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Your breath is everything. Breathing is a very important phenomenon because breath is life. The breath is air and the breath is wind. But when you’ll be able to feel the presence of God, it will be like a forceful wind.

1. The Presence of God Feels Like Wind

I’ve read most of Benny Hinn’s books. He said that when you invoke God and He responds to your call, He comes as Holy Spirit, or Holy Ghost. This Holy Spirit literally comes in the form of a gust of wind.

I’ve been trained as a phenomenologist of religion, particularly within the Eastern traditions, which say that breath is life.

You know that if you didn’t breathe, you would die. So what is this breath? It’s none other than God and this shows that breath is both God and air.

When you are able to understand the full effects of your breath’s mechanism on your body and all its functions, you can also see why your breath can lead you to spiritual powers and even supernormal powers. 


Jesus attributed all his spiritual and healing powers to the Holy Spirit. 

The Holy Ghost was also responsible for Jesus’ birth. In fact, Mary became pregnant thanks to the Holy Spirit. Jesus even admitted that he had to ‘leave’ in order for the Holy Ghost to take over and perform miracles during the Pentecost—time when the Holy Spirit came.

Then when everyone reached an altered state of consciousness due to the presence of the Holy Spirit, the Apostles were able to heal the sick with this ‘Holy Breath’.

When the Holy Breath goes inside the pituitary gland, time and space disappear. Finally, when the breath gets into the pineal gland (or third eye), it helps secrete DMT, or Dimethyltriptomene.

2. You Can Be a Miracle Maker 

All those who experience this Holy Breath can perform miracles: healing miracles, money miracles, relationship miracles and all kinds of miracles. 

In Benny Hinn’s case, miracles are due to the intervention of the Holy Spirit. He talks about the strong wind that comes whenever he holds his preaching and healing sessions that he calls “crusades.”

It’s important to understand the nature of the Holy Spirit. In order for the Holy Breath to arrive, your ego must stop. So you have to get out of yourself, which is when your limited ego and limited understanding become unlimited.

Many people are not able to feel the Holy Spirit and perform miracles as Benny Hinn does. The reason is that they aren’t able to quiet their minds.

If the mind is full of anxiety, fear and confusion, you will never be able to be with the Holy Spirit. This is a very important point that we all need to understand, and especially the skeptics and critics of Benny Hinn. 

3. You have to stop the mind to allow the Holy Spirit to come and perform miracles. 

Unless you get out of your ego and allow the Holy Spirit to come in you, nothing is going to happen.

God bless,

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