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I Became Timeless

Sorry I’m late. The reason being, I was just sitting in front of the iPad, but I became Timeless because I was reflecting on Time and then I became Timeless, and then I opened my eyes, it was 11:02am. Ok. Then I should do this.

You Cannot Escape Karma

Well, the topic for this short clip is: ‘How to have Unlimited Karma.’ You cannot escape karma whether it is money karma, or health karma, or any form of… or relationship karma. Karma is life, and I define karma as thinking. So you have to get beyond all of the limitations, and that’s the key.

Everybody is Searching

And I don’t want to teach the way that the scriptures have taught, and I have to contemporize my teaching so that it becomes relevant today, and then goes along with what you are currently doing. That’s why I picked up this ‘Search,’ because everybody is searching. You know, everybody uses Google, or Bing, or Yahoo. And then that ‘Search’ should tell you about your limitations, and you are going there with a limited mind, and then not finding things.

You Will Get More Than What You Are Looking For

Remember, when you just go to the MidBrain and look for things, things will be shortly different. Remember I said: “You will get more than what you are looking for.” You are looking for something, but if you want more than you are looking for, then you have to go to the MidBrain. So that’s why ‘The MidBrain Search’ will be very useful. And I have looked at here and there, there are about 400 people or so, they have had miracles. So when a mundane activity itself becomes a meditation, that’s the bottom line. That’s why we are trying to do.

Ok, now let’s do the technique because that’s the most important thing, not my lecture or any theory. Theory is not useful unless you put it to practice.

MidBrain Tapping Technique

So close your eyes.

So then at Gate One, Tap, Press hard with your nail,

Feel the MidBrain filled with light,

And then the light expands and goes into the Entire Brain.

Go to Gate Two, Tap, Press hard with your nail,

The MidBrain is filled with Light, and then the Entire Brain is filled with Light.

Gate Three, Tap, Hold, Press hard, the MidBrain is filled with Light.

The Entire Brain explodes with light.

Gate Four, do it the same way,

Now see the spots where you Tapped, Gate One, Two, Three, Four, mentally.

See the Red Light starting at Gate One, moving into Gate Four.

Keep focusing on it for however long you want.

God Bless

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