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Ganesha Light Descends from Space

Modern humans have been holding onto a skeptical view of both alien life and invisible worlds.

But Dr. Pillai reveals the existence of powerful otherworldly beings with the capacity to produce what you need instantaneously.

The New Year in 2016 Is the Most Important of All Times

Read in Dr. Pillai’s words how your world could be about to change for the better starting from the Vedic New Year—April 14—onwards.

“This upcoming Vedic New Year is very important for the entire world. What is going to happen?

“People are going to recognize the invisible forces.

“The word “aliens” turns some people off. But they are actually Gods and Goddesses living in outer realms.

“They know much more than humans, because of our restricted mental and biological makeup—and psychological engineering.

“We are all suited to process only a very limited reality. John Mack, a Harvard Professor of Psychiatry, has written two very important books, “Abduction” and “Passport to The Cosmos.”

“In these books he talks about how Alien interaction can help us. This is not a new phenomenon.

Who Are the Gods?2

“The Yogis, the Siddhas and the Rishis of India were dealing with the Aliens and called them Gods and Goddesses. These beings are powerful only for a certain time.

“Some of them can even become retired—something like an Emeritus.

“But the one who’s becoming more active throughout this year and even after is the elephant-headed God Ganesha, from the Indian tradition. However, Ganesha is also worshipped in Japan and throughout South Asia.

“This elephant God will soon take over by improving humanity’s intelligence. In fact, he is the God of both intelligence and the mind principle.

Ronald Reagan’s Alien Encounter

“The most important story that I recently read about alien life involves Ronald Reagan.

“Once he met an alien who told him that he would become the President of the United States.

“Ganesha is also the master of the time-space reality.

“He is going to give us a life that is much better than what we can conceive through modern science and technology.

“I’m going to have a webcast, on April 14, about this God and how he can activate certain parts of the brain—that will give us the highest intelligence. He will also rearrange our conception of time.

Manifesting at the Speed of Light

“In fact, Ganesha doesn’t subscribe to slow-moving time!

“So in that webcast, I will explain how he can be accessed through his mantra, through his yantra and through an herb sacred to him—the Bermudagrass [or Cynodon dactylon].

“I will teach you how Ganesha can help us by enhancing our brain and revealing to us the secret of the time factor—so you can get what you want instantaneously. God bless.”

Find out more about Dr. Pillai’s ASTROLOGICAL NEW YEAR INITIATION here. Click the button below for details.



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