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Sage Narada visited Kailash on a mission. His aim was to discover the most intelligent of Shiva’s sons. Shiva and Parvati were graced with two children: Lord Ganesha, the elephant- headed God and the dashing Lord Muruga. One day, while sitting with their father, Sage Narada crossed their path. He was carrying a mango which he described as divine.


Speed Is the Main Advantage over the Competitor

Shiva’s two boys desperately wanted to own the mango, but the sage swiftly put a condition in place. He said that the fruit could not be shared and there could only be one owner. There would have to be a competition to decide which child would win the coveted prize. The rules were simple – both boys were to go around the universe. The one who returned first would own the fruit.


Strategic Thinking

Muruga used his peacock as a vehicle to fly high into the air and disappear into the yonder. The rather portly Lord Ganesha had a mouse as his mode of transport, but the mouse almost died when he clambered onto his back – it did not have the strength to complete the task. With this in mind, Lord Ganesha stopped and thought about the situation for a moment.


Outwitting the Competition

Within seconds he came up with an innovative way to win the challenge despite the odds being stacked against him. He walked around his father just once and then announced that he had won the prize. Confused, Lord Shiva asked how he had come to this conclusion. Lord Ganesha replied: “You are the Supreme Lord of the Universe so if I walk around you then I have walked around the entire universe”. The Sage could not argue with this statement and the mango was presented to the God of Intelligence, Lord Ganesha.


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