If you suffer at any level, you are going against the true nature of life, which is bliss. Suffering— whether it comes as a disease, lack of resources or incompatibility in a relationship—is the opposite of bliss. If you celebrate every moment of life, you stop suffering (or pain) from coming into your life.


All Limits Are Self-Imposed

Humanity as a whole has subscribed to old age, death, diseases, separation and agony. This was not an intelligent choice; it was a bad one. In Christianity it is referred to as ‘The Fall’. Before ‘The Fall’, life in Eden was blissful, the equivalent of living in heavenly consciousness. The first man and woman created the limitations we have today.


Manifest a Life of Material Abundance and Spiritual Ecstasy

We have followed a bad role model for billions of years. It is very slow-moving. We have to wait for everything. Our concept of time is going to change. Everything will change in a divine way. The very fact that you have not succeeded for so many years does not matter. Things can change very quickly.


Seek the Grace of a Divine Couple

You can gain bliss and maintain it through two divine archetypes: Radha and Krishna. They will help you to experience the true nature of life, which is pure heavenly consciousness.

God Bless,

– Dr. Pillai 


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