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You’ll seldom find the words “enjoyment” and “Saturn” in the same sentence. Or rather, when you do, they’re usually accompanied by a warning tone or a gloomy description of some upcoming difficulty.

So as Saturn sets out to turn backwards—from our perspective on Earth—there is some understandable tension in the astrology world.

However, as it happens with every transit, Vedic astrology offers a different perspective cum remedies, as it was conceived primarily to guide and prevent unnecessary suffering.

So after taking a deep breath of relief, get three time-tested tips to stop fear, loosen up your jaw muscles, relax and truly enjoy this four-month journey.

1. In-depth look

When it’s about Saturn, your most powerful weapon for prevention or resolution of a problem comes in the form of a professional astrological consultation and a deep analysis of your chart.

Even if you’ve never thought about it before, the work is half done when you know which areas of your life are currently under Saturn’s serious gaze.

For most, it’s the career or job. For some, it’s about a romantic relationship. Others are experiencing non-stop health challenges.

For all, however, it’s about tension, stress, unbearably hard work and plain, old fear.

In fact, the human mind—regardless of background and lifestyle—displays the unique peculiarity of anticipating trouble even where there is none.

Dr. Pillai has often warned that the very makeup of our neocortex or new brain is 99 percent negative—versus the miraculous midbrain, full of trust, faith and endless resources.

So knowing where the harsh rays of Saturn are either harming you or simply scaring you, will make finding the right remedies a cinch.

Needless to say, there’s no need to struggle when you can get a handful of helpful tools.

Even though you may be painfully aware of your suffering and what’s causing it, astrology can tell you the who, what, when and why and select some unique solutions that are tailor-made for you.

2. It’s all in the attitude

Have you ever been on a rollercoaster? If yes, you already know that no matter how freaked out you get, you’ll be fine, safe and you’ll laugh about it at the end of the ride.

Very often Saturn feels like Space Mountain—your emotions will be tested and unusual hiccups in your plans will require flexibility. In fact, make that—much flexibility.

Those who resist Saturn literally end up experiencing knee pain. 2

Once during one of my difficult Saturn transits, I kept going back to the same dance class that was way beneath my expectations.

I tried being stoic and making myself like the routine.

Each time, I resisted that particular teacher’s style and her dance routine. So I ended up modifying several steps to make them more challenging and interesting.

To avoid getting noticed with my unusual behavior, I would stay in the back of the class behind less experienced dancers than I. This further frustrated me due their slow movements that forced me to slow down, too.

You guessed it. I hated that class and every time, I ended up leaving with sore knees—for the first time in my life!

Fortunately, I knew Vedic astrology, so I realized my naiveté and decided to quit that class and change dance schools. My knees stopped aching and I loved the choreography and the new teacher. I didn’t even mind the extra 45-minute drive to get there.

So the path of least resistance or at least a willingness to accept change will make Saturn love you and reward you. And acceptance is the need of the day when Saturn goes retrograde.

3. Methods to stop negativity and pain

How would you like having an army of celestial beings doing the impossible and bringing you happiness on a silver plate? Skeptical?

Dr. Pillai, the yogic culture, classical texts and the Siddhas—who as their name suggests have acquired siddhis or super powers—tell us it’s possible.

Recent brain research also points to a unique signature in the brain under the effects of a mantra’s sounds.

Different mantras create different results—but positivity and enhanced thinking will follow.

OM SHANECHARAYA NAMAHA is an easy set of sound waves for Saturn to change your consciousness and stop gripping fear.

Gamma rays in fire rituals are super intelligent and compassionate rays, says Dr. Pillai, which can access divine beings such as Hanuman—the most powerful of Gods when you’re dealing with Saturn.

Muruga can help remove negativity from Mars, which is now in a conjunction with Saturn.

Countless testimonials prove that Fire Labs’ benefits go well beyond the possibility of auto suggestion. In other words, the positive effects of Fire Labs are measurable and repeatable—thus adhering to the modern scientific method.

Enjoy the energies!

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Energetic Updates

by Lalitha Devi



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