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Whether it’s stress, fear or lack of love and money, we all suffer. And a deep yearning for lasting happiness is universal.

Of course, the many ways we seek happiness can vary across cultures and eras.

But some tenets in the Eastern traditions of the yogis and Siddha masters have held strong for thousands of years—and are now going mainstream as millions embrace yoga and meditation.

According to the Vedic tradition, yoga’s more important aspect, meditation, is said to change the brain, restore peace, bring joy and transform your life into a worthy and meaningful path to evolution and all-encompassing love.

This is probably the reason many who have already achieved great worldly success, wealth and iconic status still reach out to Eastern teachers or gurus.

Famous Gurus

World acclaimed individuals like The Beatles, left drug addiction and credited their guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, for adding a higher dimension and contentment to their lives.

Wayne Dyer, the author of New York Time’s bestseller “Wishes Fulfilled,” attributed to Dr. Pillai his own spiritual transformation.

“This beautifully spiritual man from India was one of the most influential people to cross my path,” he said.

Dr. Pillai’s teachings were behind Dyer’s book “Manifest Your Destiny” and many of his lectures after he received the Ah Meditation from Dr. Pillai.

Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg have testified that their visits to India and the teachings and energy of Baba Neem Karoli, another Indian guru, helped them overcome key obstacles in their enterprises and even contributed to the birth of Facebook.

One of Steve Jobs’ friends told the media that his last wish was that his family members and those who loved him read Yogananda’s “Autobiography of a Yogi.”

Great thinkers and writers such as Joseph Campbell, Adolf Huxley and J.D. Salinger welcomed the teachings of Swami Vivekananda. And Karl Jung’s innovative and spiritual outlook reflected his studies of the Vedas and meeting a legendary guru, Ramana Maharishi.


Not Just for the Rich or Famous

Millions in the West are now embracing inspirational and transformative teachings of Vedic lore.

Meditation and yogic techniques have taken the stressed populations of the West by a quiet storm.

Innumerable CEOs, professionals, parents, youths, elderly and many more are turning everyday to yoga and its meditative practices for relief from ever-increasing anxiety, fatigue or dissatisfaction with material life.

Self-realized masters teach that receiving guidance from a guru can help one separate the authentic and effective techniques of evolution from confused or hybridized forms of spirituality. Too many, in fact, spend years searching and trying many different avenues—some resort to drugs, which needless to say, can backfire harming the nervous system and offering at best an illusion of spiritual growth.

Many individuals often give up their spiritual quests out of frustration and disillusion.

Is Yoga a Science?

Many respectable higher institutions such as Yale, Duke University, Harvard, to mention just a few, have run their own studies to observe and analyze the results of special sound vibrations—known in the yogic tradition as mantras.

Scientists have measured singularly different brain activities in Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Swami Rama, for example, during alternate states of consciousness.

Even more mysterious, though, is the phenomenon of energy transmission—or darshan—that many experience on both the physiological and psychological levels when in the presence of an enlightened master.

The effects can vary from a sudden burst of tears due to unexpected relief and emotional healing, to vibrations in the spinal column, traditionally associated with the phenomenon called kundalini awakening—or the activation of dormant energy residing at the base of the spine said to lead to higher intuition and supernormal powers.

Whether one is looking for a spiritual experience or there’s a deeper reason—healing sorrow, finding one’s life purpose, remedying a life of scarcity or a sincere desire for evolution—the yogic tradition maintains that there are countless solutions through techniques and darshan.

Enjoy the energies!

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by Lalitha Devi




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