter an Archetype, a God, Goddess or Angel, I would have wanted that, but I would not know if that was actually possible for me. But thanks to Dr. Pillai, in my life the greatest achievement or miracle has been to one-on-one interaction with these Divine Beings, and it has totally changed my life.

I have seen healing and financial miracles happen to me and through me to other people. In the last couple of months, I have seen my material life exploding, wealth miracles, like I have never seen before. In my experience these Archetypes can do miracles not only in your life, but in the lives of people with whom we interact, whom we care about.

Sunny Dasgupta

“Catapulted me into abundance...”

I was deeply moved and excited by the material that Baba presented at the webcast. It was so very, very powerful. Incredibly, a few hours later, an extremely surprising miracle occurred. This has catapulted me into a feeling of abundance. I am so grateful.

Susan Van Lier

“The online event was life-changing.”

This online event was life-changing for me. One minute I was crying, then seemingly in pain, then I saw my blue eyes turn brown. I was killing demons. I am speechless at how real it was for me even though I was on the other side of the world. Thank you all who made this possible.


“In awe and gratitude.”

During the webcast, it felt like I was wrapped in goddess energy for the entire time. Baba’s lectures on the goddesses, the mantras and their purpose, and the meditation practices were astonishing, deep, clear, concise, and revelatory. It is hard to do justice in describing the power of the teachings. I just felt my eyebrows going up and up and up and up, in awe and gratitude.

Jan Bocksay

“More than words can express.”

The experience was just the ultimate! It was way more than anticipated both in content and interaction with our Dr. Pillai. ‘Darshan’ with him is always worth more than any words can express. I am still reeling with ecstasy. The setting was perfect!


"This was a life-changing event for me."

I’m so very thankful to Dr. Pillai for his invaluable teachings. This was a life changing event for me. Dr. Pillai took me to a place or state in my consciousness I’d never been.


“My evolution definitely speeded up.”

I didn’t attend the retreat in person; I chose the online option. I had no doubt that I needed to register for the webcast. The meditation he had given to us during that time was so profound I felt the energy and the grace of Dr. Pillai even though it wasn’t in person. My evolution definitely speeded up from that day onwards. All in all, I just feel blessed to have Dr. Pillai as my guru!

Svetlana Rusakova

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