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9-Week Intelligent Thinking Training and Programs Group Coaching
One on One Coaching

Make 2020 the year when you
Move from Ordinary Thinking to Extraordinary Thinking
Brain-Based Sound Technology

Dr. Pillai’s 2020 message:
It will be a program of science, miracles coming together to create a new life.

Dr. Pillai’s New Year Message – Combining Brain Science and Metaphysics for Extraordinary Thinking

“So on this day, I am announcing that the year 2020 is going to be the year of miracles; and how the miracles are going to happen?

It’s not simply through metaphysical means, although metaphysical will be involved. But the metaphysical presence of God will be explained in terms of science and technique of changing the neurons in your brain, changing the body, not allowing the body to pick up diseases, and also the fortune…”

~ Dr. Pillai    

Phonemic Intelligence (known as PI) is at the forefront of taking sounds (tiny syllables called “phonemes”) beyond their traditional application in speech and language, to a technology that can fundamentally change the brain and intelligence altogether.

Over 100,000 students and adults in the U.S. and abroad have experienced dramatic results, including test results which demonstrated measurable increases in intelligence categories and development of skills for life success.

Harvard University

Through this study, we demonstrated that PI increased blood flow in key intelligence centers in the brain and, in some cases, the entire brain, bringing necessary oxygen and nutrients to promote optimal functionality, including augmented cognition.

Research Conducted at Brain Science International

When PI was practiced regularly, the study showed brain waves in the brain area, Anterior Cingulate, which controls activity between the executive functions and the emotional brain. The ACC (anterior cingulate cortex) has a particular class of super-intelligent neurons called Von Economo neurons.

SRM University in Chennai, India

A study with medical students who practiced PI for six weeks before their medical exams resulted in improved academic scores, reduced stress hormones, and better-coping skills.

Join “Phonemic Intelligence Training and Coaching Program” and learn how to use sound technique in 9 weeks of brain-enhancing sessions to help you train your neurons to master your thoughts and emotions for increased intelligence and life success.

Our PI Coaching and Training Program isn’t leadership coaching or executive skills training. This program is beyond all that. PI goes to the root of the problem – enhancing our brain function.

Some minds are so exceptional they can change the world.
Why not you?

We all strive to understand ourselves and the people around us better, to comprehend and apply new information coming at us every day, and to enjoy life and have success at the same time. PI allows us to manage all this, to find new capabilities, and make old ones better. PI makes your brain healthy and helps you get ahead.

PI is brain-training for life.

What is Phonemic Intelligence?

Phonemic Intelligence (PI) is the only practical discipline to enhance intelligence located in various parts of the brain. PI holds the view that you can enhance your knowledge through the activation of the brain through phonemes or sound waves.

PI is a unique science for two reasons:

1. It gives you natural intelligence, and it enhances intelligence acquired through academic training. Both academic training and natural intelligence are related to how well or how poorly one’s brain functions.

2. Phonemic intelligence is the only brain-based intelligence program available. – Dr. Pillai

PI Increases Natural Intelligence

The future is machine learning. How does it work? Simply put, you can only retrieve what you put in it. If you don’t put something in it, you can’t retrieve it. AI involves pattern recognition and making associations. But can a computer replicate what the brain is doing naturally? No.

Natural intelligence goes beyond pattern recognition to modeling the world and understanding what we see, imagining things we could see, but haven’t yet and making plans and models. Drawing from our long term intelligence, our semantic memory. (Semantic Def.: the portion of long-term memory that processes ideas and concepts that are not drawn from personal experience.) PI establishes a semantic memory.

“Success in life is related to having more intelligence.

There are two types of intelligence (Academic and Natural Intelligence). One may ask that there are people who have minimum education but are successful, how do you account for it? These people who succeed without any formal education have what is called ‘natural intelligence.’ We know that many people who have become billionaires do not even have a college degree. And these are examples of natural intelligence.” – Dr. Pillai

Introducing the 9-Week PI Training and Coaching Intelligent Program (Pilot)

Our PI Training and Coaching is brain-based. The training includes the following high-level components:

  • PI Technique(s)
  • Simple and easy to understand neuroscientific education
  • Weekly topic-related concepts to move you closer to your goals
  • Weekly group engagement

During weekly, one hour sessions, we’ll walk you through training and give insights, practices, and attitudes for goal achievement. We will discuss how to speed up the time it takes for your projects to flourish, and we’ll guide on self-awareness strategies to improve personal fulfillment and success.

Our Phonemic Intelligence Training and Coaching Program utilizes well-established neuroscientific evidence that the brain has functional areas responsible for different types of cognition.

“Phonemic Intelligence organizes how you think.”

~ B. Tisher

“Since doing phonemic intelligence for the past two months, my communication has become more precise and powerful.”

~ D. Bemer

“I owe so much to PI, before doing PI, anxiety attacks affected my focus and my self-esteem to a hit. PI has changed everything. My anxiety is 90% under control, and I have a new job for which I feel a strong sense of responsibility”

~ Anne

What You Can Expect

Week 1

Why do I need a better brain?

Infuse phonemes into the brain center for self-awareness and natural intelligence.

Week 2

Motivation and Mastery of Goal Setting

Establish your brain in motivation and successful goal setting.

Week 3

Focus & Attention on Your Action Plan

Master focus and attention by activating brainwaves in the Anterior Cingulate with phonemes.

Week 4

Make Emotions Work In Your Favor

Make the emotion-generating brain network healthy and powerful with intelligent phonemic communication.

Week 5

Develop and Sustain Life-Long Memory Abilities

Activate memory connections for short and long term recall. Establish your semantic memory and discover innovative solutions to problems.

Week 6

Uplift Finances and Productivity with the Math Brain

One of our phonemes makes a strong signature in your math brain. Boost your math brain for better financial income, problem-solving skills, and analytical thinking.

Week 7

Make Intuition and Creativity the Seat of your Power

Your most potent form of intelligence is intuition. Hone it, believe it, and let it guide you through seen and unseen life events.

Week 8

Resilience: It’s a part of Right Decision Making

Phonemes activate resilience to help you overcome adverse situations to come back stronger, positive, and more intelligent than ever.

What You Will Receive When You Enroll

Live video calls over Zoom and your login to a learning management system.

In the program, you will receive:

  • 1 Phonemic Intelligence Technique with three levels of intensity
  • Phonemic Intelligence education for mastery over your brain and life success
  • Weekly brain science videos for a better understanding of brain structure and function
  • Free weekend intensives, bi-weekly

PI Intelligent Thinking Training and Coaching Program (Group)
(Each group will be < 20 people)

  • Our PI training and coaching course – 9 weeks and eight training sessions for 1 hour each
  • 1 primary PI technique taught in 3 levels. Each level progressively builds on the previous level.
  • 6 Practical daily technique to activate 3+ Brain areas
  • Access to a learning management system with neuroscience videos hand-chosen to enhance PI technique effectiveness
  • BONUS: Access to 4 Weekend hour-long intensives. ($400 value)

PI Intelligent Thinking Training and Coaching Program (One on One)

  • Personalized and Results Focused PI training and coaching course – 9 weeks
  • 9 – One on One training and coaching sessions for 1 hour each
  • 1 primary PI technique taught in 3 levels. Each level progressively builds on the previous level.
  • 1+ additional Goal Setting and focusing session
  • 6 Practical daily technique to activate 3+ Brain areas
  • Flexible Meet Schedule
  • Access to a learning management system with neuroscience videos hand-chosen to enhance PI technique effectiveness
  • BONUS: Access to Weekend hour-long intensives. ($400 value)

* Space for this course is limited.

Our most sincere prayers are done on your behalf; however, we cannot guarantee results. Results are purely in the domain of God.