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Harvest Full Moon ceremony

Absolve bad karma from previous and current births
to Absolve Lifetimes of Negative Karma

Transform yourself with the karma-removing and life-sustaining energies of Shiva

November 3, 2017 (IST)

Anna Abishekam: Karma Dissolving Ceremony

The upcoming Full Moon on November 3rd has been identified by sages as a power time to remove your life challenges. During this once-a-year ceremony to Lord Shiva, an entire Shiva Lingam at power spot is anointed with a large quantity of cooked rice as a supreme offering. The life-sustaining energy and life-nourishing qualities of rice invoke the power of Lord Shiva to be fully embodied in the Shiva Lingam, a symbol of his energy and power.

Performing Rice-Abishekam (Cooked Rice Hydration Ceremony) to Lord Shiva on this day can absolve the bad karma of your previous births and purify the karma of your current life. It is believed that participating in this sacred ritual can help you lead a happy, trouble-free and fulfilling life.

Supreme Offering of Thanksgiving to Lord Shiva

This grand rice anointing ceremony is performed as an expression of gratitude to Lord Shiva – the sole protector of the five elements of nature and all forms of life on Earth. Lord Shiva, a great lover of Abishekam (hydration ceremony) is usually bathed with 11 sacred items, of which cooked rice hydration is his most favored.

Furthermore, rice is an outcome of the union of the five elements of nature. Rice emerges from the seed which is sown in the land which is nourished by water from the space, fire from the Sun and transforms as paddy with the help of wind- and this rice is fed to all living entities. This gives more significance to the supreme ritual of Anna Abishekam to Shiva– the universal protector.

Benefits of Performing Anna Abishekam

  • Eradicate your karmic problems and attain inner peace
  • Solve business- related issues and gain prosperity
  • Ensure prosperity in agriculture and security of grains
  • Gain blessing of progeny
  • Gain beauty and self-confidence
  • Be assured of non-depleting food sources
  • Consumption of the Abishekam Prasad (offering) is believed to instill memory power in children


  • Anna Abishekam (Hydration Ceremony) at Thiruvannamalai Powerspot
  • Food Feeding at Thiruvannamalai (Shiva in the embodiment of fire at the Great Mountain Arunachala) for 3 Persons
  • Archana (Light & Sound Ceremony) to Annapoorneswarar & Annapoorani
  • Annapoorneshwari Homa
  • Energized 1.5 inch Annapoorneswari Statue

Transform yourself with the karma-removing and life-sustaining energies of Shiva during the special power day of Anna Abishekam. The rituals will be performed on November 3, 2017. Propitiating Shiva during this special day will be very effective to access his pure, boundless energy to bring significant improvements in our lives. It is believed that participating in this sacred ritual can help you lead a happy, trouble-free and fulfilling life.

What Will I Receive?

You will receive Vibuti (sacred grey ash powder) and which will be blessed in the rituals. Keep this on your meditation altar and wear it on your forehead during meditation or at other times to expand the Divine blessings into your life.

Dr. Pillai explains this:

The ritual is the carbonization of thoughts. Carbon is our information bearing atoms. The carbon residue (ash) given out as Prasad is to be placed on the third eye area of the participants and carries the blessings of the archetypes invoked.

Please Note: Your Prasad will be shipped from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Please allow 2 – 4 weeks for delivery after the entire set of rituals is performed.



Food Feeding at Tiruvannamalai

The easiest way to access God’s grace is to feed a person who is starving. Donating food is considered to be the greatest charity of all the charities. According to scriptures, feeding the poor and needy is the highest of all charities. Donating food on a Full Moon is considered to be an important ritual for attaining merit. Donating food to people can free you from problems and provide success in all walks of life. As you participate in food feeding services to people, you can attract positive energy and peace of mind.

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