Narasimha is the fourth Avatar of Lord Vishnu. He is an archetype that can bring good health, fulfilled relationships, happiness, and money into your life.

It is said that Lord Vishnu incarnated to Earth ten times in ten different forms. Narasimha was his fourth incarnation and the most powerful one as he took on the form of half-man, half-lion.


Why Was Narasimha Brought To Earth?

In mythology, Hiranyakashipu was a demon who terrorized and ruined lives. He ordered people to worship him and him alone. The demon had a boon which stopped him from being killed by man or animal. The boon also stopped him from being killed in the daytime or evening and protected him from being killed with any form of weapon.

Terrified and unsure what to do, the sages and gods asked Lord Vishnu for help. The demon had a son named Prahlad who was a devout worshiper of Lord Vishnu. This made him very angry and he struck out in anger toward his son.

During the attack, Narasimha emerged from behind a pillar as half-man, half-lion. He appeared at twilight using his claws to destroy Hiranyakashipu and save the young devotee.


Who Is Narasimha?

Narasimha is a demon-destroyer who is said to eradicate the dark forces which gather around and within you. He can also smash negative thoughts and actions which have filtered into your life due to past karma.


Connecting With Narasimha

A powerful way to connect is to feel the unique pattern of his divine energy and absorb the qualities that filter through his image and story. When you get to know him at this level you can birth these qualities within yourself.

Narasimha is someone you can call upon whenever you need divine protection. Browse the many different videos of him on YouTube and listen to his songs to align with his energy.


Make a Deep Connection

Carry a statue of him wherever you go and see him as a real physical being. Like Dr. Pillai says, treat the statue as if it is alive and Narasimha will come to life through the statue, creating a conduit through which you can engage with him.

You can also draw this divine archetype into your life by learning about his wife Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth. Together they make a formidable pair—Narasimha tearing out all forms of scarcity from the mind, and the Goddess Lakshmi replacing those negative thoughts with feelings of  wealth, abundance, and joy.


A Secret Technique by Dr. Pillai

Put an object which represents Narasimha onto a table or chair and walk around it in a clockwise direction. Chant: Om Narasimhaye Namaha or simply call out his divine name. Walk around the chair while you pray to him. Ask for help with whatever is worrying you.


The Easiest Pathway to Narsaimha

Use the mantra Om Narasimha Namaha to call upon this divine being as you would a friend. But, just like a friend, there are certain times when he is more readily available.


Daily Powertimes

Twilight is the best time for contacting Narasimha. At the break of each day you can tune in to the semi-darkness and chant his mantra. Take advantage of the soft, diffused light which is all around you and meditate upon his name. Soak in his spiritual energy.


Thirteenth Moon Powertimes

Narasimha is most receptive to your calls during the 13th Moon, which is called Pradosham. Use this window of opportunity to eradicate all forms of negative energy from your life.  Meditate upon this divine being, connect with him, and allow him to guide you toward a positive new life.


Narasimha Jayanthi (Birthday): The Fourteenth Waxing Moon Powertime

Receive blessings from Narasimha on his birthday by carrying out this powerful yet simple ceremony to destroy negativity and bless you with victory, prosperity, happiness, and abundance:

Pour milk or water over Narasimha’s statue or yantra and chant his name. Afterwards, offer him something nice such as a flower, incense, or light food, along with a little drop of water, and you will make him very happy.


Strengthen Your Bond

Chant Narasimha’s name and call upon him whenever you need protection. Connect with him deeply and ask for his protection from evil. Pray to him with a sincere heart, requesting that your negative karma is removed.  Tell him how much you long for wealth, beauty, prosperity and all other wonderful things to come into your life. But above all, offer him your love, as love is the bond that connects you to the divine and keeps you within Narasimha’s divine shield of protection.


Learn more about Pillai Center’s Narasimha Jayanthi prayer offering services and sign up to sponsor them to benefit deeply from Narasimha’s fiercely protective energies.




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