8th Moon – Create Good Times of Success and Prosperity

The 8th moon phase is a special window of time when you can connect with the archetype of time Kala Bhairava. The Tamil Siddhas, or the inner scientists of South India, say that, while generally there is greater energy available during the odd numbered moon phases than the even numbered, the powerful energy during the 8th Phase of Moon is the exception.

Kala means March of time; Bhairava is a fierce aspect of Shiva, is the Lord of Time. He is the Vedic archetype who represents time, and governs a world of timelessness beyond reason, logic, and ideas. He is said to manufacture Time Shakti (or Time Energy) for different dimensions of reality.

The time is now to take matters into your own hands to access Kala Bhairava to transform your life. He is your Personal Protector who shatters the past, present and future and leads you directly to your chosen dream.

Kala Bhairava- The Archetype of Time

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  • Kala Bhairava puts an end to procastination: Kala Bhairava can force you to jump over the bad time choices you make in the form of laziness, lethargy and idleness. You must also obtain the consciousness to discontinue unrewarding action.
  • Kala Bhairava, the Lord of Time, will not only show you the vision of what it is you want to create, but he will also give you the exact knowledge and clarity on how to realize dreams. This new profound knowledge gives you no other choice but to take action now to follow your dreams.
  • The wisdom of Bhairava can transform the power of your hours into seconds, just by accepting his intentional energy. This will accelerate your manifestations substantially, so instead of receiving your desires in years, you crush time now and get what you want sooner and with more joy and ease.
  • Kala Bhairava lives in the moment and his energy can be accessed every moment. His energy also inspires great love and devotion.
  • He releases you from fear, particularly fear related to attachment. By releasing fear, he can bless an individual with gifts that are eternal and timeless.

“You should worship every moment. The moment is a being. He is Kala Bhairava. He is activity, not inactivity. If you are goofy, then you are bringing in the anti-Kala Bhairava energy. Keep praying to Kala Bhairava. Without Him, you won’t be able to change time. When time changes, fortune will change.” – Dr. Pillai.

Participate in simple and powerfully designed rituals on the 8th Moon for Kala Bhairava, for accelerated success in your life.

Accelerate Success and Attract Material Riches – Group Fire Lab for Swarna Akshara Bhairava

‘Bhai’ gives material wealth; ‘Ra’ dissolves negativity and limited consciousness; and ‘Va’ represents creativity and manifestation. These quantum sound syllables can transform your consciousness, and help you utilize time effectively.

Swarna Akarshana Bhairava (Golden Attracting Bhairava) is a benevolent form of Kala Bhairava, who can bring gold, from the heavens instantly. In a special fire lab performed during 8th Moon, the gamma rays of this Gold-Attracting Bhairava will be accessed to create unlimited fortune, success and abundance in your life.

This is a rarely-performed fire lab, but is known to be immensely powerful. The sponsors’ names are recited during Sankalpa, a process which binds the power of the fire lab to the sponsors.

This fire lab will be performed by Vedic Specialists at Pillai Center, India.

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Dissolve Bad Times, Manifest Good Time

Kala Bhairava has the power to compress time in our consciousness and dissolve all unfavorable times. This Celestial Guardian can shield you from all forms of negativity, with his fierce energy. During the power time of Kala Bhairava, 8th Moon dissolve all bad times that lead to delays, disappointments, lack of clarity and absence of motivation.

Participate in a special ritual for Kala Bhairava conducted on the upcoming 8th Moon at the Sivapuram vortex in Kumbakonam, South India. Though the Sivapuram vortex is primarily an energy vortex for Siva, Dr. Pillai has identified it as a very important power spot for Kala Bhairava.

In this ritual, the powerful energies of Kala Bhairava will be invoked by lighting lamps, incense and ringing of bells. This ritual has the power to dissolve bad times and help accelerate the manifestation of your goals.

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Manifest Accelerated Success and Prosperity: Sound Writing for Kala Bhairava

Accelerate success in any area of your life; manifest goals at jet speed using the technique of writing the sound ‘Om Hram Kala Bhairavaya Namaha’. Writing this quantum sound brings success and prosperity to any area of life that you choose – job, finance or relationships.

A dedicated proxy will write this sound 10,008 times for you. This can ground the energy of the sound and bring the energetic benefits in your life.

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Rituals for your Dog

On the 8th Moon, the grace of Kala Bhairava can be easily welcomed into our lives by feeding dogs, taking care of them and protecting them. Apart from being loyal, friendly and ever loving, dogs have the capacity to dissolve our sins.

Intriguingly, the karma you have created can be released when you feed dogs. They are like guardian angels that watch over and protect you.

Use this time to take part in the following offerings for your lovable guardian angel- 8th Moon Ritual for your dog’s well-being, New Moon Ritual (in case of deceased dog), and protective amulet and divine Archetypal Symbol to keep your dog peaceful.

Performing these rituals is a compassionate way of expressing your love and gratitude to a being that has been an important part of your life.

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