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Ever thought of going to India to change your life? Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Carl Jung and countless other extraordinarily influential people have done it and, clearly, the results have been astounding.

Imagine the following scenario

You make the plans, book the flight, get the visa and excitedly pack your bags.

On the plane, you finally relax until your destination.

“So,” you congratulate yourself upon arrival, “I made it all the way to India!” You’re mesmerized by the surroundings, but still feel beat, the long flight and time difference taking their toll.

At the airport, a driver is waiting for you. You are taken to a comfortable hotel in Chennai. You eat a wonderfully exotic dinner and get a much deserved good night’s sleep.

The next morning after a delicious buffet breakfast, which appears more like a fancy luncheon, you join your group and you’re driven to the airport to make your flight to Madurai.

After a few more hours on the road, you reach Rameswaram—the capital of the fabled karma-busting waters imbued with super powers.

You reach the hotel and you can finally enjoy the evening in a beautiful, tropical ambiance.

When you retire after dinner, you fall asleep in what feels like a short nap and get up at 2 a.m. to join the group for the first meditation with Dr. Pillai, which starts at 3 a.m. sharp.

As your tired eyes resent even the dim lights, you wonder when you’ll be able to doze off for a full night’s sleep.

A most profound experience

But then Dr. Pillai walks in, looking fresh and calm as if he had slept 10 hours, even though you saw him in the hotel lobby talking to other students just as you were going up to your room to sleep.

He soon guides everyone into a deep meditation and something incredible happens: your mind is totally alert yet still—in minutes you are wide awake.

Your fatigue has disappeared and, perhaps for the first time, you reach a blissful state in which old layers of tension and doubt disappear.

You realize your higher divine potential and that your consciousness has immense power. Suddenly, a world of infinite possibilities is revealed to you.

At the end, you’re in a deeply peaceful, content and fearless state. You may even find yourself immediately making plans for your future success—somehow you suddenly know both what you really want and how to get there.

This is a profound experience that can’t be replicated at home.

Higher vibrations

In India, Dr. Pillai’s mere presence becomes an energy transmission or shaktipat. Your mind, your understanding, your thought process are significantly changed in the presence of the enlightened Siddha master.

Millions of years’ worth of power spots and temples

South India is a vortex of powerful energy known for changing your consciousness even without meditation. Thousands of saints have spent their lives in this region. They are believed to have left a huge energetic imprint that can transform you forever.

Moreover, there are thousands of vortexes with consciousness raising temples atop them. Likely, during this trip, you won’t be able to think any fearful, mundane or limited thoughts.

Brahma muhurta: the yogis’ time for manifesting

When your brain changes, so does your destiny, say the Siddhas. Meditation or chanting between 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. is conducive to higher states of awareness and manifesting. This time is traditionally known as Brahmamuhurta or time of Brahma, the creator God.

A good example of the transformative powers of this time window is a testimonial by one of Dr. Pillai’s students.

The student was in desperate need of $100, 000 USD to start his own business.

On Dr. Pillai’s advice, he started to wake up every morning at 4 a.m.—two full hours before his usual wake-up time. He then chanted a mantra he had received from Dr. Pillai.

After chanting for two hours he would go to work.

He continued getting up at 4 a.m. and didn’t give up until he got exactly the amount of money he wished for. This exact sum came to him under unexpected circumstances.

Apparently, it’s very difficult to manifest when our usual mindset is still in place. What is required is a major shift in consciousness that creates supportive thoughts of faith, trust and vision.

Then you’ll experience an acceleration of time and your manifestation will appear in your life in tridimensional form. You will find yourself at the right place at the right time. During the time of Brahma muhurta, Someone will surprisingly offer you help, or money will appear in your bank account through unforeseen avenues.

During Brahma muhurta timing, your mind and time seem to stop. In that timeless state, you’re much closer to manifesting your desires. You’ll forget the W questions (who, why, what, when).

You’ll be doubt-free.

Can the human body turn into light?

Perhaps you have heard of a beloved spiritual master appearing in his or her light body. Many have witnessed and photographed this phenomenon.

The sacred literature of the Siddhas and south India describe hundreds of yogis disappearing into light—they didn’t pass away as mere mortals do.

According to Einstein, the transformation of flesh into light is definitely possible.

Indian masters, and especially the Siddhas, know the secret methods for this transformation through special herbs, sound technology (or chanting) and austere lifestyles.

Is this magic?

These unusual phenomena may seem magical to the uninitiated. Yet if we had a different kind of understanding and perhaps more advanced technology, we would probably call it scientific.

No matter what your goals are, having your own experience of Dr. Pillai’s birthday trip is always the best choice.

As a repeat participant in these India programs, I can testify that the birthday trip will blow your mind. Some key spiritual experiences will change your life forever and for the better.


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