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Introducing the Golden Age Goddess Trio Program

Receive Blessings of Wealth, Wisdom and Protection

Experience Initiations from the Goddesses Angali, Shreem Brzee, and the Goddess of 2020, Varahi

During Dr. Pillai’s 2019 India Goddess Trip, he revealed secrets directly from the Goddess to a small group of in-person and virtual attendees, including:

  • A three-part meditation to channel the Goddess Angali and become a vessel for her all-powerful consciousness
  • Secrets of “Shiva’s Fruit” and how to use it to invoke any Divine being into your body, gain hidden knowledge, and destroy karma
  • How to use Shiva’s Fruit to channel Goddess Angali and heal your body
  • Secrets of Varahi, the Goddess of 2020, and how to invoke her into your body, mind, and soul using a new mantra and meditation that combines her power with Shreem Brzee for wealth, destruction of enemies and having the Goddess manifest for you without the need for prayer
  • Secrets of a special turmeric called “cosmetic turmeric,” the Supreme yet obscure Goddess behind it, and how to use it to invoke any Goddess
  • Dr. Pillai’s guided prayer to invoke nine beings through your chakras to take care everything from mundane to highest evolution
  • How to speak in tongues to channel, communicate with, and embody the Holy Spirit, the God-power within you
  • How to invoke Goddess Angali to install a secret syllable on your tongue that will give you ultimate power, physical, mental, spiritual, and supernormal, and have her reside in your body, mind, and soul
  • And much, much more

Click the button below to receive life-time program access to over 6.5 hours of videos, audios, and transcripts of Dr. Pillai, Mohini, and sacred ceremonies performed at powerspots via the Pillai Center Academy portal. Or, for more information about the program, scroll down to continue reading.

Meditation 1:
Channeling Goddess Angali

“Angali is the Goddess of all Gods. Everybody is below Angali. All galaxies in the space are under her control. She will give you incredible power. You can see how relaxing it is to do this technique, but it is not just about relaxation. It is about changing the atomic structure of your body, mind, and soul to facilitate the entry of the Goddess. Your mind, your limited intelligence will be replaced by the Goddess Angali and her super intelligence.”

In this three-part meditation, Dr. Pillai teaches you how to embody Goddess Angali.

Part 1

Access the kundalini or prana from your navel center and raise it into key areas of the body to overcome the mind, memory, past, and projection of future karma, and also transcend the limited human ego. This is a prerequisite to being able to channel a Divine being.

Part 2

Learn Angali’s tongue technology and affirmation to experience a psychological intervention and take you into Angali’s consciousness for channeling. You lose your human identity and become the Goddess.

Part 3

Initiation into Angali’s mantra and where to place it in key parts of the body and brain to bring her energy into your atomic structure, your DNA and change it. You are bringing and holding the power of Goddess Angali as a vessel for her consciousness.

In addition to the meditation, Dr. Pillai also gives “powerful tips” to prepare your environment to attract the Goddess.

Sacred Fruit for Channeling, Gaining Hidden Knowledge and Destroying Karma

During this section, Dr. Pillai reveals the secrets of the “Fruit of Shiva.”

Invite any being

The fruit that is called the “Fruit of Shiva.” It is Shiva’s fruit, and it can invite any being. If you hold this and call the being to come into this fruit, it will. Only this fruit can do that. No other food can do it. This is the secret. This lesson is made possible by Angali herself. If we want to get Jesus into your body, just pray to him to get into the lime and then you can drink the juice, he will get into your body, anybody for that matter.

Gain Hidden Knowledge

Through this fruit, you can read another person’s soul, their mind. The fruit gives the understanding that this person is going through pain, physical, mental, emotional, versus the other feelings too.

This is something that you can even try. You can ask a person to bring this fruit and once you get it, immediately you will connect. Something will spontaneously come up in your mind’s eye about that person. “This is your problem.”

Destroying Karma

If you want to get rid of a very sad state of mind or heart sorrow, you use this fruit to capture and destroy it.

Meditation 2:
Channeling Angali with “Shiva’s Fruit”

In this meditation, you learn how to use Meditation 1 to invoke Angali into the Shiva’s Fruit and access her power quickly. Dr. Pillai also guides on how to use this technique along with music, imagery, and focused thoughts to manifest healing for specific areas of the body you need.

“Various images of her will show up in the mind’s eye. Entertain a thought or a prayer to heal the body and mind of their diseases. You will feel the body filled with light. Then, you go over the bodily parts that need to be healed.”

Meditation 3:
Varahi and Shreem Brzee Combined Meditation to Call on the Goddesses into Your Mind, Body, and Soul

In this two-part meditation session, Dr. Pillai teaches you how to invoke the combination of Goddess Varahi and Shreem Brzee.

There is time for every Goddess to come into prominence. Varahi is the one that is going to be the Goddess of 2020. That is why I chose to introduce her. When she enters your body and mind, your robot, fearful mind that is angry will calm down, and you will naturally develop the ability to live a higher state of consciousness where things get done very easily.

Varahi is like Shreem Brzee, a wealth giving Goddess. In addition to that, she also is the Goddess who fights with your enemies and protects you. She is a protector Goddess.

What are the changes you are going to look for after using this technique? Your brain will be infused with special neurotransmitters; they call it “Amrita,” which means elixir. The elixir will ooze out, and you will be in bliss. If you are going to be in bliss, then what else do you want?

Part 1

Learn how to arrest the mind through focus on different areas of the body in preparation to receive the Goddess.

Part 2

Dr. Pillai installs a new mantra combining Shreem Brzee and the Goddess Varahi into different areas of the body. The combined power of these Goddess will make you full, give you what you want without you having to ask, and come to your call when you request them for support.

In addition to the guided meditation session, Dr. Pillai also gives supplementary tips, including:

  • The most powerful times to invoke Goddess Varahi
  • What colors you should wear to bring her into your body
  • Special food offerings to give to Shreem Brzee and Varahi
  • A technique to call her to get guidance on a decision

Secrets of Cosmetic Turmeric and The Goddess Behind It

In this section, Dr. Pillai reveals several secrets about what he calls “cosmetic turmeric,” the Goddess behind it, and how to use it as a food substance and in meditation to invoke the Goddess into your body.

Now, I am going to introduce you to the Goddess of turmeric. This is a different type of turmeric, other than what you take as a supplement or in your meals, and I am going to pass this on. This is called the “cosmetic turmeric.”

One thing about this turmeric is she is the most powerful Goddess. Even other Divine beings use turmeric as a vehicle to communicate with your body, mind, and soul.

And the beauty of it is if you keep it, it will keep changing. It is alive. In ancient India, even today, it is continued, they give this turmeric mixture which they pour on the Goddess first, then give it to you to take home and eat. I have been reading the research on it. It can create new neurons, neurogenesis.

Meditation 4:
Guided Prayer to Invoke 9 Beings Through the Chakras to
Take Care of Everything

Mohini will be teaching you a prayer. That was developed for a small group, and I told her to extend it to everyone. This is true prayer, true Pooja, which you will do every day and then offer food, and then you do not have to do too much there. Then nothing is needed.

In this brand new revelation from Dr. Pillai, guided by Mohini, you learn how to invoke nine beings in seven chakras for different blessings, including:

  • Raise kundalini from bottom of the spine to top of head
  • Remove obstacles and receive Siddhi (supernormal consciousness)
  • Be imbued with incredible power, physical, mental, and spiritual
  • Receive health and financial blessings
  • Experience enlightenment
  • Gain Omni powers of omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence

Also, you will learn how to invoke Goddess Angali to install a secret syllable onto your tongue for ultimate power and to have her reside in your body, mind, and soul, and also how to speak in tongues to channel and activate the Holy Spirit.

Bonus Videos, Audio, and Pictures

Within the program on Pillai Center Academy, you can find bonus content including:

  • 17-minute video of a fire lab performed at Vishvamitra, the Father of Brzee’s temple.
  • 1 hour plus video of fire lab performed at the temple of a thousand suns where all the Sun’s in our galaxy draw their power, and also where the six-toed supreme form of the Goddess of Wealth, Sundara Maha Lakshmi, resides.
  • 1 hour plus video session of Angali at one of her temple powerspots, including darshan of her statue there that is alive with her energy.
  • 16-minute video of Goddess Varahi mantra chants recommended by Dr. Pillai for watching.
  • New Angali mantra chant music featuring Mohini
  • Retreat darshan photos of Dr. Pillai, Divine beings, and ceremonies at four temples including:
  • Angali’s Royapuram temple in Chennai
  • Vishvamitra’s temple in Vijayapati
  • The temple of a thousand Suns and Sundara Maha Lakshmi
  • Angali’s temple hydration ceremony
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Embodying Goddess Angali Program
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This is Not My Program

“We have complicated our lives by embracing science by embracing technology. There is a reality beyond science, beyond technology, and that is available to us. You do not have to struggle. Supernormal powers, which is just think and manifest, think and heal, all these are possible. We are going to see that happening. This is not my program; it is the program of the Goddess.”

– Dr. Pillai    

Our most sincere prayers are done on your behalf; however, we cannot guarantee results. Results are purely in the domain of God.