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The key to unlock super normal powers is in your mind.

Dr. Pillai has revealed the topic for the second part of his April 26th Master Class on Becoming Superhuman.

“We have to become conscious about how we think and how we use our words. How can we become conscious? By stopping the mind.”

– Dr. Pillai

In the light of recent major developments, Dr. Pillai will be sharing the teachings of the Master Yogi Patanjali with an understanding and precision never before available.

Patanjali is the father of Yoga, having transmitted to humanity a timeless system of enlightenment that continues to gain acceptance across the globe. If you’ve taken a yoga class, there’s Patanjali to thank for that! Yoga Postures, breathing techniques, etc. are but a fraction of Patanjali’s major contributions to the Spiritual Sciences.

The lesser known teachings of this Great Sage will be revealed by Dr. Pillai on April 26th. The Yoga of Super Normal Powers.

Dr. Pillai reveals part 2 of The Becoming Superhuman Master Class



You heard it… Patanjali has descended into Dr. Pillai’s own consciousness.

Patanjali is the original Spiritual Scientist and his Yoga Sutras read like a technical manual for potential human evolution. A how-to guide for Enlightenment and means to expressing unlimited power through mastery of one’s consciousness.

Until now, Patanjali’s teachings have been explained by scholars and modern yogis as best as possible. It takes a Master of consciousness to unravel and reveal the secrets of Patanjali’s highest realizations.

PatanjaliHere’s just some of the Super Normal powers latent in all of us:

  • mind reading
  • invisibility
  • elephantine strength
  • going beyond hunger and thirst
  • levitation
  • Divine hearing
  • knowledge of the stars and planets

The list goes on, including: Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Omniscience.

The Becoming Superhuman Master Course is his gift for the world in 2014.

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