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What is the most powerful thought? I have given you Shreem Brzee (the wealth consciousness mantra), and that is the most powerful thought.

I’m amazed at how many people have been able to send me notes saying “I was broke, turned around, and created a new life.” My only concern is why is it not happening to everyone. It’s not only my question. It is also the question of everyone who has been exposed to these techniques, who have even done this program, the six-month program.

You will know it is due to lack of commitment. Commitment is very very important. A life without commitment is not worth living. You know what are you going to do with life. How are you going to spend time?

With Commitment, the Shreem Brzee Mantra Will Work Multi-fold

Every minute has to be spent in fulfilling your commitment, your commitment to yourself. That is the most important thing. It’s the one mantra that I am proud of that will work if you are committed. Even if you are not committed but still doing it in a mechanical way for extended period of time. Just know it will work. If we do it with commitment, it will work multi-fold.

A Strong Dose of Karma Removal

There are programs. The important component is that you are going to be given a strong dose of karma removal built into the six-month program. It’s a great opportunity for you, first the karma removal and then the Shreem Brzee. They will occur simultaneously.



I’m confident that the world is going to see the light of God and Shreem Brzee. I want he Shreem Brzee to help everyone. First, I want everyone to achieve and do things to get rid of karma, and then be financially well off so you can focus more on God.

My prayer always has been you cannot ask people to pray to you because they are now suffering. It’s a super obligation to do that. I extend this prayer to Lord Shiva who is the most compassionate being, who drank poison on behalf of the angels as well as the human beings.

All glory to Lord Shiva.

God bless you.


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