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Dr. Pillai speaks about why most people suffer, his new teachings on karmic re-patterning and manifestation, and his webcasts on how to achieve prosperity, good relationships, and vibrant health.

Dr. Pillai:

I’m back here in the U.S., sitting here in my room, a place from where I have created a lot of videos for you.

When I am here, I’m in a different state of mind. That is very important for me as well as for those who follow my teachings. I was compelled to do this video for you. This video is about changing your life in the New Year. Every New Year, there is a possibility for a new beginning, f we organize our lives according to new principles.

Why Most People Suffer

One thing that has been very close to my heart, which is the truth, is Karma. No matter what you do, for some people, money keeps coming to them. It’s unstoppable. Unfortunately, that number of people is very small, negligible. Most people have to suffer.


The answer is money Karma, bad money Karma. And this applies to relationship too. People get great relationships and keep getting them, more and more. People have great health Karma and that keeps coming.

But the opposite is also true. People have very bad relationships, and then they spend their entire life without relationships, their entire life without health.

So Karma is a reality. And what it is — is the stubborn thought patterns that stay in your Soul.

New Teachings on Changing Karmic Thought Patterns for the New Year

That is what Karma is. That is the provider of thoughts on a daily basis which translate into three-dimensional reality. On December 31st, which is the New Year’s Eve, I am going to talk about this new understanding of Karma, where it is located, and how you can erase it.



Unless you erase this Karma, it will keep coming. Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, you will be only going through these karmic thought patterns. Intermittently, you will be having some great thoughts coming to you, how to change your previous life. But then, nothing happens.


Because it’s very difficult to overturn the bad Karma unless you know how to do it. I’m very delighted that, of late, I have come across great teachings, through God’s grace, that will help you to have a greater understanding of Karma and how to change your Karma — how the eyes play a very important role, and how your Navel Chakra plays an important role, and how understanding the aura.

All these things, I’m going to talk about (them) on New Year’s Eve.

New Teachings on Manifesting the Life You Want

The following day, the New Year’s Day, as a sequence to erasing Karma (we are losing Karma), I will talk about the manifestation principles.

I have mentioned to you, in a previous video, that I am not going to repeat my teachings. I may mention them or maybe bring some new fresh light to them. But then, the teachings will reflect new understandings.

And why these understandings were not available? Because time moved and you grew up. A great person always says, “Please discard whatever I wrote or said in the past, because I was not that intelligent at the time.” This is particularly true of Life Sciences, of Soul Wisdom.

So, “How to Manifest the Life You Want” will be on January 1st. I want to personally invite you for both events.

God Bless.

Join Dr. Pillai’s 2-Part Webcast Series on Karmic Re-patterning and Manifestation

Join the Live 2-Part Webcast Series for Re-Patterning Your Karma & Re-Creating Your Destiny

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New Year’s Eve Webcast + Replays On-Demand:  Dr. Pillai will talk about his new understanding of karma, where it is located, and how you can erase it.

New Year’s Day Webcast + Replays On-Demand: Dr. Pillai will talk about the manifestation principles and how to manifest the life that you actually want.


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In this webcast series, Dr. Pillai will reveal:

  • How your eyes & Navel Chakra contribute to your bad karma, & its removal
  • How to understand the aura & use this knowledge to dissolve karma
  • New teachings on how to manifest the life you truly want

Each webcast includes:

  • All the video replays you need (lifetime access)
  • Audio files for easy playback
  • Full transcripts
  • A personal practice based on the teachings provided in the webcast
  • 4 follow up teaching calls in January


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