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Life is Karma

I am back again for today. And for a week or so, I won’t be available from tomorrow onwards. I just want to talk about life and my way of teaching. Life itself is Karma. Life and Karma are synonyms. So my way of teaching meditation is somewhat unique because I don’t want you to do a practice that will take you away from your daily life. That’s why I came up with the Google Search. So I was not available for two days, and for a week I won’t be available, but Google is available, and you will be going to Google.

You Will Have a Big Harvest by Using the Subconscious Mind

The reason why I want you to do… or chose this Google Search engine, or any other search engine for that matter, is that you are looking for information on a daily basis, most people are. And while you are doing that I want you to understand the philosophy behind it. Why are we doing that? Because I want to prove that you can manifest things in a miraculous way, going beyond the mind. The mind is searching for some information, and you will be not as lucky as when the soul, or the subconscious searches. The moment the subconscious searches, you will have a big harvest.

God is Your Subconscious Mind

I remember the Biblical saying: “Call on me,” God says, “and I will show you what thou knowest not.” You don’t know what treasure is outside there. but here God is your subconscious mind. If you go to the subconscious mind and search, even for a job, you will have a big harvest.

So what ultimately is going to prove, is that you can manifest, not the thought that comes from your mind, but from the subconscious. And if you go and analyze some of the searches and what people have posted, you will know how powerful it is. It is again not confined to the time that you search for information. It is also outside the search.

The Main Purpose of the Midbrain Tapping Technique

You’ll be able to eventually understand, like Tesla, that you think and see the manifestation of it. So that’s the purpose, the main purpose, why you want to do it, MidBrain Tapping. So I have to now run for another work, so you can Tap for yourself on the forehead, and then I will see you after a week. If time permits, I will be on.

God Bless

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