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For the past month, the Sun has been transiting the occult house of deep transformation, Scorpio. And Saturn has been there too. Saturn is a planet of limitation, tough karmas, discipline, and compassion. This has perhaps led you to confront and take action to change the parts of your life that are no longer serving the highest good. You may have experienced emotional upheaval – transformation can be painful.

The Sun is the center of our universe. This week the “weather” or energy around us will change as Sun transits into a new sign. Sun will enter Sagittarius on Wednesday, December 16th and will travel through Sagittarius for the next month.

Sagittarius is the most idealistic of the signs. Sagittarius brings in wisdom, fortune, philosophy, higher education, justice, fair play, ethics, and humanitarian actions.

Sagittarius, or Dhanus in Sanskrit, is symbolized by the centaur. Centaurs are archers with the legs of a horse and the upper body of a man. The centaur has a bow and arrow and is aiming up toward the heavens.  Here we can see the evolution from animal, to human, and to the divine. Sagittarius can help us focus on the transformation of matter into spiritual consciousness.

Sagittarius is also the natural 9th house of the zodiac, which brings us the energies of grace, compassion & fortune. It also relates to your father, your guru or other teacher, and pilgrimages. The 9th house is a house of prosperity.

Dr Pillai says the easiest way to receive the grace of God is to feed a famished human being who is starving for food. So the way to receive grace & fortune is to take action for compassion. Do something to help people who are suffering.

Sun is in Sagittarius and Jupiter is in Leo. They are exchanging signs, making each of them very powerful. Sun is our father, our soul, the king. Jupiter is the 200% planet of spiritual teachings and prosperity.

Saturn will still be in the 8th house of transformation, Scorpio, requiring that each of us transform what is no longer working in our lives and in the world.

Rahu and Ketu will be transiting to Leo and Aquarius in January. One calendar calculates the transit on January 8th and another on January 30th. You may be feeling some turbulence as we are in the transition time for this major transit that happens every 18 months. Rahu and Ketu are the snake planets, and sometimes you feel like you get bitten around the transit time. Read Astroved’s general predictions for the transit based on your moon sign.

Rahu is a planet of innovative ideas and new technologies. Rahu has to do with foreign lands and people, addiction, and obsessions. Rahu shows what we are obsessed with and propelled to do. Rahu will move into Leo alongside Jupiter, the 200% planet. It will be a big shot of royal power and leadership. Ketu is the saintly planet and has to do with detachment and liberation. Ketu shows us areas of life we have already mastered, where we may feel that you’ve “been there and done that”. Ketu will be in Aquarius, the most humanitarian of the signs.

From December 25th on,  Venus and Mars will be exchanging signs and thus supporting each other to do their work well. Mars is a planet of motivation and action. Venus is a planet of prosperity, beauty, and romance.

December 20 – 21 will be an 11th waxing moon that will bring in a lot of energy for both prosperity and enlightenment.This Vaikunta Ekadasi is considered the most auspicious one all year. Learn more here.

The 3rd week of December a lot of power days will be doubling up together. Almost like a Timeline Jump where you accomplish several things at once!

December 22 is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day and longest night of the year. It’s the turning point. Three years have passes since 12/21/12. It will be a Tuesday Pradosham – a day specifically to clear debt karma. On Pradosham, which is the 13th moon, we all have a chance to clear the slate and have a new beginning.The star of the day will be Muruga’s own Krittika star, which has to do with truth and purification through cutting or burning.

December 25th will be Lord Siva’s Birthday (Ardra – Siva’s birthstar that has to do with tears of compassion, effort, and enlightenment), Nataraj Abishakam, Christmas (Christ’s Birthday), and Venus will be entering the 8th house of transformation, Scorpio. The Full Moon will be mostly on December 24th, ending in the early morning hours of the 25th. Register to participate in Astroved’s FREE Christmas Interactive Fire Lab here.

On January 1, the New Year, the 8th waning moon for Kala Bhairava is going to be active later in the day. Kala Bhairava is the God of Timeline Jumping. The star will be Hasta, a quick star that brings the energy to get what you want to manifest and have it in your hand. So the New Year will contain elements of timeline jumping, quickness, charity, and enlightenment.

Favorable Activities this Month:

  • Value knowledge. You might want to take advanced training or get involved in higher education.
  • Respect & honor your spiritual teacher, and be open to receiving blessings from him or her.
  • Don’t be fanatical or think your way is the only way.
  • Motivate & inspire others; be a visionary, and honor traditions.
  • Do acts of compassion & charity that help to uplift other suffering souls.
  • Be receptive to receiving benefits and good fortune. Celebrate and move forward into the 2016 with optimism. Remember, the centaur is aiming his bow at the stars. Aim higher.

If you would like to donate to the flood relief effort for the people of Chennai, visit Tripura Foundation. Designate “General Fund” when you make the donation.

Enjoy listening to this week’s Meditation and Q&A Discussion.

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