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Access Muruga’s Grace to Experience Miracles in Your Life

“This astronomical time of Skanda Shasti is the literal descent of the energy of Muruga, who is associated with the opening of the 3rd Eye and the dissolution of Karma.”

Dr. Pillai

Dr. Pillai’s Guiding Force

Dr. Pillai has a very personal connection with Muruga, attributing this ‘supreme archetype’ as being his guiding force, responsible for every miracle, fortune, and intelligence he has received.

Muruga is an Archetype from the star Krittika, also known as Alcyone, located in the Pleiades star cluster. He played an instrumental role in the creation of the Earth plane and has a vested interest in protecting it. Dr. Pillai has also said that Muruga is the Archetype who will create the Golden Age.

The symbol predominantly associated with Muruga is the Vel, which is a type of lance or spear that represents the Kundalini and Third Eye, a psychic weapon that can destroy ignorance and karma.

“The Vel is an instrument for opening the 3rd eye, and as a matter of fact the Vel itself, the lance that Muruga holds, itself is the 3rd eye. So the 3rd eye intelligence is the highest intelligence, and it is not learned intelligence, so that’s a great advantage.”  – Dr. Pillai


When to Connect with Muruga

During the once-a-year 6 Days of Muruga Festival (Skanda Shasti), Muruga can transmit his power and intelligence to you in a miraculous way. On these 6 auspicious days, Muruga’s power is highly accessible for victory over the three primary hindrances to experiencing miracles in your life: karma (destiny), maya (illusion), and ego (separation from God). The benefits of Muruga’s divine support are endless, though he is known to specialize in:

  • Opening the 3rd Eye, enhancing intuition, manifestation, and divine awareness
  • Activating all 6 parts of the brain, giving superhuman intelligence and supernormal powers
  • Miraculous karma removal and supreme protection from negative forces
  • Awakening faith and enlightenment of the highest order

“If you have Muruga’s Grace, you will get into Miracles instantaneously.”

– Dr. Pillai

To reach out and connect more deeply with Muruga during Skanda Shasti, you can:

  1. Chant the quantum sounds ‘Muruga’ (Moo – Roo – Gah)
  2. Practice midbrain tapping
  3. Read or listen to Muruga mythology and stories such as these
  4. Pour water over a Vel during Mars hours (goat’s milk and natural red juice are bonuses)
  5. Sponsor Vedic technology to strengthen your connection
  6. Receive initiation into secret Muruga techniques through Pillai Center Academy’s Awakened Warrior program.

“You have to reach out to God; in this case, we are celebrating Muruga.

Reach out to Muruga because this is the time he is descending into the earth plane.”

– Dr. Pillai

Click the button below for more ways to connect with and benefit from Muruga’s presence during Skanda Shasti.

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